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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Luxerion Canvas of Prayers Quests Guide

Luxerion, the first major area in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII includes a total of 13 Canvas of Prayers quests, you can complete if you wish to improve Lightning’s stats, and earn additional rewards such as adornments and Gil.

Most Canvas of Prayers quests in Luxerion don’t require specific items, but to complete you need various materials that can be obtained by killing the beasts within the city; thus, you should focus on them the moment you start the video game.

The Luxerion Canvas of Prayers Quests are unlocked gradually, and can be activated by talking to Chocolina near the North Station, or to the one in Luxerion’s South Station.

The following Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII guide reveals the complete list of Canvas of Prayers quests available in Luxerion, providing additional details on how to start them, and where you should look for the ingredients required for every Canvas of Prayers side-quest in the city.

Quest 1: Revenge Is Sweet


“Ooh, I hate those things, I really do! That loathsome Niblet took my boyfriend from me. If I could actually use a weapon, why, I swear I’d pay it ten-fold! Perhaps a kindly soul will hear my prayer and kill the Niblet for me…”

Client: A Nameless Woman

Difficulty: 1/3

Quest Item: Niblet Hairball X 6

Available: Day 1

Reward:  80 Gil, Maximum HP + 10, Strength + 1, Cute Heart

Guide: The Niblet Hairballs are dropped by Niblets.

These monsters can be found everywhere in Luxerion, and you will also have to kill several during the main-quest named A Different Snow. Gather 6 hairballs and use them to complete the quest.

Quest 2: Inventive Seamstress


“I wonder if you’ve heard of the liquid glass that can be harvested from Meonektons. I think it would make a perfect coating for cloth – it would give the material a beautiful glossy sheen and make dirt and stains just fall away. I’d love to try it out. But how am I going to get a sample?”

Client: Seamstress Nell

Difficulty: 1/3

Quest Item: Liquid Glass X 3

Available: Day 1

Reward:  200 Gil, Maximum HP + 10, Strength + 1, Magic + 1, Noonblue Butterfly

Guide: The Liquid Glass is dropped by Meonektons, which are blue beasts similar to butterflies.

While playing the Souls Seeds side-quest you may encounter one of them in the Chaos Zone close to Baird. If not, you should look for them in The Warren area.

Quest 3: Gift Of Gratitude


“Oh God, please help me! A Rotten monster has torn a great big hole in my stuffed moogle, and now I need a strip of tattered leather to repair it. Can someone please help? You see, I made it as a gift. I am greatly indebted to a certain person, and this toy was meant to pay back some of their kindness.”

Client: Toy Maker

Difficulty: 1/3

Quest Item: Tattered Leather X 8

Available: Day 1

Reward:  120 Gil, Maximum HP + 10, Magic + 1, Rangda Crest, Leyak Crest

Guide: Similar to the Niblet Hairball, the Tattered Leather is dropped by common beasts known as Gremlins.

The Gremlins are white; they look like owls and have grey wings. These beasts will attack you at night everywhere around the city.

Quest 4: A Song For God


“Oh, damn this lute! There’s no way I can compose a decent hymn on this thing. I’m so close to finding the perfect melody, but this cursed instrument thwarts me at every turn! Of course, if I had a big pile of demon spicules, things would be completely different. Then I could pick the perfect bone to carve out a new bridge for the lute. Gaunt bones are the best, but how am I to find any?”

Client: Pious Lutist

Difficulty: 1/3

Quest Item: Demon Spicules X 3

Available: Day 3

Reward:  180 Gil, Maximum HP + 10, Strength + 1, Snowy Spirit Wings, Masquerade Mask

Guide: The Gaunts drop Demon Spicules; however, the beasts become available later in the game, starting Day 3.

You will encounter the first Gaunt while playing Main Quest 1-4: Rites For A Goddess. They reside in the area known as Sinner’s Corner, which is accessed by finishing the third main quest: Find The Code.

Quest 5: Slay The Machine


“You know the ensorcelled machine, right? Well, I think I’ve found a buyer for one of its components. If you can bring the beast down and salvage the part, I can cut you in on the profits. All you have to do is fight the Gertrude and bring me its motor coil. Whaddya say? We have a deal?”

