Watch Dogs 2 Paint Jobs Locations Guide

Watch Dogs 2 Paint Jobs Locations Guide

Watch Dogs 2 Paint Jobs Locations Guide
A Paint Job in Watch Dogs 2

The Watch Dogs 2 Paint Jobs locations revealed below, refer to the areas you need to reach if you want to collect the hidden Paint Jobs while playing the latest Watch Dogs video game developed by Ubisoft for PC, Xbox One and PS4.

These locations are similar to those where you will find the hidden Clothing Items.

If you have followed our guide for those collectibles, you already know that the present guide covers only the Paint Jobs that can be acquired without participating in any activity or operation.

The Paint Jobs you will find at these locations, will allow you to change the aspect of your weapons, vehicles, and gadgets (Quadcopter and RC Jumper).

You should know that the Paint Jobs collectibles in Watch Dogs 2 can’t be used on the 7 Unique Vehicles.

Furthermore, as we have mentioned, additional Paint Jobs can be earned by completing activities, and they were not included in this guide, because they are very easy to acquire.

Additionally, if you have accessed our in-depth guides for other Watch Dogs 2 collectibles (Research Points, ScoutX, Money Bags, Key Data or Hidden Gnomes), you know that we have divided the city’s map in 4 parts.

For each part, we have created a unique map, as well as a text guide and video that will help you collect the Watch Dogs 2 Paint Jobs hidden within the city’s borders.

Make sure you check the locations on our maps first, and try to get the collectibles without additional help. If you can’t, use our hints and strategies or watch our videos showing how we have acquired these collectibles.

Finally, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us on our YouTube channel, or using the comments section at the end of the guide.

Marin Paint Jobs Locations

Watch Dogs 2 Marin Paint Jobs Locations Map
Marin Area Paint Jobs Locations

Paint Job 1 (Jumper Paint) – Our guide starts with the Watch Dogs 2 Paint Jobs in Marin area. First one is the hidden paint near Point Bonita Lighthouse. Look for it on top of the lighthouse, and simply climb the air duct, the ventilation box, and a yellow ladder to reach it.

Paint Job 2 (Jumper Paint) – This Paint Job is on the upper structure of a radio tower. You can use the RC Jumper to reach it. Simply hop on one of the boxes nearby, and then on the roof of the concrete structure.

Paint Job 3 (Jumper Paint) – To get this Watch Dogs 2 Paint Job for your RC Jumper you need to reach a balcony. Start by climbing one of the pergolas in the back alley, then climb on the rooftop, and then drop on the balcony where the collectible is located. You will find it in the corner, under a yellow umbrella.

Paint Job 4 (Vehicle Paint) – The first Watch Dogs 2 hidden Vehicle Paint Job is on the pier, inside a small shack we have marked for you on the map above. Go around the shack and look for a small hole close to the ground. Use the RC Jumper to get the item.

Oakland Paint Jobs Locations

Watch Dogs 2 Oakland Paint Jobs Locations Map
Oakland Area Paint Jobs Locations

Paint Job 1 (Vehicle Paint) – To get this Paint Job in Oakland, use the train carts to keep your RC Jumper above your enemies. Then, drop on top of the collectible and quickly recall your toy.

Paint Job 2 (Vehicle Paint) – While staying in the south-eastern corner of the restricted area, jump over the fence using your RC Jumper, then jump on the white trailer. Now, simply drop on the table near the warehouse where the collectible is located.

Paint Job 3 (Weapon Paint) – For this collectible check the end of the ship where you should see a yellow ladder. Climb it and stay there. Now, deploy the RC Jumper after you scout the area, and send it to the yellow container. If you move fast enough you can get this Paint Job before the guards can even react.

Paint Job 4 (Jumper Paint) – This Watch Dogs 2 Jumper Paint Job is on the roof of a garage. Use the RC Jumper to jump on the boxes in front of the garage, then on the lower roof. Now, jump again on the upper roof, then go right and pick the paint on the air conditioning box.

Paint Job 5 (Vehicle Paint) – The fifth collectible on our map is inside an apartment complex which is also a restricted area. To infiltrate the perimeter, move a van close to the shutters on the second floor, then distract the guards, while moving toward sthe room where the Paint Job can be found. Look for it on a stereo speaker.

Paint Job 6 (Vehicle Paint) – To get the collectible in the alcove of the house marked on our map, try to reach the roof of the building with your RC Jumper. You can do that by jumping on a shed on the eastern side of the said building, then cross the roof and drop near the Paint Job. Quickly recall your toy once you pick it up.

Silicon Valley Paint Jobs Locations

Watch Dogs 2 Silicon Valley Paint Jobs Locations Map
Silicon Valley Area Paint Jobs Locations

Paint Job 1 (Vehicle Paint) – We move to Silicon Valley now to look for more Paint Jobs. The first one on our map is on the balcony of the Nudle building. To reach it, enter the building though the eastern door, head upstairs, continue through the tunnel, then turn left and exit on the balcony.

