Batman: Arkham Origin My Alibi Nightclub Collectibles Locations

Batman: Arkham Origins Coventry Collectibles Locations

Batman: Arkham Origins Coventry is one of the three districts that are available to explore in New Gotham and it is also the district where the game begins when you leave the Blackgate Prison.

In Coventry you learn about the hacking of the Comms Towers, thus you reveal the Enigma Relays on the map.

However, for the twenty Enigma Datapacks you have to hunt the Data Handlers, or you can use the maps included in the guide.

The interiors featured in the Coventry district are relatively small and don’t include many collectibles, but the number of Anarky Tags is higher than in other districts.

All Batman Arkham Origins collectibles in Coventry are part of the next guide which helps you track them down.

Coventry Collectibles Guide

Total number of collectibles: 36

Enigma Relays: 10

Enigma Datapacks: 20

Anarky Tags: 5

Cyrus Pinkney Plaques: 1

Enigma Datapacks Locations

Enigma Datapack #1

The first Enigma Datapack is on top of the pipe that is in front of the bridge. Just climb up next to it and pick it up.

Enigma Datapack #2

In order to get the second Datapack you need to climb on the truck and hit the three switches with Batarangs. Then use the Batclaw to snatch the collectible.

Enigma Datapack #3

he lockbox is connected to a switch that’s inside a locked cage. Throw a Remote Controlled Batarang through the ventilation shaft to hit the switch then grab the Datapack collectible.

Enigma Datapack #4

The fourth Datapack in Coventry is easy to get but it requires the Shock Gloves. To get it you just need to charge the nearby portable generator.

Enigma Datapack #5

You have to use your Batclaw to snatch the fifth Datapack. The collectible is located on the ceiling of a train tunnel that’s above street level.

Enigma Datapack #6

The Enigma Datapack is on a wall at street level, above some garbage. You can glide down right next to it from the location of the previous collectable.

Enigma Datapack #7

The seventh Datapack is inside a lockbox that’s on a wall. The lockbox is connected to four switches (one above the lockbox and three below it) and you need to hit all of them to open the lockbox. After that use the Batclaw to secure the Datapack.

Enigma Datapack #8

To get the Enigma Datapack you only need to use your Cryptographic Sequencer to hack the console (the password is PUZZLEMENT).

Enigma Datapack #9

The Datapack collectible is on a balcony, just under the gargoyle vantage points of the building, and you only need to grab it from the wall.

Enigma Datapack #10

Turn on the Detective Vision to spot a weak wall above ground level. Glide from the balcony of the building that’s across the street to smash the wall and then collect the Datapack.

Enigma Datapack #11

To open the lockbox that has the Enigma Datapack you have to hack the console that’s next to it with the Cryptographic Sequencer (THRUTHWILLOUT).

Enigma Datapack #12

Check for a weak wall (ground level) with your Detective Vision and then destroy it using Explosive Gel. The Datapack collectible is right behind the wall.

Enigma Datapack #13

The lockbox which has the Datapack is connected to three pressure pads. However, once you stand on the farthest pressure pad from the lockbox you can’t touch the ground until you hit the other two.

In order to do that you have to use the anchor points between the smoke chimneys to create a wire and then grapple onto it between landings.

Enigma Datapack #14

If you look up to the rail tracks from street level you should see the Enigma Datapack on a sustaining pillar just below the tracks.

Enigma Datapack #15

On the roof that’s next to the antenna of the Comms Tower is a destructible wall (use Detective Vision to pinpoint it). Get rid of the wall and grab the Datapack collectible.

Enigma Datapack #16

To get the sixteenth Enigma Datapack you need the Glue Grenade upgrade. Use the grenades to block the steam pipes and head inside the cage to secure the Datapack.

Enigma Datapack #17

The last datapack that can be found outside in Coventry is inside a lockbox that has a proximity sensor. If you get to close to the lockbox it will close itself.

Therefore you have to get the collectible from a safe distance using the Batclaw.

Enigma Datapack #18

The first Enigma Datapack inside My Alibi Nightclub is above the stage. You just have to grapple on the metal structure to get it.

Enigma Datapack #19

Go behind the stage and check for a vent cover inside the office (as you go through the door you reveal a new area inside the club). Pull it down and jump inside the ventilation shaft to find the Enigma Datapack.

Enigma Datapack #20

The final Datapack in Coventry is inside Lacey Towers.

You can find it inside Sionis’ Safehouse, a place where you have to investigate a crime scene during the main storyline. It is next to the ladder, right above the heater.

Anarky Tags Locations

Anarky Tag #1

The first Anarky Tag can be found in the north-west corner of Coventry. It is written on the waterside wall of Mendo Soap building, at ground level.

Anarky Tag #2

The second Anarky Tag is near the Comms Tower, in an alcove on the alleyway behind the Cale-Anderson building.

Anarky Tag #3

There’s a large pipe that enters the Lacey Towers building and in order to find the third Anarky Tag you have to climb on the pipe at the point where it enters the building.

Anarky Tag #4

Facing west from the Lacey Towers building look for the W ENT neon sign (Wayne Enterpises) on the nearby building. Glide down to the alley and turn on Detective Vision to see the Anarky Tag below the neon sign, a little to the left (street level).

Anarky Tag #5

There’s a lowered ledge/platform on the waterside between the buildings that leads to a lab in the sewers.

The fifth Anarky Tag in Coventry is painted on the ledge/platform (look down to see it).

Cyrus Pinkney Plaques Locations

Cyrus Pinkney Plaque #1

To find the Cyrus Pinkney Plaque you need to go below the bridge that leads to Blackgate Prison and check the wall of the gangway/archway.

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