Dishonored Collectibles Locations Guide

Dishonored Mission 9 Collectibles Guide

The Light at the End, or Dishonored Mission 9, is triggered after we complete the previous mission, called The Loyalists, but unlike it, The Light at the End is longer.

Nevertheless, while playing Dishonored Mission 9 we can look for more Runes, Bone Charms, and Outsider Shrines to boost Corvo’s skills and powers, while facing his old “friends”, who have betrayed him.

The following Dishonored Mission 9 collectibles guide reveals the locations of all hidden items in The Light at the End, and other regions we have to cross trying to save Emily.

The guide is the ninth and final part in our full Dishonored collectables’ walkthrough, which was created for those players who wish to get a 100% completion rate.

The video game guide includes tips for each location we must visit in Dishonored The Light at the End mission, if we wish to find the hidden items.

Dishonored Mission 9 Collectibles Guide

“The leaders of the Loyalist Conspiracy have moved to a monumental lighthouse, the final military project devised by the Lord Regent. They’re holding Emily as they struggle to tighten their hold over the city. It’s time to confront them, decide their fates and determine the future of Dunwall.”

Kingsparrow Island Area

After Samuel picks us up from The Hound Pits Pub , we will enter a new zone called Kingsparrow Island. The first thing we should do is to get ready, because Samuel will alert the guards.

After we deal with them, we loot the items on the crates, and check the map. It looks like we have to cross the Kingsparrow Fort in order to reach the Lighthouse. But before that, we should pick the Rune nearby, which is the only Dishonored Mission 9 hidden item.


To get the only Rune and collectable in Dishonored Mission 9, and get inside the Lighthouse undetected we should use a sewer located on the right side of the island, while facing the Lighthouse.

What we need to do, is locate the canal by going around the outpost outside.

To get inside, we use Blink twice and in the first room we climb up using the chain. We exit through the only door, and at this point we should see the inner courtyard and Martin up on a platform.

Instead of killing him, we go right, near the wall, and enter through the next door, on the right side. In the next room, we should see multiple pipes. We follow the stairs to the right, and continue to advance under the pipes, until we reach a closed hatch.

We turn the valve, enter through the hatch, jump on the chain in front of us, and then jump again inside the next tunnel.

On the ground we will find the only Dishonored Rune in Mission 9.Now we return to the courtyard, and take out Martin and Pendleton.

When both targets are dead, we head towards the Lighthouse Elevator, and if we don’t have the key we can enter through the hatch on the elevator’s ceiling.

The elevator will take us to Burrows Lighthouse where Emily is being held by Havelock.

We take out the Admiral and save Emily, to complete Dishonored Mission 9 and trigger the final cutscene, and the credits.

Dishonored Collectibles Locations Guide
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