Paint Job 2 (Jumper Paint) – This Watch Dogs 2 Paint Job is on the ground in a parking lot. Simply walk close to it and pick it up. If you see a car standing on the collectible, move it away.

Paint Job 3 (Quadcopter Paint) – The Watch Dogs 2 Quadcopter Paint Job marked on our map is on the roof of a garage. It’s very easy to retrieve. Just jump on the boxes nearby, then climb on the roof.

Paint Job 4 (Quadcopter Paint) – For the fourth hidden Paint Job, look near a couch in the backyard of a house. It is a restricted area but very easy to retrieve if you stun all guards and the dog.

Paint Job 5 (Weapon Paint) – To get this Watch Dogs 2 Weapon Paint Job, go to the eastern side of the restricted area, deploy your RC Jumper near the shack, and jump on the boxes to reach its roof. Now, drop inside and pick up the cans containing the paint.

Paint Job 6 (Vehicle Paint) – The sixth Paint Job on our map is on the ground under the balcony of the New Dawn Temple. Go around the temple, and stay out of the restricted area, but close to the fence. When you see the collectible, send the RC Jumper to retrieve it.

Paint Job 7 (Quadcopter Paint) – To get this Paint Job, your RC Jumper must be upgraded to jump higher. Look for the collectible on the roof of a patio cover you can reach by jumping on the nearby shed.

Paint Job 8 (Quadcopter Paint) – The final hidden Paint Job on our Silicon Valley map can be collected only if you have explosives. It is located under the wooden terrace of a house, and to get it you need to create a hole by destroying the grate around the terrace.

San Francisco Paint Jobs Locations

Watch Dogs 2 San Francisco Paint Jobs Locations Map
San Francisco Area Paint Jobs Locations

Paint Job 1 & 2 (Weapon Paint & Jumper Paint) – Since the last area in our guide is the largest, it is only normal to find more Watch Dogs 2 Paint Jobs while exploring it. Start with the two Paint Jobs available inside Dedsec’s HQ. The first one is in the air duct near the wardrobe and can be retrieved by the RC Jumper. The second one is in the air duct on the left side of the monitor screens, up on the wall. You can use the Quadcopter to get it, but first make sure you unlock the grate by hacking the tablet inside the same air duct.

Paint Job 3 (Vehicle Paint) – The third Paint Job is on the roof of a building. Go around the structure and climb on the roof when you reach the eastern corner. Send the RC Jumper inside through the hole in the grated fence, then jump on a yellow umbrella and over the second fence.

Paint Job 4 (Vehicle Paint) – This Paint Job is very easy to collect because it’s on a roof and there are several stairs and a yellow ladder that allow easy access.

Paint Job 5 (Vehicle Paint) – The Watch Dogs 2 Vehicle Paint at this location is on the ground, near a green container. You can use you RC Jumper to quickly retrieve it, after you distract the guards by hacking their phones.

Paint Job 6 (Jumper Paint) – While this restricted area looks hard to infiltrate you can actually send your RC Jumper through the front gate and sneak around most guards undetected. Your goal is the conveyor belt (blue). Jump on it, go all the way up, then drop next to the Paint Job.

Paint Job 7 (Jumper Paint) – The collectable is next to some blue barrels, on the ground. You can get it using your RC Jumper if you hack the phones of the guards in the restricted area.

Paint Job 8 (Quadcopter Paint) – Look for this Paint Job for your Quadcopter near a pool and under a pergola.

Paint Job 9 (Vehicle Paint) – The ninth Paint Job in Los Angeles is on a roof. Use the window washing lift and put the RC Jumper inside it, the go up and get the paint cans.

Paint Job 10 (Jumper Paint) – To get this Paint Job you need to reach the roof of the parking lot nearby. From there, boost and jump with your RC directly on the roof where the paint is waiting for you.

Paint Job 11 (Weapon Paint) – Check the northeast corner of the building marked on our map and you will see that the planters form a staircase. Start jumping with your RC Jumper to reach the roof and another Watch Dogs 2 Weapon Paint Job.

Paint Job 12 (Vehicle Paint) – To get the Paint Job on top of WKZ Station, you have to use the scissor lift on the street nearby. Put the RC Jumper inside and take the toy to the roof. Look for the collectible next to a wall on which you can see a graffiti depicting two smileys.

Paint Job 13 (Jumper Paint) – The easiest way to get this Paint marked on our map, is to use the RC Jumper and infiltrate the restricted area by jumping on the glass roofs near the balcony. From there, distract the guard under the stairs by hacking his phone, and get the paint.

Paint Job 14 (Weapon Paint) – To collect the Paint Job at this location look for a concrete building. Go around it to discover a drainage pipe and a grate blocking your way. Drop an explosive to blow up the grate and pick up the paint inside the pipe.

Paint Job 15 (Weapon Paint) – This Paint Job is inside a blue container. Nearby you should see some concrete pipes and on the other side another trailer. Climb on it, deploy the RC Jumper and drive through the upper pipe. Now jump inside the container with the collectible.

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