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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Prague First Visit eBooks Locations Guide

Here we are in the beautiful city of Prague, for the first time. After you arrive, make sure that you collect the eBooks from Adam’s apartment which have been revealed in our guide for Mission 2.

Now, let’s focus a bit on the Deus Ex: Mankind Divided eBooks you can find during your first visit in Prague.

As you have noticed, Prague serves as a hub in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided; therefore, there are many places to visit and some very interesting things to find.

Before heading out, make sure you are familiar with the basics of our Deus Ex: Mankind Divided eBooks locations guide, and remember to save the game after each collectible you find.

Since during your first visit you will have to find and read a large number of eBooks (33 to be precise), the following text guide will be quite long, and it will include map screenshots, tips, hints and pictures with all eBooks.

For most eBooks, you will notice that we have added two pictures. The first one shows the starting position, while the second one the actual location of the collectible.

The starting position is a screenshot of the in-game map, and allows us to guide you to the location of the eBook, so first you have to place Adam in the exact position as you see in the first picture, and then follow our instructions to reach the collectable.

To make the guide easier to follow, the locations of the eBooks follow a specific pattern, hence you should follow the exact order as the one below.

eBook #5 – The Machinegod

After you get the eBooks in Adam’s apartment (starting point in the first picture below), go around the balcony and you should see a hooded woman wearing a black outfit.

Next to her is a locked door.

The collectible is in apartment 41, also displayed on the map.

Open the door, and inside the first room, look for the eBook on the counter next to the wall in front of you (second picture).

eBook #6 – An Appeal to Basic Humanity

The next collectible is also in the building where Adam’s apartment is located, but you have to go downstairs and reach level 2 and apartment 23 (first picture).

Once you open the door, head inside, turn right, and on the opposite wall (your left side), you should see a sink (second image).

Next to it is the eBook named An Appeal to Basic Humanity.

eBook #7 – Global Politics (2029 Edition), Chapter 5

For the next eBook you have to reach the streets, so go outside and cross the small plaza heading east.

In the first picture notice that we are located close to the train station, facing north. Place Adam in the exact position, and look for a ladder near a building’s wall.

Climb the ladder that leads to a large banner, then jump on the balcony in front of you.

While on the balcony, open the door to the apartment and right in front of you, on the opposite wall you will see a desk, and on it a lamp.

Next to the said lamp is another eBook you have to read.

eBook #8 – Global Politics (2029 Edition), Chapter 8

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided eBook 8 is very close to the previous one, but this time, as you can see in the first picture below, the starting position shows that we are facing south.

So, place Adam as depicted in the picture, and look for a store selling magazines.

The door is open, so get inside, and look for a soda vending machine.

The Global Politics (2029 Edition), Chapter 8 eBook is behind it, on the counter.

eBook #9 – New Regulations for Augmented Citizens

The ninth eBook in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is fairly easy to find, and it’s named New Regulations for Augmented Citizens.

Cross the small plaza in front of Adam’s apartment, and make sure you locate the bar named Svobody Beer.

Enter the bar, and on the right side if the counter you will see the eBook. Close to it is a stuffed bird.

eBook #10 – The Next Three Decades

The Next Three Decades is the next Deus Ex: Mankind Divided eBook you have to find.

After you read the previous eBook which was located in Svobody Beer pub, remain inside the bar, go around the counter to reach the locked door.

Hack it, and go downstairs to find a pool table and behind it another door. Hack that one too, and in the next room, immediately turn right.

Behind the door is a small table and on it is the eBook.

Deus Ex Mankind eBook 10 Location
eBook 10

eBook #11 – R.U.R. (Rossum’s Universal Robots)

For the next collectible, open your map and locate the Vincent Van Aug building, making sure that you are in the same position as depicted in the first picture.

Open the door in front of you and cross the first room. Now, open the next door and go to the basement.

While in the basement check the chairs and on one of them you will see the eBook. It’s located on the second row from the front, as you can see in the image.

