Batman: Arkham Origin Gotham City Royal Hotel 4 Collectibles Locations

Batman: Arkham Origins Diamond District Collectibles Locations

Batman: Arkham Origins Diamond District represents one of the areas available to explore in the south side of the game world.

It features one of the tallest buildings in the game, the Gotham City Royal Hotel, which includes a multi-layered interior.

You can decode three extortion files in Diamond District, which means you have to find 30 Enigma Datapacks collectibles.

There is no Pinkney Plaque to scan, but it’s the district with the most Anarky Tags.

The following guide includes helpful texts and maps that can be combined in order to quickly find all the collectibles.

Diamond District Collectibles Guide

Total number of collectibles: 46

Enigma Relays: 10

Enigma Datapacks: 30

Anarky Tags: 6

Cyrus Pinkney Plaques: N/A

Enigma Datapacks Locations

Enigma Datapack #1

Above the water is a metal platform and underneath the platform is the first Enigma Datapack surrounded by a cage.

You can’t grapple to its position, so you need the Remote Claw to create a wire using the anchor point that’s on the pipe and then use the wire to reach the collectible.

Enigma Datapack #2

To get the second Datapack you have to use Explosive Gel on three consecutive destructible walls. The walls are on the train tracks that are above the street.

Enigma Datapack #3

The third Enigma Datapack is protected by a console with three layers of security (check the street entrance of the Soder Cola building). Use the passwords MALFEASANCES, MISBEHAVIOUR and BLACKBOOK to open the lockbox.

Enigma Datapack #4

On the roof of the Soder Cola building is a hackable console under the neon sign. Above the console there are three jammers and you need to disable them with your Disruptor before attempting to hack the console (let the Disruptor charge if you don’t have the capacity upgrade).

When you’re ready use the Cryptographic Sequencer to hack the console (the password is ILLICITSECRET) and then retrieve the Datapack collectible.

Enigma Datapack #5

The lockbox containing the Datapack is on the side of the large Furniture Company sign. Above the actual sign there are six lights.

Only three of them are lit and you need to hit them with Batarangs in quick succession to light up the other three, but be aware that you are on a timer (use the pressure pad if you don’t have three switches lit). When the lockbox is opened grab the collectible with the Batclaw.

Enigma Datapack #6

The Enigma Datapack is inside a lockbox on a ledge. The switch that opens the lockbox is next to it, but below the fenced floor of the ledge.

Throw a Remote Controlled Batarang through the opening that’s at the other end of the ledge and guide it to hit the switch.

Enigma Datapack #7

The lockbox is on the side of a ventilation shaft, and if look closely you should see a grate that can be pulled down. After that you need to stand on the pressure pad to activate an electric device.

Charge a Remote Controlled Batarang with electricity and guide it through the shaft to hit a fuse box. Now you can snatch the collectible with your Batclaw.

Enigma Datapack #8

Between the buildings there are two pressure pads and above one of them is a lockbox. Climb above the lockbox and glide towards the pressure pad that’s on the wall opposite from you and then wall glide towards the second pressure pad. Now get back up and use the Batclaw to reach the Datapack.

Enigma Datapack #9

Use your Detective Vision to discover a destructible wall and then tear it down to get the Datapack collectible (it is next to an Anarky Tag).

Enigma Datapack #10

The tenth Enigma Datapack is inside a ventilation shaft in a cage. To access the ventilation shaft you just have to pull down the grate that is blocking it.

Enigma Datapack #11

The lockbox is connected to six switches. Plant Explosive Gel on the three switches that are in the cage and then stand on the pressure pad. As soon as you step on the pressure pad throw Batarangs at the other three switches and quickly detonate the gel before the time runs out.

Now you can get the Datapack from the lockbox.

Enigma Datapack #12

The Enigma Datapack is protected by a console, but you can’t hack it because of the jammer. Use the Disruptor on the jammer and then input the password SECRETKNOWLEDGE in the Cryptographic Sequencer to open the lockbox.

Enigma Datapack #13

In the vicinity of the lockbox is a pressure pad, and if you stand on it you light up the switch that’s above the lockbox. When it’s lit you need to hit it with a Batarang. Now you can run to the lockbox to collect the Datapack.

Enigma Datapack #14

The Datapack is on the balcony that’s above the front entrance of the hotel. Use the Shock Gloves to charge the generator in order to open the lockbox.

Enigma Datapack #15

Right in front of the Enigma Datapack is a pressure pad that changes its color between green and red. Stand on it when it’s green to open the lockbox.

