Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning Walkthrough

Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning Walkthrough Part 2 Odarath

Dalentarth is the second area you will visit in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, and our Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning walkthrough part 2 Dalentarth reveals how to complete the quests while playing this section of the game.

The following game guide is part of the Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning walkthrough we have created for the RPG developed by 38 Studios and Big Huge Games.

We have managed to escape Allestar Tower and reached the surface, entering Allestar Glade.

While Fomorous Hugues covered our escape we defeated the Rock Troll, and now we are outside, in Dalentarth.

The main quest Out of the Darkness is completed, but a new main-quest begins: Into the Light.

Main Quest: Into the Light

Objective 1:  Speak with a Fateweaver in Gorhart

As soon as you receive this quest, your hero will level up. Open the main menu and select Level up.

The skills your hero can learn are various and the skill tree is divided in three parts: Basic Skills, Advanced Skills and Alchemy Skills.

Learn your first skill based on your character’s class. Since we develop a warrior, our first skill will be Blacksmithing.

In the next screen you will be able to improve your abilities. Again, the abilities you focus on, depend on your play style and on your character’s class. You can spend up to three ability points.

As warriors, we have decided to go with Brutal Weaponry, Longsword Mastery and Skillful Defense.

Confirm your skills and return to the game. On your right while facing the main road you will see a red flower. Approach it and collect the items. You have found a reagent. Reagents can be used to craft items and make potions.

The fantasy world of Amalur is filled with reagents that can be collected, therefore we will not insist on every herb you can gather. They are all over the place.

After you picked up your first reagent, turn back to the main road, and near the first bridge talk to Remy Kallas, who can offer additional info about Allestar, the Well of Souls, Tuatha, etc…

Now go and talk to Claude Ganne. Just like Remy Kallas he offers information.

Before crossing the bridge, take a look to the left (west) and you will see two waterfalls. The smaller one hides a secret passage you should investigate. Jump in the water and explore it because there are two diving points here.

Now, enter the cave, and kill the rats inside, then loot all chests. You will learn how to pick locks and how to dispel wards. Clear the cave and exit to the main road.

Move south but pay attention to the west, because you will hear a bear growling.

Kill the bear and you will save a gnome named Guran. This little gnome looks like a spy, hired by someone. Decide his faith, or persuade him. If you spare his life you will earn some money.

Cross the main road and move forward, until you see a pack of wolves. Take them out, and loot everything, then you will see the entrance to the Stoneclade Mines.

This location is filled with Kobolds. You can enter now, or you can turn back later. We have decided to investigate this place later.

Continue south towards the marker on your map, until a new cutscene starts. Agarth, the Fateweaver greets you and asks you if you can help him.

Learn about the Fateweavers, then tell him that Hugues sent you. Ask more about Hugues, then tell Agarth that you woke up in the tower. During this conversation, you will attacked by three Tuatha Soldiers.

Fight them and you will learn about fate energy. After you kill the first wave, three more soldiers will appear, and you will learn about the reckoning mode and how to use it.

While in reckoning mode you will defeat enemies much faster, and you can earn additional experience. Use this in your advantage to level up faster.

After the fight, Agarth will be amazed by your powers. Tell him to show you your fate. Surprisingly he can’t,  which means that your fate wasn’t decided yet. Instead you can choose it.

The destinies are divided in tiers, and for each tier, you character will gain some bonuses. The tiers will also define your character’s class. For example, as a rogue, later, you can become a scout, a hunter, a ranger , an assassin or a nightblade.

Pay close attention to the bonuses you receive from these cards.  Since we play as a warrior our pick was the Brawler destiny. Continue your discussion with Agarth and he will ask you to meet him at Arden’s hut. This is your next main objective.

Objective 2:  Meet Arden

After you receive this objective, turn back and explore the Stoneclade Mines. Take the passage to the east first because you will reach a dead end  and a chest containing a valuable item, but be careful because near it, is a trap.

Now take the passage to the west, through the large wooden door.

There is only one tunnel to follow, so you can’t get lost, but pay attention to the traps, and the Kobolds you will encounter. To defeat a Kobold, you should use the daggers, but you can also use a sword. Blocking the Kobold’s spear attacks is imperative.

