Lost Planet 3 Audio Logs Locations

All 34 Lost Planet 3 Audio Logs can be found in a single playthrough and they are the first collectibles that appear in the video game developed by Spark Unlimited.

The following game guide refers to the Lost Planet 3 Audio Logs locations, and was created to help players who wish to get these items and all corresponding achievements and trophies.

A Lost Planet 3 Audio Log is a recording containing information regarding specific characters, survival tips and other thoughts recorded by NPCs.

When you get close to an Audio Log, you will notice that the item is highlighted, and to get it you have to approach the log and pick it up by pressing the key displayed on your monitor.

The Audio Logs in Lost Planet 3 don’t provide any special rewards but along with the Text Logs hidden in the game, they unlock achievements and trophies.

The collectibles known as Audio Logs are available as soon as Peyton enters NEVEC’s base; however, since some areas are locked, you will have to retrace your steps from time to time and explore the same areas. One of these areas is Kovac’s Lab.

In addition to this, some Audio Logs in Lost Planet 3 require specific pieces of equipment that must be used to reach them; therefore, it is a good idea to start collecting the Audio Logs once you get all upgrades.

For example, the winch upgrade that is installed on Peyton’s Rig allows you to cross ravines, while Peyton’s magnetic hook can be used to reach high places.

Since some of the areas in Lost Planet 3 don’t feature a map, the following text guide should be used along with the video walkthrough above, because it follows the same order as the one provided by the said video guide.

An important fact you should be aware of is that all Audio Logs in Lost Planet 3 must be collected before you leave the Hangar accompanied by Gale.

Lost Planet 3 Audio Logs Locations Guide

Area: The Hangar (Upper Hangar)

Audio Log 1

As soon as you reach the main base you can find the first Audio Log. After the introductory cutscene, open your map and notice the dead end to the north. Search the corridor and on the left side you will find the Audio Log.

Audio Log 2

After you get the first Audio Log, head towards the elevator in the Upper Hangar but make sure you visit the barracks.

When you enter the barracks, right in front of you is the second Audio Log, on a crate, near one of the beds.

Audio Log 3

Inside the same barracks located in the Upper Hangar, after you get the second audio log, while facing the location where you have found it, turn left, and walk near the wall.

Eventually, you should see a table and on it the third Lost Planet 3 Audio Log.

Area: The Hangar (Basement Level)

Audio Log 4

In the Basement Level of The Hangar, after you get all collectibles in the Upper Hangar, visit the room where your locker is located.

Look around, and on the right side of your locker, while facing it, you should see a window. On it is the fourth Audio Log.

Audio Log 5

After you get the previous collectible, open your map and look north, to see a round dead end, located at the end of the right tunnel while facing the entrance to Gale’s Shop.

Cross the tunnel and in front of you are a Keep Out sign and a worker clearing the snow. Stand in front of the sign and turn right to locate the Audio Log near the wall, on the ground.

Audio Log 6

Once you have found the previous Audio Log, head to Gale’s Shop and check the counter. On the right side is the sixth Audio Log. Grab it then go to the Rig Bay.

Area: The Hangar (Main Deck)

Audio Log 7

At the beginning of the game, before the tutorial during which you learn how to control the Rig, you will enter the Main Deck.

The Rig Platform is located on the southern side if the cavern. To the north is a small platform on which you will see two crates. Crewman Thomas should also be there, next to them, and on top on one of the said crates is the Audio Log.

Audio Log 8

The eighth Audio Log is also in the Main Deck zone. From the elevator next to the Rig Platform move diagonally to reach the northern side of the cave where the crew gathers near some crates.

Behind the crates you have to look for a table and on it is the Audio Log.

Area: Coronis

Audio Log 9

As soon as you exit the base, to test the Rig, you will enter the area known as Coronis. After you unlock the cockpit, close to the entrance, exit the rig and go left, to find a ramp that will take you to a lower level.

Look around to spot a hidden cave which can be accessed. Inside the cave you will find the ninth Audio Log, on some crates.

Area: Diaz Cavern

Audio Log 10

During your first visit to Diaz Cavern, you will be asked to empty your first T-Energy Post. When you locate the post, behind it, you should see a crate.

Make sure you open it to find the Audio Log belonging to Diaz.

Area: Coronis

Audio Log 11

After you get the grappling hook from Braddock, you will be sent to Coronis again to save some workers trapped inside a capsule.

