The Impossible Quiz! A Game will defeat your IQ from the first round!

By 1stZone – Original September 16, 2017

Are you confident that you are a pro-gamer? Do you think you will pass the questions in this game? Believe me, you did not even get past the second round of The Impossible Quiz (because the first round of the game you will be taught how to overcome it). You can experience this game as a free game with just one click on .

As a gamer, you’ve probably played through many types of games such as role playing, shooting games, building games, MOBA games, tower defense games, endless runner games, puzzle game, adventure game… But do you know? In addition to these familiar games, there is still a game that its genre is different from other. That is The Impossible Quiz! A game challenges the player’s IQ.

How does it play?

From the game’s name, it says how difficult it is. This is a flash game, it is light and you only need a computer that can be online to play this game. However, the challenges that it brings will not be easy.

When entering the game, with your mouse and keyboard, you will have to think in order to find the answer to the question in the game through each stage.

That can be difficult quizzes, but if you try to think, you will find the answer is sometimes very simple. The game is like posing challenges for your IQ. And do not give up when you feel unable to answer, maybe the answer suddenly came to you in a moment of surprise. If your English is good, you can play this game very well. Otherwise, you can use dictionaries, or google. The game will also help you learn more about English.


My first impression was that the gameplay was very special. It is used to challenge your IQ, not a puzzle game. If in the puzzle game, you can solve puzzles with some logic thinking, then in this game will not. There is no logic concept in the game though it is a form of puzzle game. All you can do is think and solve the puzzle the way you are thinking, to see if you can really solve the puzzle of the game or not. Actually, this both excites me but also inhibits me, because the questions are really too hard.

If you do not believe me, you can experience the game to verify what I say is true or not. And once you have played this game, you will be impressed by this second one. That is the “answer” of the game. Sometimes you will encounter extremely difficult questions, cannot find the solution, and you really think that you cannot solve it. But then you will be surprised by the answer of the game through the game’s “Walkthrough” feature. It will be a very simple answer, and you will say to yourself, “Oh, it is so, so simple!”

My third impression of this weird game is its entertainment. The first time you play a game, make sure you have a headache because you have to think to find the answer to pass the stage in this game. However, every time you solve a stage, you will find it extremely fun and happy. Or when you’re stuck on a stage, you have to ask Walkthrough to see the answer, you will also laugh. Because the answer is too simple. These simple things, sometimes very happy. And I’m sure you will catch them in The Impossible Quiz.

The last thing, that is learning. The game gives players a lot of useful information especially about English vocabulary. I myself have learned quite a bit of English vocabulary in this game Besides, my way of thinking has changed. When my friends or colleagues talk about something, my way of thinking about it is more “deeper” than before. And I think, that was when I played The Impossible Quiz, I gradually changed.


Actually, the questions in the game are difficult, but not impossible. Let do your best, try to think and experience the game. I guarantee that the time you spend playing this game is useful. Maybe the value that the game gives you will not really exist right now, but someday you will see that.



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