Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning Walkthrough

Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning Walkthrough Part 25 Drowned Forest

Our Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning walkthrough part 25 Drowned Forest, is a step-by-step text video game guide which explains how to solve all quests in Drowned Forest, the western area included in Klurikon.

Just like The Keening, Drowned Forest features only several points of interest and it is an area that can be covered very fast by all players.

To enter Drowned Forest, we suggest you to use the pass between Drowned Forest and Cursewood, because you will find a quest giver named Bisarane. Talk to him and you will start a faction quest called The Sorrow Call.

Continue to advance through the pass, and explore Drowned Forest.

Right near the entrance to this area, you will find the first point of interest: Alfar Camp. Talk to Sinon Carrag and start the Spawning Pools side-quest. To complete it you have to kill the Banshaen and the Murghan in the forest. You should complete this quest while investigating this zone, and then return to Sinon for your reward.

North-west from Alfar Camp, is a dungeon called Sioran Crypt and if you follow the road west it will lead you to a new point of interest called Bonnlach.

North of Bonnlach is one of the Prismere Chantries you have to destroy in order to finish the main quest, named Silence Falls.

If you open your world map, you will notice that the Chantry is located in a large area. With your world map opened, locate two similar entrances to the east. In the first one, you will fight some Murghans and one of them will drop an important item: Ariel’s Pack.

This pack belongs to a quest giver (Ariel Perien) located near the road that takes you to Bonnlach. Give her the bag to complete the first part of the Artifacts and Castles side-quest. For the second part, you have to follow Ariel in Bonnlach.

Side Quest: Artifacts and Castles

Objective: Meet Ariel in Bonnlach

When you enter the dungeon, Ariel will tell you that you have to find an Ancient Artifact. This artifact is located in the south-eastern library. On your way you will encounter only Murghans and Banshaens; however try to protect Ariel as much as you can.

When you reach the library look for a chest and grab the Ancient Artifact. Give the artifact to Ariel, and then exit the dungeon, because more important quests require your attention.

Main Quest: Silence Falls

Objective: Destroy the Prismere Chantries

During your Drowned Forest exploration, make sure you destroy both chantries (NW and SE), by killing the Tuatha guards. When you clear an area, talk to Gadflow, and then destroy the red crystals near the pillar.

After you deactivate both Chantries, return to Cydan in Foes’ Hearth to complete the quest, and to start the next one in line: Echoes of the Past.

To advance, you have to meet your allies on the coast of Klurikon, an area known as Caeled Coast. But until then, focus on the Sorrows Call faction quest.

Faction Quest: The Sorrows Call

Objective: Find the Proving Lands

You will find the Proving Halls in the central area of The Midden, north of House of Sorrows. Use the Hearthstone to open the first gate of the dungeon, and then pay close attention to Bisarane’s voice.

Kill the attackers and explore the halls. In the next chamber talk to Taibreah who needs your help.

Kill the Ettin WarPriest then continue your exploration and Bisarane’s trials. We have decided to spare the poisoned Winter Fae. After this trial you will meet one of Bisarane’s apparitions. Our decision was to avoid a direct fight, and to help the House of Sorrows. Because of this, Bisarane set up a meeting in the House of Sorrows, just south of the Proving Halls.

Faction Quest: Voices of the Dead

Objective: Meet With Bisarane

When you enter the House of Sorrows, locate Bisarane and Droser in the main chamber. Talk to Bisarane and he will send you to escort Taibreah. Now, explore the House of Sorrows and talk to another Fae, named Malthon. You will start a side-quest called On the Hunt.

Both quests you have picked up can be completed in The Midden. Exit the House of Sorrows and track the side-quest received from Malthon.  Burn down the Fae Corpses marked on your map, then simply enter Meathgra’s Den and kill Meathgra.

For the faction quest, locate Taibreah and follow her until she finds the corpse. Protect her from the attackers (4 waves) then talk to her again. Now it is time to travel to Sioran Crypt in the Drowned Forest.

The Sioran Crypt is a large dungeon, inhabited mostly by Giant Spiders and Sprites. To reach Cadoroc faster you should follow the hidden tunnel, to the west, in the first chamber, but for additional experience points you should take the long path, to the north.

When you reach Cadoroc, he will become hostile. Take him out first, and then kill the spiders that spawn near you. Continue to explore the Crypt, and then return to Bisarane.

When you reach the entrance to the House of Sorrow, you will notice that it is blocked. The Voices of the Dead faction quest ends here, but the next one in line starts: A House Divided.

Faction Quest: A House Divided

Objective: Go Through the Proving Halls

To enter the House of Sorrows, fast travel to the Proving Halls and use the same entrance you used after you have completed Bisarane’s trials; however be careful because more enemies will wait for you inside.

When you enter the house, talk to Bisarane and you will be sent to the Fallen Hall in The Keening, where you must help those fighting against the Tuatha.

Helped by Taibreah’s powerful spells, clear the Fallen Hall and let no Tuatha Zealot survive, but make sure you save your fate bar.  Activate all three sigils to gain access to the central chamber where you must confront Saturnyn.

In the final hall, you will find out that, in fact, you have to defeat a Fae named Myrcyr. As soon as the dialogue ends, enter Reckoning Mode, push him against a wall, and take him out. He is very vulnerable to poison and fire spells, as well as Faeblades and other sharp weapons.

Return to Bisarane and tell him the news. You will end A House Divided and you will receive the Damalroc Scales Key.

Damalroc will be added to your map. It is time now to leave the Drowned Forest and head south towards Caeled Coast, the final area in Klurikon.

Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning Walkthrough
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