Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark Audio Logs Locations – Chapter 3: Getaway

Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark Chapter 3: Getaway also includes three audio logs belonging to the Stalker.

Audio Log 1 – The first Audio Log in Chapter 3 must be retrieved while crossing the chasm. Eventually, you will reach a checkpoint, where you should see a tunnel. At the end of the tunnel is a terminal you can use to restock on ammo.

Very close to the same tunnel and on the same side of the large wall, is a balcony you can access. Jump on it, and then investigate the corridor behind it, because it will lead you to a hidden area. Look on the lower level for the collectible.

Audio Log 2 – After you defeat the two large Insectoids helped by Ironhide, continue to follow him, and he will lead you to a large hole in the floor.

Before jumping through the said hole, and while facing it, go in the right corner of the room and jump several times to notice another hidden area. On the ground is the collectible.

Audio Log 3 – For the third audio log in Chapter 3 you must reach the train station. Optimus will ask you to call the train, using a console on the other side of the room. After you activate the console, turn right to see the collectable on the ground.

The Audio Log spawns only after you activate the console, and it can be missed if you leave the area, because the doors will close behind you.

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