Once you descend the ravine and complete your objective, you will be asked to return to your Rig. At this point there is only one path to follow, and you will have to use your grappling hook often. Continue to ascend and you will eventually locate the assault rifle.

Pick it up and advance slowly killing all Akrid that spawn in front of you. Pay close attention on the right side of the platform (the enemies use that area to reach your position) and look on the ground for another Audio Log. Take it and go back to your Rig.

Note: Later in the game, after you plant your first T-Post, you will return to the main base and receive a call from Dr. Kovac.

At this point, a new area opens in the Upper Hangar, and you will have to explore it if you wish to find additional collectibles.

Area: The Hangar (Upper Hangar)

Audio Log 12

When you visit the Upper Hangar to see Dr. Kovac, you will have to cross the barracks. Notice that you have unlocked a new area.

While standing on the corridor behind the barracks, you can see a small room with two blue draperies at the entrance. Enter the room and turn right to find the audio log on a crate.

Area: Kovac’s Lab

Audio Log 13 

When you visit Kovac’s lab for the first time, after you exit the decontamination area; move straight ahead and cross the main chamber.

On the opposite side of the laboratory make sure you look for the Audio Log on a desk.

Area: Bailey’s Crossing

Audio Log 14

When you enter Bailey’s Crossing, you will notice just in front of you a construction site overwhelmed by Akrid.

Open your map and go west to locate a grappling point that allows you to access the said construction side. Climb up and in front of you is the Audio Log encased in ice.

Area: Marshall’s Gorge (Unknown Structure)

Audio Log 15

When you gain access to the area named Marshall’s Gorge, you will eventually find an unknown structure. After you explore the first part of the said structure, you will be asked to proceed to the second.

As soon as you enter the second structure, follow the corridor and after several turns, you should see several corpses in on the ground. Near them is the Audio Log.

Audio Log 16

In the second area of the unknown structure, after you survive the Akrid attack, your objective will change and you will be asked to find dome data backup.

For this, you have to return to the garage and an Akrid will bring you down, after a short cutscene. Once you recover, turn right and continue to follow the marker on your HUD killing all Wardeyes and destroying all eggs.

Remain near the wall and pay attention to your left because there are some spawning points on the second floor. Search the first one, by climbing the balcony and look behind the pipes.

Area: Pickett’s Folly

Audio Log 17

While working on the quest that requires you to find some medicine, you will eventually use your Rig to create a zip line across an area filled with lava.

Follow the zip line then advance slowly and you will enter a large pipe. When you exit the said pipe, turn left and look on the ground for the Audio Log.

Area: Camp of the Forgotten

Audio Log 18

After you get the magnetized hook, you will be asked to talk to Mira’s father inside the Nursery.

Make sure that you test your hook on the ceiling and explore the end of the platform above the Nursery, to locate the Audio Log.

Area: Bailey’s Crossing

Audio Log 19

Once you get the magnetic hook, you will have to return to Bailey’s Crossing and check the large installation in the middle of the area.

Use the hook to get on top of the mountain while standing near the stairs that have been destroyed, and look behind the small office, to locate the Audio Log encased in ice.

Area: The Killing Fields

Audio Log 20

For the next collectible you need the magnetic hook and the winch installed on your Rig. Travel to The Killing Fields and place your Rig in front of the entrance to Mira’s Camp.

While standing at the entrance turn left and look up to spot a cave across the river. Using your winch, enter the cave and then inspect the nearby drilling platform.

Go up using your magnetic hook and then drop down to find the Audio Log on the ground.

Area: Pickett’s Folly

Audio Log 21

In the area known as Pickett’s Folly, after you get the magnetic hook, return to the cave where you have found the medicine for Mira; however make sure that after you exit the large pipe, you stop on top of the northern tower (where you destroy the Akrid Spawning Point).

While standing under the point, look up and locate the point that allows you to attach your magnetic hook. Now, climb once, then drop down to the second ledge to find the Audio Log.

Audio Log 22 

Another Audio Log that can be found in Pickett’s Folly, requires the same magnetic hook. To get it, open your map and travel west, to the exit point.

Look on the mountain’s wall on the left side as you advance, and locate the large pipe. Exit the rig and attach your hook to the pipe to climb inside the cave. At the entrance, on the ground is the Audio Log.

Area: Blind Sector

Audio Log 23

After you enter the Blind Sector and discover Nushi, watch the cutscene, and after you gain access over your character, look near the point where you have deployed your Rig.

The Audio Log is encased, on the ground and to the right while facing the hill towards the exit.

