Fable Anniversary Bandit Toll Walkthrough

Fable Anniversary Bandit Toll Walkthrough

Fable Anniversary Bandit Toll is automatically triggered when you first enter Greatwood Gorge area (check the Quest Card). The quest starts when you speak with the bandit.

He demands a large toll to let you pass, but you don’t have to listen to him, because you can pass without giving him anything.

The Fable Anniversary Bandit Toll walkthrough features useful strategies on how to complete the quest, the location of the bandit camp and where to find them.


Money: 200

Renown: 150


The bandit demands a toll to let you pass. You can pay him but that does not mean you will complete the quest (you will only be allowed to pass freely).

Instead, attack him or just pass by him to turn all the bandits hostile. The bandits won’t come to you unless they see you attacking their people, so it’s a good opportunity to use your bow to pick them off from a distance.

You need to kill all of them to complete the quest, but if you know where to look you can take a faster option.

Kill the bandits that stand in your way and then search for the bandit leader. He’s the biggest guy from them and you can usually find him in the northern side of the map, where the bulk of the camp is located.

If you kill the leader the other bandits will flee (if there are still some of them alive). Now you should not worry anymore for the toll. Before leaving the camp search around to find some good loot.

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