Client: Warren Merchant

Difficulty: 1/3

Quest Item: Motor Coil X 5

Available: Day 3

Reward:  150 Gil, Maximum HP+10, Strength +1, Celebrity’s Charm

Guide: The robot known as Gertrude is also a common enemy in Luxerion.

Most of them spawn in Mangled Hill, NE from Old Town. Try looking for them after 12 AM, to get the Motor Coil.

Quest 6: Trapped


“Argh! Someone please help me! All these Niblets and Gremlins came pouring out of the Chaos and started chasing me all over the place. I wedged myself into this narrow cleft for safety, but they’re right outside the entrance and it doesn’t look they’re planning on moving! I’m going to starve to death in here if someone doesn’t do something, and soon!”

Client: Likoma

Difficulty: 3/3

Quest Item: Niblet Hairball X 60, Tattered Leather X 80

Available: After you complete Quest 1: Revenge Is Sweet and Quest 3: Gift Of Gratitude

Reward:  1800 Gil, Maximum HP + 40, Strength + 2, Magic + 5, Tinkling Bell, Crystal Feather, Ether

Guide: Since the Trapped quest requires a large number of Niblet Hairballs, you should postpone it until you get to Yusnaan.

While visiting the city you will be able to complete two side-quests named Death Safari and Death Game, during which you will harvest the required materials.

Quest 7: Grave of a Bounty Hunter


“My brother said he was going to get out of the bounty hunting trade, but what does he do but go and get himself killed by a Zomok! Him and practically everyone else in his band of reckless adventurers. There’s no bringing him back now. But at least, I wish I could kill that monster. Then I’d pluck a tuft of stormdragon down from its belly and place it on my brother’s tombstone.”

Client: Riche

Difficulty: 2/3

Quest Item: Stormdragon Down X 1

Available: Starting Day 5

Reward:  800 Gil, Maximum HP + 20, Strength + 2, Magic + 1, Blue Feather Pin, Gadot’s Black Emblem

Guide: The easiest way to get a Stormdragon Down for the quest named Grave of a Bounty Hunter, is to complete the Born From Chaos side-quest because you will fight a Zomok; however, you can also check the Sinner’s Corner if you want to find more.

Quest 8: Revenge Has Teeth


“Damn! I want revenge on the monster that slew my pal, but this sword couldn’t cut through toilet paper, let alone monster hide. I asked the forge to sharpen the blade, but they tell me they need chipped fangs from Gorgonopsids, and lots of them. What am I gonna do?”

Client: Sellsword Ramdall

Difficulty: 2/3

Quest Item: Chipped Fang X 10

Available: Starting Day 5

Reward:  500 Gil, Maximum HP+20, Strength +2, Guardian Corps Badge

Guide: In Luxerion, the best place to hunt Gorgonopsids and harvest Chipped Fangs for the Revenge Has Teeth Canvas of Prayers quest is Pilgrim’s Causeway, the alley that connects the Old Town and the Holy District.

Quest 9: Mythical Badge


“In the past, the Order issued twelve badges of merit to private citizens who made large donations to the church. What I am most interested in is the mythical 13th badge issued by the high priestess herself. Could it really exist? Has it been issued to another contributor – by mistake, perhaps?”

Client: Wealthy Benefactor

Difficulty: 1/3

Quest Item: Proof of Legendary Title X 1

Available: Starting Day 3

Reward:  2000 Gil, Maximum HP + 10, Strength + 1, Magic + 1, Orange Bow Tie Adornment, Crest of Pulse Adornment

Guide:  To complete Mythical Badge quest in Luxerion you need to find the Proof of Legendary Title. Starting Day 3, a series of shrines will appear within the city.

One of them on top of the stairs that lead to the entrance of the South Train Station, the second one in the plaza in front of the North Station, and the third one in the Residences area.

If you take a closer look you should see several clerics near every statue; however, to get the Proof of Legendary Title you have to find a specific cleric who gathers donations. He patrols from the South Station to the Residences, and then to the North Station.