Area: Marshall’s Gorge

Audio Log 24 

Assuming that you have all upgrades, return to the Marshall’s Gorge and using your Rig’s Winch, cross the large stone to your right.

Ascend the nearby cave (left side) and continue to advance from one location to another following the only path available. Once you exit the cave you will enter a hidden room that belongs to the first colony. Check the table on the other side for another Audio Log.

Audio Log 25, Audio Log 26

For the next two Audio Logs, assuming that you are in Marshall’s Gorge, and you have purchased all upgrades, you have to enter the science facility.

Make sure that you reach the central area which features multiple levels. Using your hook climb up until you reach the last level (third); and get on the broken platform in the middle. From your position, look behind and you will see an area infested by Akrids.

On the ground, you will find a new Audio Log. Take it, but don’t get down. Instead head left and you will see a closed chamber. If you look through the window you can also spot another Audio Log. The entrance the this specific chamber is through a hole above it; therefore, descend one level and look up to find the point on which you can use your magnetic hook.

Get inside the chamber and collect the Audio Log.

Area: Shackleton’s Peak

Audio Log 27

The 27th Audio Log plays an important role because it belongs to Diaz and it will help you discover the Lost Contractor’s Fate, thus allowing you to unlock the Lost and Found achievement/trophy.

To get it, you have to reach the top of Shackleton’s Peak area, known as the Summit, and from there, you have to backtrack your steps through the tunnel you have used to reach the top at the beginning of the game.

Continue to descend and before reaching the first cave, turn left and drop down on the ledge below you. Now, you should see a point on which you can attach your magnetic hook.

Continue to advance and you will enter a caver where you will find Diaz and her Audio Log.

Audio Log 28

After you get the previous collectible, continue to descend towards the mountain’s base and make sure you look around for more points that allow you to use your magnetic hook.

Eventually you will get close to the area where you have activated the second third console to help your Rig reach the mountain’s peak.

On the left side there are two magnetic points you can use to find Diaz’s Rig and another Audio Log in front of it.

Area: Camp of the Forgotten

Audio Log 29

Near the end of the game, travel one more time to Camp of the Forgotten and locate the meat vendor in the first courtyard.

While facing the main gate, move towards the exit point and keep an eye on the right side for a blue glowing sign. Behind it, is a small room, and on the right side, on the ground is the Audio Log.

Area: Pickett’s Folly (Security Installation)

Audio Log 30

Another Audio Log can be retrieved from the Security Installation in Pickett’s Folly. The Security Installation or the Armory as it is called by Mira features multiple chambers.

Once you enter from Pickett’s Folly, in the first large room, where you can see the turret, you have to check the room on the right side while facing the said turret.

The room is accessible only if you have the magnetic hook which allows you to enter through the ceiling above.

Area: Dr. Kovac’s Lab

Audio Log 31

After the NEVEC troops arrive on the planet, pay a visit to Dr. Kovac in order to retrieve a new collectible.

When you enter the second part of the laboratory, turn right and look on the first table on the left side, while advancing towards the doctor.

Area: The Hangar (Main Deck)

Audio Log 32, Audio Log 33, Audio Log 34

For the last three Lost Planet 3 Audio Logs you have to wait until the NEVEC troops come to your base, but you have to get them before leaving accompanied by Gale.

For Audio Log 32, return to the Main Deck and go to Braddock’s Office, which should be closed. Check the backroom at the end of the tunnel and pick up the Audio Log. Now, exit the tunnel and go left, where the workers gather near some crates.

Notice that there is also a NEVEC soldier nearby. Look behind the worker sitting down and you will see the Audio Log on a box.

From your current position cross the Main Deck and go upstairs to the empty Rig platform. Look near the crate that is located next to the loading area.

Lost Planet 3 Text Logs Locations

Similar to the Audio Logs, the Lost Planet 3 Text Logs Locations revealed below must he found by all players who wish to get all collectibles available in Lost Planet 3.

The Text Logs along with the Audio Logs must be found in order to get the Master Cataloger achievement/trophy; however, unlike the latter, there are only 21 hidden Lost Planet 3 Text Logs.

A Text Log in Lost Planet 3 is usually a letter sent by in-game characters to their families and friends.

These letters offer additional information on what these characters saw and how they felt while exploring the frozen planet.

Most Text Logs in Lost Planet 3 are located on the ground but some of them can also be found in places that are hard to reach without the proper equipment.

Even if these Lost Planet 3 collectables become available as soon as the game starts, some of them can’t be acquired until later in the game when your character unlocks all upgrades.