Enigma Datapack #16

The Datapack collectible is stuck on a ceiling at street level (where the entrance in the building is). Use your Detective Vision to spot it (assuming you disable the Comms Tower or the jammer that blocks your Detective Vision).

Enigma Datapack #17

The Datapack is inside a cage that’s on the side of the rooftop of the Comms Tower. One side of the cage is missing, but you can’t grapple there. Instead, grapple on the ledge next to the cage (hold the grapple button) and shimmy along the ledge so you can access the cage.

Once you’re inside use the Batclaw to get the collectible.

Enigma Datapack #18

The last Enigma Datapack found outside in Diamond District requires the Glue Grenade. Use two grenades on the steam pipes and then get inside the cage to collect the Datapack.

Enigma Datapack #19

When you enter the hotel parking of the Gotham City Royal Hotel follow the right side lane until you find a hole in the wall to your right.

Use a Glue Grenade through the hole to stop the steam pipe and then grab the Datapack with the Batclaw.

Enigma Datapack #20

A little further from the previous collectible is a locked room on the left side. Pull down the grate that’s above the door and get inside the room. The lockbox with the Enigma Datapack is lying on the floor, but is connected to the console on the wall.

Hack the console with the Cryptographic Sequencer using the password CARCRASH.

Enigma Datapack #21

As you step out of the elevator into the main entrance look for the Datapack above the large wooden crates next to the explosive barrels.

Enigma Datapack #22

The Enigma Datapack in the lobby is at the base of the staircase, but under the floor. Use the nearby floor grates to reach its position.

Enigma Datapack #23

At the end of the 10th floor corridor you should see the Enigma Datapack behind the locked gate. Use the Shock Gloves on the generator that’s on the wall and then quickly snatch the collectible with the Batclaw.

Enigma Datapack #24

Charge the generator that’s on top of the elevator and when the elevator stops look up to see two anchor points. Use the Remote Claw to deploy a wire, grapple up, and then walk along the wire to find the Datapack in an alcove.

Enigma Datapack #25

When you enter the Ventilation Shaft area grapple up to the ledge high above you and then use the Remote Claw to traverse the gap that’s behind you.

Throw a Glue Grenade to block the steam pipe and crouch through the gap to find the Datapack on a wall.

Enigma Datapack #26

From your previous position climb all the way to the top, right under the two giant fans. Turn left and look for a gap under some pipes on your right. The gap allows you to reach a yellow ledge directly beneath the fans. Shimmy to the right until you can see the Datapack collectible right in front of you.

Enigma Datapack #27

When you enter the Ballroom head across the water where the four thugs are strapped to electric chairs and climb the ladder to your right. On the right side you should see the lockbox and opposite to your position the hackable console. However, it is quite a distance between you and the console, hence you need the range amplifier for the Cryptographic Sequencer. Use the password SURPRISE and then grab the Datapack.

Enigma Datapack #28

Go on the other side of the Ballroom and activate the Jack in the Box to reveal an anchor point. Then deploy a wire with your Remote Claw and use it to traverse the area. From there glide a little to the left to reach a platform with a console.

Use the password WHYTHELONGFACE and the clown’s nose should open (above you) to reveal the Datapack collectible. Now use the Batclaw to grab it.

Enigma Datapack #29

Search for a gap under the lowest point of the train tracks (floor level). Slide through it to reach the Enigma Datapack.

Enigma Datapack #30

The final Enigma Datapack is under the floor of the Overview Bar. To get inside the bar you have to enter the vents in the floor. Just before exiting the vents turn around to spot the collectible.

Anarky Tags Locations

Anarky Tag #1

The first Anarky Tag is painted on the back entrance door of the Gotham City Daily building, in an alleyway.

Anarky Tag #2

Go below the bridge that connects the Comms Tower to the adjacent building (Gotham City Cinema) and look for the Anarky Tag above the entrance of the cinema.

Anarky Tag #3

The third Anarky Tag in Diamond District is on the middle balcony/rooftop of the Soder Cola building.

Anarky Tag #4

To find the fourth Anarky Tag glide down in the alleyway and check the entrance of the Furniture Company building (near the building with the rooftop in flames, assuming you completed the case file with the helicopter).

Anarky Tag #5

The fifth Anarky Tag is written on the wall of the building (Gotham City News), right behind the ninth Enigma Datapack collectible.

Anarky Tag #6

Mark on your map the south side of the Gotham City Royal Hotel and check for the Anarky Tag at the corner where the wall is facing the water (the Anarky Tag is facing the city).

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