Don’t leave the basement yet because there is another eBook nearby.

eBook #12 – R.U.R. (Act III of Karel Capek’s Play Continued)

The next eBook, named R.U.R. (Act III of Karel Capek’s Play Continued), is very close to the previous one.

Assuming that you are still in Vincent Van Aug’s basement, after you get the eleventh eBook, simply turn around and check the stage.

On the floor (see the screenshot) is the eBook.

Deus Ex Mankind eBook 12 Location
eBook 12

eBook #13 – The Juggernaut Collective

Now that you got all collectibles in Vincent Van Aug’s basement, go outside and open the map. To the north you should see a courtyard (pictured below).

This will be our starting position so make sure you are in the same location.

From here, open the door to the courtyard, and once inside look to the left to see a man sitting on a couch. Next to him, on the armrest, is the eBook you are looking for (second image).

eBook #14 – Per Asperad Ad Astra

After you read eBook #13, exit the courtyard and head west, towards Konicky & Hracky, making sure that you stop in the same spot as the one we show in the first picture below.

Once you reach it, look to the right and try to find a ladder. Climb it, then jump on the balcony in front of you, and enter the window to your right.

Inside, look to the left to see the bed and on it another eBook.

eBook #15 – Toys That Kill

Head outside the building where you found the previous eBook and continue down the street moving west to Konicky & Hracky.

Access your map and as you can see in the first image underneath, Konicky & Hracky is a restricted area, so thread carefully.

Open the door at the end of the alley, then head left through the courtyard. At the end of the courtyard is a building similar to a workshop.

Get inside and check the windows on the right to spot the eBook named Toys That Kill.

eBook #16 – A City Designed for You!

A City Designed for You! is the 16th Deus Ex: Mankind Divided eBook you need to find while entering Prague for the first time.

It is very close to the previous one, meaning that is located in the workshop from Konicky & Hracky, so as soon as you get the one from the window (revealed above), turn left and at the end of the workshop look for a door.

Open it, then head upstairs to the second floor and enter the first door to your left.

Cross the room and use the computer to access the vault door. Open it, then turn around and enter the vault to the left.

Again, cross the next room, and look for a door that leads to the balcony. On the right side of the said door is a desk, and on it the eBook you are looking for (pictured).

Deus Ex Mankind eBook 16 Location
eBook 16

eBook #17 – Contemporary Art Review

For the next eBook in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, you have to return to Vincent Van Aug, but this time make sure you are facing the police checkpoint to the east, as pictured below.

From this starting point, look for an elevating machine and jump on it. Press the button to activate de device and go up.

Now, jump on the roof in front of you, and hug the left wall. Continue to jump on the balconies until you get close to the pink house.

Get inside, and in the left corner of the main room, look on the floor for the eBook.

eBook #18 – Church of the Machinegod

Church of the Machinegod eBook requires your presence in the area behind the police checkpoint. For this collectible, the starting point we will use is the right corner of the map, between the Pawn Shop and Radko Perry Campaign Headquarters.

Check the first picture below and make sure you are in the same position, facing the south eastern side of the map.

Right in front of you it should be a green armored truck. Hop on it so you can reach the balcony of the house with number 36 above the door (notice the flowers on the said balcony).

Now, open the door, enter the house, and on the glass table in the middle of the room is the collectable.

eBook #19 – Radko Perry Bursts onto Local Political Scene

In the same area where you have found the previous eBook, you will locate the 19th Deus Ex: Mankind Divided collectible, and as the name implies you will have to enter Radko Perry Campaign Headquarters (pictured below).

So, enter Radko Perry’s office using the front door, and immediately turn left.

Around the corner, on a desk, close to a computer and a box is the eBook.

eBook #20 – The Social Monitor

The next Deus Ex: Mankind Divided collectable is harder to get being in a restricted area. First make sure you save your game, then open the map and check the first image below because it will serve at our starting point.

Notice that Adam’s icon shows that we are facing the large building on which you can read: Koller The Time Machine.