The following collectibles’ guide refers to all Lost Planet 3 hidden Text Logs, revealing their exact locations through a series of hints; and also showing you how to get them, with the help of a video guide that should be used if you encounter difficulties in finding these items.

The text guide respects the order presented by the Lost Planet 3 Text Logs video guide above.

Lost Planet 3 Text Logs Locations Guide

Area: The Hangar (Upper Hangar)

Text Log 1

The first Text Log in Lost Planet 3 is located inside the Hangar, and can be retrieved as soon as you enter the main base. Watch the introductory cutscene, and then advance down the southern corridor towards the elevator.

Eventually, you will reach a small square chamber, and the text log should be on the right side.

Text Log 2 

The second Text Log is also inside the Upper Hangar, and can be found after the first one. Head down the main corridor and move towards the elevator, but make sure you check the barracks on the left side. Enter the barracks and around the central bed.

On the opposite wall is a table and on it the Text Log.

Area: The Hangar (Basement Level)

Text Log 3

The third Audio Log in Lost Planet 3 is in the hangar’s basement. Take the elevator down, and check the northern room where you will see some reactors.

Next to the said reactors you will also notice some stairs and a small fence keeping you away from them. On the fence is the Text Log.

Area: The Hangar (Main Deck)

Text Log 4

On the Main Deck of the Hangar, you can find another Text Log. From the elevator and the Rig Platform, cross the cavern following a straight path to the north and you will see a console and an engineer working nearby.

Descend the stairs and look on the ground to locate the collectible.

Area: White Canyon Junction

Text Log 5

After you save Laroche, Braddock will send you to Diaz Cavern. There is only one path to follow, but stay alert because there is a Text Log nearby.

Move towards the position marked on your HUD and you will eventually find a chest on the right side of the path. Across the chest you will see some crates.

Look behind them for another Lost Planet 3 collectible, and then head to Diaz Cavern.

Area: The Hangar (Upper Hangar)

Text Log 6 

When you retutn to the Upper Hangar to see Dr. Kovac, you will enter a new area that was opened for you. Cross the barracks and then the next corridor to reach the kitchen.

Make sure you enter the kitchen through the right entrance and then turn left to spot the text log on a table in the corner of the room.

Area: Bailey’s Crossing

Text Log 7

In Bailey’s Crossing area, once you kill all enemies, locate the central structures covered by ice. Look for some stairs that allow you to ascend, and encased in ice you will find the seventh Audio Log.

Area: Shackleton’s Peak

Text Log 8

In Shackleton’s Peak, you will be asked to dock your Rig with the Tram Station. While moving towards your objective, you will eventually see a small tower near the tram station, and on your left side while moving north.

Using your grappling hook check the highest platform of the tower to find the eighth Audio Log.

Text Log 9

The next Text Log is also located in Shackleton’s Peak. After you restore the power for the second station in order to move the Rig up the mountain, you will have to use your hook to reach the control panel.

After you climb once, you should see a tram on the right side of the first ledge, and next to the tram’s support is the text log, which is also encased in ice.

Pick it up, and then use the hook to ascend towards the control panel which activates the second station.

Text Log 10 

After you activate the fourth station for your Rig, you will be asked to realign the rail. The lever that allows you to complete the objective is on an upper platform, close to the fourth station. While facing the lever, turn around and look on the ground.

Next to the ammo crate is another Lost Planet 3 Text Log.

Text Log 11

On your way to the fifth station that must be activate, you will eventually exit the caverns and you will be ambushed by multiple Akrids. To advance you have to take them out then move through two large pipes. When you exit the second pipe, you should see several crates covered by snow.

Look behind the last crate to your right, while facing the waypoint up on the next ledge (the spawning area for your enemies). Pick up the collectible, and then advance through the tunnel behind the spawning portal.

Area: Shackleton’s Peak (Shackleton’s Peak Summit)

Text Log 12 

The moment you reach Shackleton’s Peak Summit, follow the path to the left, towards the fifth station and you will reach a larger area.

In front of you should be the reactor for the fifth station and the stairs you have to climb; however, you have to turn left while facing the reactor and check the rocks on the other side of the zone to find the Text Log.

Text Log 13

After you defeat the Akrid similar to a crab, on top of the mountain, you will have to activate the Com-Dish. Enter the main base, and find the control panel.

Near the control panel that must be activate, is another Text Log (left side while looking at the panel).

