Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII Walkthrough

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Play It For Me Walkthrough

Similar to the Suspicious Spheres side-quest in Luxerion, Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Play It For Me is a side-quest for which you will be asked to find three hidden musical spheres, and open them to complete a specific song.

Play It For Me is an accessible side-quest if you know where to find the 3 musical spheres in Yusnaan, the second area in the video game; therefore, the following walkthrough was created to help you locate the hidden spheres without wasting too much time.

The Lightning Returns: FF XIII Play It For Me quest can be accessed starting Day 1, but only between 11 AM and 7 PM, when your client Morris is available.

Quest Details

Description: “In the Champion’s Quarter, just off Armor Alley Stands a famous Cactuar statue. Here, Lightning encounters a young trumpeter by the name of Morris playing a very familiar tune.”

Location: Yusnaan

Difficulty: 2/3

Requirements: Start at 11 AM, end it before 7 PM, after Day 1.

Failable: No

Rewards: 1500 Gil, Maximum HP + 80, Strength +8, Magic + 4, Crown of Youth

Quest Walkthrough

Morris, the client from whom you will receive the side-quest named Play It for Me is located in the central area of Yusnaan.

If you enter Yusnaan for the first time after Day 1, and between the required hours, open your map and from Yusnaan Station, move south, crossing the Glutton’s Quarter. Next, move east and then south and you will traverse Central Avenue, reaching a large Cactuar Statue.

West from the Cactuar Statue you will see a ramp that leads to Armor Alley and in the middle of the ramp, on a box, the quest-giver, Morris. Morris is a boy wearing pink pants, and a green crown on his head. He plays a trumpet, and when you approach him you will start the side-quest.

For this quest you will receive an item named Musical Treasure Sphere Key, and your objective is to use it to open the three hidden musical spheres.

Unlike the spheres you have found while playing the Suspicious Spheres quest in Luxerion, the musical spheres emit sounds. In other words you can hear them if you are close enough. Even so, if you don’t know their locations, the musical spheres can be hard to find, and you will waste a lot of time looking for them. In order to get them faster activate the Chronostasis ability and follow the order below.

For the first sphere, retrace your steps back to the Cactuar Statue. While facing the ramp east from the Cactuar Statue, on your right side, at the bottom of the ramp, is a red ladder.

Climb it and open the sphere behind the red boxes to get the Nostalgic Score: Refrain. From your current location, head west to the Champion’s Quarter and you will see a large cage SE from the General Store near The Slaughterhouse.

Go around the fence and look for the second musical sphere behind three red crates. Inside you will find the Nostalgic Score: Chorus.

For the third musical sphere, go north to the Yusnaan Station. Open your map and north from the General Store (blue maker) you will see a small entrance similar to a triangle. It is a dead end and inside, behind more red boxes is the third sphere which contains Nostalgic Score: Coda.

You will have to jump over the crates to see it. With the three Nostalgic Scores in your hand, head back to Morris to complete Play It For Me and get all associated rewards.

Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII Walkthrough
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