Metro Last Light Separation Diary Pages Locations

Metro Last Light Chapter 5 is known as Separation and it starts at the end of the chase in Reich chapter.

Artyom and Pavel must find a way to the Order’s HQ, but unfortunately Pavel is captured.

Now is up to Artyom to find his friend and rescue him. There are two Artyom’s hidden Diary pages available in Separation, and those who wish to get them in their first playthrough should use the collectables guide below and the video provided above.

Chapter 5 Description


“We pulled of the impossible… Now I have to inform the Order that the Dark One is missing. Which means to acknowledge that I’ve failed my mission.

But now, when he’s down in the Metro I won’t be able to find him alone.

I have to get to the nearest neutral station and then to Polis, the Order’s HQ. Pavel will show me the way.”

Diary Page #1

At the beginning of the chapter, you get separated from Pavel. Then you have to sneak around two enemy guards to gain access to the base.

Here you can either kill all the opponents or take a stealth approach. Regardless, head inside the building and go upstairs. You should see the first Metro Last Light Separation Diary Page on the control panel.

This is the fifth collectible in the videogame.

“When I heard Fuhrer’s hysterical ramblings, all the pieces of the puzzle started falling together… The assaults on our patrols, them capturing me as a Polis representative…

The existence of D6 no longer a secret, and a total war in the Metro is approaching…”

Diary Page #2

Continue on your path, and at the top of the staircase you need to open a door. As you open the door, you can see an enemy soldier sitting on a bed. He surrenders, so don’t worry about him.

In the room where you find him, turn left to spot the second Metro Last Light Diary Page available in Separation, which is the sixth Artyom’s hidden Diary page.

“Having a guide like Pavel sure puts my mind at ease. It seems he’d been there before. And Reich’s peculiarities don’t surprise him. I wish I knew what kind of mission he was on… But I just can’t find the right moment to talk.

But Pavel seemed to know that Reich was poised for war beforehand, while to me this was a revelation. The tales of the stores we found in D6 are already circulating through the Metro. The Order was not going to hog the find, but we’re running out of time to explain this. Reich is already almost at the Order’s throat trying to take the Vault…

So what’s going to happen when the Red Line and Hansa find out about the bunker? So that’s the war Miller was talking about…”

Head to the next area and then crawl inside the ventilation tunnel to trigger the next chapter, Facility.

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