Area: Marshall’s Gorge

Text Log 14

After you get the winch for your Rig, you will receive a new quest, and you will be asked to find a Thermal Pocket. Fast travel to Bailey’s Crossing and then to Marshall’s Gorge.

When you enter the area, exit your rig and move straight ahead to locate a ravine. Descend using the hook and look around for an encased Text Log, on the ground.

Area: Marshall’s Gorge (Unknown Structure)

Text Log 15

When you complete the exploration of the first unknown structure you will enter the second one, and you will be asked to explore it as well.

Follow the main passage which will lead you to a larger chamber, where you should see an Akrid fleeing. When you step inside the room, the door behind you closes. Turn left and in the corner of the room, is the text log.

Text Log 16

Moments after you find the previous collectible, you will enter another room, filled with crates. Turn right and notice the pile of three crates located near the wall.

Look behind them and you will find another text log.

Area: Pickett’s Folly

Text Log 17 

When you enter Pickket’s Folly for the first time, you will be sent to find some medicine.

The text log in this area can be found in the southern part, while advancing towards another zone. The Text Log is near the mountain and a large rock, on the ground.

Area: Camp of the Forgotten

Text Log 18

Once you get access inside the Camp of the Forgotten, you will have to defeat a new boss, named Sieragz.

As soon as the creature is dead, while facing the gate it managed to break, turn right and you will see a small compound. On the right side near the stairs is anther Text Log.

Text Log 19 

After you get the previous collectible, return to the inner courtyard and on the right side locate the butcher. The vendor also holds the text log on his counter.

Area: Zebra Station (Armory)

Text Log 20

When you get to the Zebra Station, sent by Mira, you will have to find the armory. Eventually, you will use an elevator with a turret on it, to enter a round room.

After you kill all flying Akrids inside the room, destroy the spawning point in front of the turret and you will unlock the chamber with the console that allows you to open the armory. Near the console, is the text log.

Area: Marshall’s Gorge

Text Log 21

Before starting the final part of the game, along with Gale, travel to Marshall’s Gorge. Assuming that you have purchased all upgrades, use the winch to get across the large rock on your right side and enter the science facility.

Once the scanning sequence ends, proceed through the main gates, and turn left in the next area (main chamber).

Look up for a point that allows you to attach your magnetic hook, and you will reach a balcony. On the ground is the final Lost Planet 3 Text Log.

Lost Planet 3 Albino Tarkaa Hunt Locations

The Lost Planet 3 Albino Tarkaa Hunt collectibles is the final set of hidden items and creatures that must be found by Jim Peyton on the planet he explores.

An Albino Tarkaa is a rare creature hidden within the planet’s areas, and it is probably the hardest to find collectible in Lost Planet 3.

At the beginning of the video game this type of collectible doesn’t appear in the collectibles tab, but later in the game when you reach the Camp of Forgotten, you will receive a side-job from the local vendor.

The vendor is willing to sell Jim a series of special upgrades, but in exchange he asks you to collect the DNA from 10 Albino Tarkaa.

Furthermore, he is willing to give you an item that allows Jim to hear the rare Tarkaa when he gets close to them. But even so, the Albino Tarkaas are hard to find; therefore, the following Lost Planet 3 guide was created to help you locate all these Akrids which will allow you to enhance Peyton’s abilities.

After you get the quest from the NPC, open the menu and check the tab containing the collectibles. Notice that for each Albino Tarkaa you have to solve a riddle which will eventually point you to the area where you will find the Akrid.

Nevertheless the Albino Tarkaa riddles are misleading and offer little information on their locations; therefore, using the text guide below along with the video guide, you will be able to find all of them faster.

When you locate an Albino Tarkaa you will have to tag it in order to get the creature’s DNA. If you shoot it by mistake you have to exit its area and return later.

Albino Tarkaa Hunt Locations Guide

Albino Tarkaa DNA #1

Description: “Cross a flying fox for her perilous home near a groaning ravine.”

Location: The first Albino Tarkaa is located in Coronis. Exit the main hangar and turn left. Move towards the edge of the mountain and look for a spot to attach your Rig’s winch.

After you extend the winch, zip to the other side and look up on the opposite wall to locate the Akrid. After you get the DNA of the first Tarkaa you will get the First Tag achievement/trophy.

Albino Tarkaa DNA #2

Description: “An elevator reaches for a stormy sky – at its foot, look high.”

Location: For the second Albino Tarkaa, travel to Marshall’s Gorge before completing the game, and after you have all upgrades.

