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SoulCalibur V Characters Guide: Raphael Sorel

Raphael Sorel, member of a noble French family, debuted in SoulCalibur, as well as later releases such as SoulCalibur 3, SoulCalibur 4, SoulCalibur: Broken Destiny. He is also a playable character in SoulCalibur 5.


During his childhood, Raphael, murdered a noble person in self-defense, and he was forced by his family to leave the town after this incident.

While running away from the trackers that were after him, in an underprivileged town, Raphael met Amy, a little girl.

Amy helped Raphael to hide from the people who were following him.

Grateful for what Amy did for him, he took the girl with him and loved her like she was his own daughter.

Raphael’s new goal was to try and make the world better for Amy. Thinking that maybe if he wielded Soul Edge he could accomplish his purpose, Raphael traveled to the Ostrheinsburg Castle, where he fought Nightmare.

Regrettably Raphael lost but he was able to get better; however, both he and Amy were infested by the Evil Seed.

Because of this infestation, Amy was transmuted into a devilish looking being, and Raphael Sorel wanted to bring the evil upon the world, so Amy wouldn’t feel rejected.

Raphael and Amy traveled east, up to Wallachia, a Romanian region situated north of the Danube and south of the Southern Carpathians. They stayed there for a period of time until Raphael heard about the holy Soul Calibur, a sword with greater power than Soul Edge.

After a long time searching for a better way to save Amy, Raphael Sorel awaited Soul Calibur’s arrival to complete his dream of creating a home for Amy.

Weapons and Moves (Attacks)

Raphael wields a sword named Flambert. La Rapiere des Sorel is his fighting style and in SoulCalibur V some of Raphael’s fighting quotes are “You`re mine,… No mercy” or “Now die”.

SoulCalibur V Characters Guide
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