Black Ops II Time and Fate Intel #3 Location

Call of Duty Black Ops II Time and Fate Intel Locations

Call of Duty Black Ops II Time and Fate is technically the fourth story mission, even if we play it after FOB Spectre. FOB Spectre and Shipwreck represent Strike Force levels, and they are unlocked after completing the previous story mission, Old Wounds.

Back in 1986, this time in Nicaragua, Alex Mason and his team have to secure Raul Menendez. However, this mission is different than those before it, for the fact that we have to control two characters, first Menendez, and then Mason.

We must take into account that we can find the Cod Black Ops II Intel collectables with both of them.

This means it is recommended to use the hints and tips in the video game guide below, and in the given order if we don’t want to miss the Intel we are looking for.

Mission Details

“The President of Panama (Manuel Noriega) lends his PDF armed forces to help CIA capture Menendez at his drug cartel compound in Nicaragua.”

Recommended Loadout

Primary Weapon: Galil

Primary Attachments: Fast Mag

Secondary Weapon: Barret M82A1

Secondary Attachments: Variable Zoom

Grenades & Equipment: Grenade; Smoke Grenade

Perks: Access Kit

Intel Location #1

The first Intel in Call of Duty Black Ops II Time and Fate can be found in the section where we control Raul Menendez. When we reach the stables, we eliminate the resistance, and then we walk towards the stables’ exit.

Before heading out, we check the back of the wooden carriage to collect the Black Ops 2 Intel (the carriage is in the area with a lot of hay stacks, and it can’t be missed).

Black Ops II Time and Fate Intel #1 Location
Intel #1

Intel Location #2

Later in the mission, after we clear the Cartel village while controlling Alex Mason, we arrive at the main building and we have to assault it.

Before heading inside the courtyard, on the left side of the entrance (our right side if we’re facing the entrance from outside the courtyard), we can see a bell tower.

We can climb this tower in order to provide support, but if we’re paying attention we can spot the second Call of Duty Black Ops II Intel half way up the tower. We just have to jump from the ladder and grab it.

Black Ops II Time and Fate Intel #2 Location
Intel #2

Intel Location #3

The third Intel can be found shortly after the second one, when our objective is to clear the cocaine bunker. After we clear the cocaine processing room, we have to follow Woods to the next waypoint.

However, before going after him, we need to get in the room on the left side of this area (it is the room near Woods, or the south-west corner of the area if we prefer).

Inside we can find the BO2 Intel collectible sitting on a bench. We deal with the remaining enemy forces, and then we follow Woods inside the mansion in order to complete the mission and start the next one in line, Fallen Angel.

Black Ops II Time and Fate Intel #3 Location
Intel #3
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