Splinter Cell Blacklist Transit Yards Dead Drop Location

Splinter Cell Blacklist Transit Yards Collectibles Locations

Splinter Cell Blacklist Transit Yards is the seventh mission in the videogame and it features three additional Splinter Cell Blacklist Collectibles.

The previous mission is a success, clearing Iran of any involvement with the Blacklist, but Sam’s escape is not as clean as they planned to be.

However, the tracker planted by Sam shows that the chemical weapon reached the US soil. While they’re making a plan, the vans that carry the bombs arrive in the train yard.

This means it’s a race against time for Sam, and he can’t disarm the bombs without Briggs. Mission 7 is different than the previous missions because you also play as Briggs, but from a first-person perspective.

You can’t find any collectibles while controlling him, hence you should follow the instructions in the Splinter Cell Blacklist collectibles guide if you don’t want to miss any of them.

Mission Description


Splinter Cell Blacklist Transit Yards Collectibles

Dead Drop Flash Drive

As soon as the mission starts head down, pass under the truck, and use the pipe to reach the balcony above the enemies.

At the end of the balcony you can find the Dead Drop collectible on a wooden crate. Make sure you get it before heading down.

Splinter Cell Blacklist Transit Yards Dead Drop Location
Dead Drop

High Value Target

After you disarm the first bomb there’s a section where you play as Briggs. When you’re back controlling Sam you have to go across the first train yard.

There’s a control tower in the yard where a sniper scouts the area. The sniper is actually the High Value Target you’re looking for, so find a way inside the tower and bag & tag him, but do this before going over the fence since there’s a checkpoint and you want to save your progress with the HVT.

Splinter Cell Blacklist Transit Yards High Value Target Location
High Value Target

Blacklist Laptop

The next yard is similar to the first one, because there’s another tower with a sniper. When you traverse the area be aware that there’s another sniper that can easily spot you.

Head inside the tower undetected to find the Splinter Cell Blacklist Laptop collectible. Hack it before disarming the bomb or you will miss it.

Splinter Cell Blacklist Transit Yards Blacklist Laptop Location
Blacklist Laptop
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