You can roll or you can use your shield, but keep in mind that while blocking with a shield you also have to face your enemy. If the Kobold’s attack comes from behind you will take damage.

The tunnel takes you to the other side and you will exit to Allestar Glade. There are no special enemies in this area, but there are many treasure chests. Loot them all then exit and continue south.

Don’t forget to activate the first lorestone in the game. It is located on the left side of the main road, while moving towards your objective. Near it is a chest. Loot it then continue your journey until you reach a small town named Gorhart.

When you reach the small village, you should start delimitating the area, before entering the houses. To the west is the Golden Age Alchemy. Behind the building are a chest, and the graveyard.

In the graveyard you will find The Graveside Letter. Pick it up, then open your map and find the Detect Hidden Trainer building.

Behind the building is another chest. Now, that we know how big this city is, let’s talk to the NPCs.

Approach the center and talk to Herc Adwold. He has a quest for you; regarding a Fae woman wounded in an attack.

Ask Herc more details and accept his task to start the Building Bridges Side-Quest.

Now, enter the Golden Age Alchemy.

While in the city, if you try to loot a chest inside a building you will be considered a thief and you will be attacked; therefore, make sure there is no guard around you when you perform such an action.

In Golden Age Alchemy talk to Nanne Hanri who also has a quest for you. She wants you to find Karth, her apprentice as part of the Recipe for Trouble Quest.

Now go to the basement and access the Alchemy workbench to learn more about alchemy and how to make potions.

Also check the upper room, and loot the drawers for additional items. Make sure nobody sees you.

Exit the building and enter the Corner Shop across the street, and talk to Rikka Egest, who sells weapons. See what she has to offer, then approach the blacksmithing forge to see how it works.

Visit the chamber on the first floor and loot everything there, because nobody can see you.

Now exit and enter the Gorhart Inn.

Near the bar you will find Arnick Arduna who can train you in Detect Hidden, but for a fee which is not so small. Deda Eolfred, the girl behind the bar, sell various items, better than those sold by Rikka Egest.

To the left, while facing the bar, you will meet Ost Ordura. Who has a faction quest for you called The Commendation. Pick up the quest then go upstairs. In the first room to the right, you will find Catrin Olwy who can cure you and heal your wounds.

In the last room, at the other side of the floor is a chest. Don’t try to steal anything from it, because the guards will appear, as well as Catrin. Fight them, and eventually you will die.

Exit the inn and head for the yellow exclamation mark to the north, to pick up another quest from Father Dynwel. The quest is called Crisis of Faith, and to complete it, you have to find Brother Egan.

Now, since we have picked all quests, let’s complete them, then we can go back and turn them in.

We will start with the side-quest called Crisis of Faith.

Side Quest: Crisis of Faith

Objective: Locate Brother Egan

Set this quest active from your quest log, and move north, but leave the main road, to the right.

Kill the Boggarts and head north until you see a small camp. Brother Egan is here and he is fighting a Boggart as well. Assist him then tell him you came to rescue him.

Brother Egan is  trying to find an ancient artifact. Talk to him and tell him that he will die without you, and he will agree to take you with him to Waterhall Down. Your objective changes, and at this point, all you have to do, is to follow Egan.

Enter the cave and explore them with Egan. A golden pile that can be looted contains Amman’s Key –Autumn. The pile is surrounded by Sprites, and it is easy to spot since it is in the middle of the tunnel you reach when you exit the watery area.

Eventually you will find the artifact (Selkie Veil –purple  helmet) on a small altar. Take it, then exit the caves.

Follow Egan back to his camp and Finna will appear, a sarcastic woman. Tell her that the Veil is cursed and you get to keep it.

Talk to Egan again and the quest is completed. All you have to do is to turn it in in the town and talk to Egan at his mission. Talk to Father Dynwel as well, in order to get your reward.

Now, let us focus on the faction quest, called The Commendation and we will get back here again later.

Faction Quest: The Commendation

Objective: Defeat the Krast Brothers

To complete this quest we have to bring back two items: Oscar’s Dagger and Medgar’s Dagger. These items belong to two Red Legion captains.

Set this quest active from your quest log, go bag to Egan’s camp. From there go NE, cross a small river and you will find Osgar Krast.  He is an easy opponent specialized in archery. Take him out quickly then clear the camp and loot everything.