From this location, enter The Time Machine library using the front doors. Immediately turn right, remain on the ground floor and head forward looking for an office that should be on your right side.

As soon as you enter the said office, turn left around the desk near the entrance and look for the eBook behind a large grey box with black covers (see picture).

eBook #21 – Global Politics (2029 Edition), Chapter 7

Without leaving Koller’s book store, retrace your steps to the main room, and then take the stairs up to the next floor.

The next eBook is located in Koller’s office which must be reached while playing the mission named Getting in Top Shape Again.

So, look for the bookshelf that was moved to protect the premise, and crouch to enter the office. Now, look on the right side of the office to see a desk as the one pictured below and on it is the eBook.

Deus Ex Mankind eBook 21 Location
eBook 21

eBook #22 – Flesh and Chrome

Immediately after you get the previous collectible, look around in Koller’s office for the secret entrance.

If you didn’t find it yet while playing the main missions, look for a red book in a bookshelf. Interact with it to open the secret passage, then call the elevator and go down.

When you exit the elevator, advance slowly, and to your right you will see some paintings. One of them masks the ventilation duct.

Move the painting, enter the duct, and you will exit in a room filled with gas. Right in front of you is a valve that allows you to close the gas. Switch it, then turn right and look inside the locker for the eBook.

Deus Ex Mankind eBook 22 Location
eBook 22

eBook #23 – World’s Most Wanted

The next eBook is related to the actions you performed for the previous one. So, don’t forget to turn off the valve while collecting eBook #22.

Now, use the same ventilation duct to retrace your steps, and when you exit close to the elevator, turn right and you will find Vaclav Koller in his workshop.

While in his workshop take a look around and find his bed. Next to it, on a desk is the eBook.

Deus Ex Mankind eBook 22 Location
eBook 23

eBook #24 – Modern Business Review

Modern Business Review eBook can be retrieved in TF 29 area but only after you complete the fourth main mission, named Checking Out TF29.

Assuming that you have finished it, take a look at the first screenshot below to see that the starting point is the first level of the building.

So, from the entrance, cross the main room and follow the stairs to level 2, then turn left. Go around the large balcony by turning right and look for an office to your left.

On its door you should see the following text: Neural Subnet Director Jim Miller. Enter the office and on Jim Miller’s desk (left side) is the eBook.

eBook #25 – Task Force 29 Mission Statement

After you get the previous Deus Ex eBook, you remain in TF 29 area and exit Miller’s office, but take a left turn and look for Duncan Macready’s office.

Open the door and check the large desk right in front of you.

You will see the eBook near some plans.

Deus Ex Mankind eBook 25 Location
eBook 25

eBook #26 – The Long Mean While Chapter 1

The Long Mean While Chapter 1 can also be found in TF 29 building, so head back to the ground level, and look for the Forensics office.

When you enter the office, check the door on the right side. Behind it is a laptop and on the left side, next to the window you will see the eBook near a pot with a green plant.

Deus Ex Mankind eBook 26 Location
eBook 26

eBook #27 – U.N. Resolution 3507 (2029)

Return to the main room in TF 29’s first level and cross it, immediately after you get eBook #26.

Look for a door labeled Security Holding Cells. Open it and follow the main corridor until you reach its end.

Look around for some barrels and close to them you will see a chair. On it is the 27th Deus Ex eBook collectible.

Deus Ex Mankind eBook 27 Location
eBook 27

eBook #28 – In Terror Firma (Part 2)

While still in TF 29, after you get the 27th eBook, return to the main room, and once you exit the Security Holding Cells take a left turn and look to the right for the Shooting Range area.

Enter the premise, take a left turn and open the first door to your left. Wait for Adam to suit up, then look for a grey chair with a red book on it.

On the armrest is the eBook, as you can see in the next picture.

Deus Ex Mankind eBook 28 Location
eBook 28

eBook #29 – Santeau Rise of a Corpo-Nation

We are back on the streets of Prague, but this time in the northern section of the town, where a new eBook can be found.

