Deadlight Hidden Secrets Guide

Deadlight Arcadia Hidden Secrets Guide

Arcadia, or the fourth scene of the third Deadlight act, starts after we complete the previous scene, by interacting with the radio in the transmission room.

When the previous scene ends, we can see Randall captured by the New Law, and brought to their base. In Deadlight: Arcadia we can find 4 collectables, all of them being secrets.

The following video game guide refers strictly to the Arcadia scene in Deadlight and reveals the locations of all hidden secrets available in it.

Arcadia Scene Description

„I’ve been trapped and taken to a strange base. This must be where they headquarter their activities.

This is it the belly of The New Law. If Stella, Shannon and Lydia are alive, they’re here. I’m sure of it. It all comes down to this, Randall.

This is where you get to make choices that other men couldn’t.  Fight for them.”

Hidden Collectibles

Total number of hidden collectibles: 4

Hidden Secrets: 4

First Hidden Secret

The first collectible in Deadlight: Arcadia is an advertising brochure located in the starting room, in a tunnel above us. To get it, we have to escape the first room by investigating the door. Randall notices that he can break the door; however, if he does, the guard on the other side will kill us immediately.

To solve this puzzle, we yell at the guard, and when he gets near, we tackle the door and take out the guard. Next we grab Randall’s backpack, and go through the left ventilation system.

We break the fence, move to a pole and jump into another ventilation tunnel. At the end of the tunnel we will find the first hidden secret. We return to the room where we found the backpack, and follow the right tunnel.

Second Hidden Secret

The second Deadlight: Arcadia collectible is a piece of Stella’s frayed sweater.

We follow Stella, and continue to advance until we reach a new corridor. On the ground, near a fence we find the hidden secret. We take it and move forward.

Third Hidden Secret

Later in the level, after we save Stella, we can find a new hidden secret, which is the folder of the “Arcadian Protocol”. As we work together to find a way out, we interrupt a generator, and then break a gate, using our axe.

In the next building we can see a locker, on the ground. Inside is a new Deadlight: Arcadia hidden secret. We take, it, and descend the stairs nearby to stop a new generator.

Fourth Hidden Secret

The final hidden secret in Deadlight: Arcadia is the I.D. of a stranger. This important collectible is located in the garage, where we can see a platform we can move in order to advance.

To get it, we make sure we stop the Shadows by creating a barricade next to the left door, and then we get the collectible.

Assuming that we have followed the entire Deadlight collectibles’ guide up to this point, we will unlock two new Deadlight achievements: Pickin’ Up Strangers and Forget Me Not; however, once we finish the scene we will unlock the final stage, called Revelation, which also includes a collectible.

Deadlight Hidden Secrets Guide
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