From this location, head SE to find a small encampment protected by several thieves. Here you will find Sigbert’s Journal and Amman’s Key – Winter inside a sack, near the tents.

Move south until you reach the main road. At this point you should continue south with another quest. You will take care of Medgar Krast later.

Porceed south and you will reach a blue shrine and near it, Agnur Farhal. Here you have to complete another side-quest:

Side Quest: Recipe for Trouble

Objective: Find Nanne’s apprentice

Follow the main tunnel in Agnur Farhal, and after the first door you open, look to the left. You will see Karth Hilfred.

Ask him about the formula, but get ready, because he betrayed Nanne and now he works for the Red Legion. Farhal, as well as several bandits will attack you. Take them out one by one and focus on Karth after you kill the Red Legion thieves.

After you defeat him, your objective changes and you have to smash ten crates.

This is an easy task, because the crates are marked and all you have to do is to kill the bandits in this dungeon and explore it.

NOTE: If you open your map, you will see a tunnel to the north. In this place you will find the Stone of Autumn. Activate it, before leaving. Another one can be found in the last large hall, where you destroy the fourth crate. In this dungeon you can destroy only 4 crates, while the rest are outside.

Exit the cave and go north, to smash the rest of the crates. In one camp to NE you will find the Dalentarth Stone, which must be activated. After you smash all crates, you should start the quest called Building Bridges. The location is marked on your main map, and you have to travel SW.

Side Quest: Building Bridges

Objective: Speak to Aery the Fae

While traveling towards Aery the Fae, make sure you investigate the medium island to the west, because you will find the Odarath Stone.

When you reach Aery, talk to her and tell her that a Fae has been injured. And you will have to go back to Herc.

Note: At this point, all side-quests, have been completed, except for the faction quest called The Commendation .

Return to the village and talk to all quest givers, then go to the Chapel’s Entrance. Near the stairs is Sister Zelda who has a side-quest for you. She wants you to steal the Ordination Tome.

Side Quest: Members Only

Objective: Steal the Ordination Tome

The tome is inside the Reliquary, the building located near the chapel, to the right.

The building features two basements. The one to the north holds the Tome you are looking for, while in the other one you will find a quest giver: Brother Delf. Talk to him and get the quest Out of the Past.

In the main chamber there is a bookshelf. Access it and you will receive your first task, called Long Overdue. To complete it, you have to find Brother Til’s books.

Exit the Reliquary and talk to Sister Zelda to complete her quest, then go to the inn and talk to Herc Adwold. He is on the second floor. Tell him that you will go to the House of Ballads and the Building Bridges quest will update.

Side Quest: Out of the Past

Objective: Acquire the daggers

When you exit the inn, go around it and you will find Ugnar. Choose to fight for his dagger, or if you want, try to steal it, but be careful because he will alert the guards. You already have Delf’s dagger, so now you need only Itran’s dagger.

Itran is located far to the east. It is now time to hit the road, and continue the active quests. First stop is at Medgar’s Krast camp.

Follow the main road which takes you to the east. Kill al bandits, and you will eventually find another quest-giver, a wounded men called Ainmhi. Ask him about the curse, and you will start a side-quest called Red in Tooth and Claw.

Side Quest: Red in Tooth and Claw

Objective: Find the Sprite’s Well

The well you have to find for this quest is located to the east from your current position. Keep in mind that along the path you will have to fight many enraged sprites. These creatures are resistant to magic, especially if the magic used on them is the same as the magic used by them. In other words don’t attack a fire sprite with a fire spell.

Take them out one by one and if needed enter the reckoning mode. When you reach the well, you will complete this quest. Now, you can return to Ainmhi who will give you another quest.

Objective: Harvest Leechwood Bark

The Leechwood Bark is a plant which grows east from the Sprite Well you destroyed earlier. Get it, then go SW to recover the Well’s Waters. The place is protected by a bear. After you clean the well, return to Ainmhi.

From your current location go NE and kill the last Krast brother. Don’t worry, he is also weak. At  this point, the next area that must be visited, is The House of Ballads. From there we will advance with the main quest, and the side-quests that still must be solved.

Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning Walkthrough
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