The first picture below shows the starting position which is just south of Rose’s Garden.

When you get there, simply enter the restaurant, and turn right to see the eBook on the serving table near the window (also pictured below).

eBook #30 – The Czech Republic Enters the 21st Century

Remain in Rose’s Garden restaurant after you find the previous collectible, but turn around and follow the stairs up.

Turn left through the next door to reach the veranda, then hop on the roof above you to see a mattress and on it the 30th Deus Ex: Mankind Divided eBook.

Deus Ex Mankind eBook 30 Location
eBook 30

eBook #31 – The Long Mean While Chapter 27

The Long Mean While Chapter 27 can also be found in the northern section of Prague. As you can see in the map screenshot below, you have to travel to the metro station north of Market Square and north-east of Palisade Property Bank. This will be your starting point.

From here, you need to jump on the glass roof above the entrance to the train station. Now open the map and locate the building named Negozio Di Magia.

Your goal is to use Icarus Strike to jump on the balcony above the painted wall showing a masked man.

You can do this only while standing on the glass roof mentioned above. When you get to the balcony, look for the small table in the corner for the eBook.

eBook #32 – Global Politics (2029 Edition), Chapter 4

After you get the previous eBook return to the glass roof and focus on the building on the opposite side (first image below).

Above the door you can see the word Recharge.

Again, a long jump will help you reach the balcony, and obviously the room behind the door.

Inside, check the coffee table and you will see a laptop and a new eBook you have to read.

eBook #33 – Family Values

Several steps south-east from Negozio Di Magia is an alley that will be our starting point for the next collectible (see first screenshot).

When you get there, make sure you face the alley east, between Tubehouse Electronics and Tech Noir.

At the end of the alley you will find an entrance to the sewers. Jump inside, then head left, and immediately turn right, but stop at the barred gate.

Above the gate is a ledge. Hop on it, then turn left and walk on the pipes, going through the ventilation duct.

Eventually you will reach a bathroom. Open the door and cross the large room, staying close to the left wall. On the other side of the room, in the corner is a round table and the eBook.

eBook #34 – Ruzicka’s Vision for the Future

For the next Deus Ex collectible, the starting point pictured below is the alley west of Autodily.

Practically, all you have to do to find the collectible is to enter the Autodily shop and locate a red round table on which you will also see the eBook.

eBook #35 – Collapse of an Industry

South of Market Square is another alley that must be visited if you want to get all Deus Ex: Mankind Divided eBooks.

Pictured below, the said alley is the starting point for our guide, so make sure you position Adam like in the screenshot, facing Ludvik’s Lounge.

Now enter the lounge and turn left to see the eBook on the drinking counter near the window.

eBook #36 – Ruzicka’s Augmented Platform Crumbles

In the northern section of Prague, find the metro station between the Police Station, Tourist Center and the Governmental Registration Office (first image below).

Now, look around for a building with a door blocked by police. On the door there are multiple yellow stripes that forbid citizens to enter the premise.

Jump though the broken window on the right side of the main door, and unlock the second door on the other side of the room. When you enter the next office, turn left and read the eBook on the desk.

eBook #37 – The Social Monitor

The final Deus Ex: Mankind Divided eBook you have to find when you first visit Prague, is located in the Monument Station building.

When you enter the said building head to Level 1, then take a look at the first screenshot below and make sure that you are in the same position.

The collectible is in the waiting area, on the armrest of a chair (also pictured).

These are all the eBooks you have to find when you first visit Prague; however, keep in mind that the guide doesn’t cover all the eBooks in Prague, because some of them can’t be reached early in the game.

For those we have created different guides accessible using the table of contents on the right.

Furthermore, remember that another eBook which is totally missable can be found while playing Side Mission 2. Make sure you get it while in Prague for the first time or you will miss it. Additional eBooks can also be located when you play other missions, and for those we have created separated guides.

If you have any questions, feel free to post them in the comments section below, and if you need help completing the missions, we have a full coverage of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided on our YouTube channel.

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