Borderlands 2 Monster Mash Part 3 Walkthrough

Borderlands 2 Monster Mash Part 3 Walkthrough

Borderlands 2 Monster Mash Part 3 is the final mission in the Monster Mash series, and it is acquired from Dr. Zed in Sanctuary after we complete Monster Mash (Part 2).

Using the parts provided by us in the previous two missions, he created abominations known as skrakks. Thus, he needs our help in disposing of them.


“Zed’s secret projects have gotten loose. He needs you to head to Arid Nexus and hunt down his abominations.”

Level: 29


Eridium: 4

Experience: 7430 XP


In Borderlands 2 Monster Mash Part 3, the first thing to do is to travel to Arid Nexus area. In here, we take a good vehicle and we head to the waypoint (if we want mobility and more precise fire power, we could opt for a Light Runner with machine guns).

When we get near the waypoint, the skrakks attack us. They are basically skag bodies with rakk wings. If we move around a lot to avoid taking damage, the task shouldn’t be too hard to complete, although it may take some time to bring down 20 skrakks.

Once we’re done killing skrakks, we have to track and hunt down Dr. Zed’s Abomination.

This creature can be found in Frostburn Canyon, so we use the Fast Travel system to get there. Considering our character’s level, the opponents in here should not pose a threat.

Dr. Zed’s Abomination, Spycho, is some sort of spiderant, and its exact location is above Blacktoe Cavern (we can’t find him inside the cave, we have to go around and use the large set of stairs to get in his area, past the place where we killed Scorch in Cult Following: False Idols).

When we are near him, we get contacted by Zed, and Spycho comes down from the rock and attacks us. If we use the proper weapons and we move around to avoid his attacks, he should be dead in no time.

Note: The game may be bugged in this mission, because in our initial playthrough he did not jump down from the rock.

Once he’s eliminated, we can return to Dr. Zed in Sanctuary to complete Borderlands 2 Monster Mash Part 3.

Borderlands 2 Monster Mash Part 3 Walkthrough

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