Captain America Super Soldier Walkthrough

Captain America: Super Soldier Walkthrough – Chapter 4: Secret Journey

The Secret Journey game guide below is the fifth part in the full Captain America: Super Soldier video game walkthrough and refers strictly to the fourth chapter of the game.

Included in the guide is a video walkthrough that offers additional details regarding this chapter.

The Secret Journey continues the adventures of Captain America who entered the Bavarian research facility controlled by Hydra, Zola and Iron Cross.

Now, Captain America must find and destroy the last AA Cannon platform located inside the facility.

As soon as the hero reaches the rooftops, he is attacked by several Hydra soldiers.

Objective: Destroy the last AA Cannon

Take out the forces that attack you and then search the small entrance on the right side of the elevator for several Dossiers. Another one can be found to the left, on a desk.

Explore the rooftop and you will notice to the left, an electric fence which blocks your way. To the right is a highlighted crane which can be activated by throwing the shield. When the crane moves, the electric fence will be destroyed.

In the next area use the same strategy and take out the soldiers, then damage the cable with your shield, to destroy the electric fence.

Advance through the container on the left and kill the armored soldier. You can use his weapon in your advantage, to inflict additional damage.

Clear the area of enemies, destroy the cable and look around for a Dossier, then follow the stairs up.

Open the door and you will enter the Radar Dome.

Watch the small cutscene showing Captain America who contacts HQ.

You will complete this chapter and you will unlock a new achievement/trophy called Send a Post Card.

The next chapter of the game is The Big Red One.

Captain America Super Soldier Walkthrough
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