Sleeping Dogs Collectibles Guide

Sleeping Dogs Collectibles Guide

Up to 187 Sleeping Dogs collectibles can be found by those who have purchased the open-world video game developed by United Front Games, and the following game guide reveals their exact locations along with hints and tips on how to get them faster.

All Sleeping Dogs collectables play a very important role in the video game, because they allow players to upgrade their characters, by unlocking new skills, and by purchasing new clothes and accessories.

Based on their role in the game, the Sleeping Dogs Collectibles can be divided in four categories: Health Shrines, Spy Cameras, Lock Boxes and Jade Statues; and because of this, our Sleeping Dogs collectibles guide, was also divided in four parts, offering instructions on how to unlock each category.

To find all collectibles in Sleeping Dogs, players can use two methods. The first method is to travel to their locations directly; however if players wish to unlock the collectibles, and make them appear on their minimaps, they will have to complete specific side-missions.

Even if the video game includes a vast number of collectibles, most of them can be found very fast, while others can be collected only when players reach certain points in the game.

Along with the money earned by the main character (Detective Wei Shen); those who find all collectibles in Sleeping Dogs, will also unlock a series of achievements and trophies.

Sleeping Dogs, originally announced as True Crime: Hong Kong, was developed by United Front Games in association with Square Enix London, for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.

The title, rated M for Mature, takes players to a fictional Hong Kong, where Detective Wei Shen, was assigned to infiltrate the Triads, and bring down the Sun On Yee group.

As an open-world action-adventure video game, Sleeping Dogs allows players to fully explore all neighborhoods and areas in the game, where multiple challenges await. Underground races, cockfights, fight clubs, as well as an active night life, are just some of the activities that can be completed in Sleeping Dogs.

The fictional Hong Kong featured in Sleeping Dogs is divided in four major neighborhoods: North Point, Aberdeen, Kennedy Town and Central.

Each neighborhood/area includes a fixed amount of collectibles, and events that become available by advancing through the game’s main missions. Some key-characters are also unlocked, as the player progresses through the game’s story. Wei Shen’s story begins in North Point, and later he advances to new zones.

Players also have full control over Wei Shen’s appearance, and they can customize his clothes, the cars and bikes he drives on the streets, and even the furniture he owns in his apartments; however, all of these cost money, and the only way to get them is to complete as many events as possible, or to find certain collectibles.

Sleeping Dogs Collectibles Guide
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