Deus Ex Mankind eBook 38 Location

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Side Mission 2 eBook Location Guide

Similar to all Deus Ex: Mankind Divided eBooks that must be located for the Tablet Collector trophy/achievement, the one that can be found while playing the second side-mission is missable, meaning that you must find it when you visit Prague for the first time.

If you don’t get the eBook during your first visit, or the second, you will not be able to read it later in the game, therefore the following guide shows its exact location, in order to help you find it faster.

As we have explained in the introduction to our Deus Ex: Mankind Divided eBooks guide, if you wish to find all collectibles in the latest Deus Ex video game, it’s important to follow the same order and the choices we have made.

This means that once you get the eBook in Mission 1, and the eBooks in Mission 2, you need to focus on finding the collectibles that are available during your first visit to Prague.

Assuming you have found those, now you should play the second side mission, named Cult of Personality.

If you encounter difficulties on starting this side-mission, or finishing it, feel free to check our stealth walkthrough on YouTube.

eBook #38 – Top 10 Tech… Abandoned Technologies

Cult of Personality requires your presence in the sewers, therefore the entrance to the sewers (first picture below) will serve as starting point in our guide.

The starting point will help us guide you to the exact location of the eBook.

So, enter the sewers by opening the manhole cover west of Svobody Beer building.

Drop inside, then head to the main tunnel and turn left. In front of you should be a grated wall with yellow police cordons.

When you see the grated wall, turn right and go through the round tunnel. Follow the tunnel and when you exit turn right again.

Now, keep moving north on the next corridor and you will find Viznik. Talk to him to start the side-mission.

Go through the next two doors and you will enter a larger room. You should see a NPC standing on a podium.

Next, look for a ladder on the right side of the room and climb it to enter a restricted area.

Keep moving north looking for a closed door. Hack it and behind it you will see a grated gate. Open the gate and turn left following the next corridor.

At the end of the said corridor is another barred gate (your left side). Open it and you will reach a smaller room with a large TV on the left wall.

Near the TV is a sofa and on it is the eBook (second picture below).

It is the 38th eBook you need to find if you follow our complete Deus Ex: Mankind Divided eBooks locations guide.

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