He also has a dialogue box above his head and he wears a golden mask and a grey coat. You don’t have to talk to all clerics, but instead you need to find the one collecting money.

When you do, talk to him several times, and always pay what he asks, until he gives you the Proof of Legendary Title.

Quest 10: Enchanted Brush


“We have commissioned a group of devout artists to restore one of the Order’s most treasured murals. But to undertake the task, they must have fine enchanted brushes. Alas, this requires demon spicules from Gaunts and stormdragon down from the belly of a Zomok – not items that are easily procured!”

Client: Priest Madya

Difficulty: 3/3

Quest Item: Demon Spicule X 10, Stormdragon Down X 8

Available: After you complete Quest 4: A Song for God and Quest 7: Grave of a Bounty Hunter

Reward:  1400 Gil, Maximum HP + 30, Strength + 2, Magic + 4, Lady’s Brooch Adornment, Strawberry Ice Cream Adornment

Guide:  The north-western area known as Sinner’s Corner is where you will find Gaunts and Zomoks.

If you completed the two quests  required to unlock Enchanted Brush you already know how to defeat a Zomok and a Gaunt.

Get the 10 Demon Spicules and 8 Stormdragon Downs from them.

Quest 11: Puppeteer’s Lament


“Woe is me! Or more to the point, woe is my favorite marionette, for I have run out of the special lubricating oil I need to keep his joints moving smoothly. Normal oil simply will not do. No, no, he must have the best. The best, I say! Which means quality machine oil of the kind used on Dreadnoughts.”

Client: Puppeteer Urma

Difficulty: 2/3

Quest Item: Quality Machine Oil X 1

Available: Starting Day 5

Reward:  700 Gil, Maximum HP + 20, Strength + 2, Magic + 1, Blue Propeller Adornment, Shooting Star Adornment

Guide:  In Sinner’s Corner you may also run into several Dreadnaughts that spawn randomly. They are large robots, vulnerable to ice-based attacks and almost invulnerable to Fire.

These are rare creatures and you should try to take them down the moment you see them spawn.

After you get the Quality Machine Oil, continue to kill 5 more because you will need 5 additional units of oil for the next quest.

Quest 12: Heretics’ Beasts


“Those Etro fanatics have used dark sorcery to summon Dreadnoughts and Meonektons and are trying to use them to menace their foes. Although the heretics do not have full control of the monsters, they are still a terrible threat. Can you send them back to Chaos whence they were summoned?”

Client: Grand Inquisitor

Difficulty: 3/3

Quest Item: Quality Machine Oil X 5, Liquid Glass X 10

Available: After you complete Quest 8: Revenge Has Teeth and Quest 11: Puppeteer’s Lament

Reward:  1300 Gil, Maximum HP + 30, Strength + 4, Magic + 2, Warning Beacon Adornment, Gentleman’s Beard Adornment

Guide:  For more Dreadnoughts you can also check the road that connects Luxerion and Wildlands, after you unlock it by completing the corresponding Global Canvas of Prayers quest.

After you kill 5, travel to The Warren and look for Meonektons; however these beasts also appear in other regions.

Quest 13: Night Patrol


“So I’ve been hearing talk about a lady warrior who’s handy with a blade. I’m not such a slouch myself – maybe she’s up for a little challenge? In this day and age, there’s no sense fighting each other, not when there are so many monsters to hunt. What I suggest is that we have a competition to see who can bag the most Gorgonopsids and Gertrudes.”

Client: Captain Deliah

Difficulty: 3/3

Quest Item: Chipped Fang X 10, Motor Oil X 15

Available: After you complete Quest 5: Slay the Machine and Quest 8: Revenge Has Teeth

Reward:  1200 Gil, Maximum HP + 30, Strength + 4, Magic + 2, Replica Pilot’s Badge Adornment, Training Pilot’s Badge Adornment

Guide:  Once you finish both quests that unlock Night Patrol, continue to defeat Gertrudes in the Warren area north-east of North Station, and Gorgonopsids in Pilgrim’s Causeway, north-east from South Station.

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