Use the winch to get to the other side of the rock that blocks your way, and then enter the science facility. Wait for the scanning sequence to end, then enter the main compound and look up and to the right. The Albino Tarkaa is attached to the wall.

Albino Tarkaa DNA #3

Description: “Seething Akrid cave with stalactite teeth-skyward is she found.”

Location: The third Albino Tarkaa is hard to find because of its position. The location presented in the riddle, or the “seething Akrid cave with stalactite teeth” is in fact Diaz Cavern.

To get the Albino Tarkaa DNA #3, travel to White Canyon Junction, then to Diaz Cavern. When you enter the cavern clear the area of Akrids and look for an opening on the right side of the main tunnel while facing the cavern’s depths.

It is important to be aware that you won’t be able to see the entire creature, but only the moving tail; therefore, pay close attention to the sounds made it and remain near the right edge of the tunnel.

Once you spot the tail, shoot it and maintain your weapon’s reticule in the same position to collect the third Albino Tarkaa DNA sample.

Albino Tarkaa DNA #4

Description: “T-ENG tank near our forgotten home – go below to find her above.”

Location: The fourth Albino Tarkaa is located in The Killing Fields. Travel to the entrance to Camp of Forgotten but don’t enter. While standing at the entrance turn left and you will see a cave you can reach if you use your Rig’s winch.

Enter the said cave and look up to locate a grappling point for your magnetic hook. Go up and then drop down. Look behind the canisters to see the Tarkaa on the ceiling of the underground crevasse.

Albino Tarkaa DNA #5

Description: “Dark hidden belly – she bides her time within the war machines and arms”

Location: The location of the fifth Albino Tarkaa is the Security Installation, or the Armory from Pickett’s Folly. When you enter the facility, turn left and follow the ramp down to the underground chamber.

Now turn right, around the shelves and look for the Albino Tarkaa behind the ventilation window located on the wall. It is in an area lighted in red.

Albino Tarkaa DNA #6

Description: “Frozen fields of white amidst pumping iron beasts – she hides in its warmth.”

Location: The sixth Albino Tarkaa you can hunt is located in Bailey’s Crossing. After you defeat the King Crab, return to the area, and go up the hill in the center of the zone, using your magnetic hook.

Go around the shack and descend into the hole, then look for a balcony, and a console. Next, look on the tanks near the balcony and tag the Akrid.

Albino Tarkaa Location #7

Description: “Pristine plain scarred by a fallen cask – look within her dead broken earth.”

Location: For the seventh Albino Tarkaa DNA you must explore Bishop’s Wake.

When you get to the area, open your map and notice the smaller area to the south. It is a crevasse you can access and inside it, on the opposite wall is the Albino Tarkaa.

Albino Tarkaa DNA #8

Description: “A tower top in magma seas – testament to a soldier’s folly.”

Location: The eighth Albino Tarkaa requires your presence in the area called Picket’s Folly. To find it, travel to the said area, and look for a point that allows you to connect your Rig’s Winch to the areas on the northern side of the map.

Zip once and go through the large pipe, then turn left and zip again to reach a higher area. Turn around and look for the Albino Tarkaa on top of the tower behind you. It is attached to the roof.

Albino Tarkaa DNA #9

Description: “Stalkers lurk in a dead courtyard – look down upon trunks, crates and boxes.

Location: The ninth Albino Tarkaa is probably the hardest to find, since the riddle is confusing and misleading. To get the DNA you have to go to Marshall’s Gorge and enter the science facility.

As you advance you will eventually reach a large room with multiple levels.

The room is in fact the dead courtyard mentioned in the description. From here, use your hook to reach the third level of the room, and place yourself on the platform in the middle of the area.

Now, while facing the central area, turn right and you will see some boxes at level two. Behind them is the Albino Tarkaa, but wait for the creature to move in order to tag it.

Albino Tarkaa DNA #10

Description: “She hides within the den of hunters – near a carriage to the sky.”

Location: The last Lost Planet 3 Albino Tarkaa can be found in Shackleton’s Peak. To find it, go back to the area where you can dock your Rig and climb the stairs to the first shack.

Inside is the first console you have activated earlier in the game. Behind the said shack is a tunnel that takes you to the second console. Advance and when you exit the tunnel you will be inside a cave.

Eventually, you will also be attacked by several stalkers. Once you defeat them, look up and you will see a cave on the right wall. If you look closer you will also see an Albino Tarkaa inside the cave.

Tag it to complete the set of collectibles.

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