Injustice Gods Among Us Characters Guide

Injustice: Gods Among Us Green Arrow Character Guide

In Injustice: Gods Among Us, Green Arrow becomes the main character of the video game, in the fifth chapter, following The Joker.

During Injustice: Gods Among Us Chapter 5, Green Arrow, also known as The Emerald Archer, must fight against Solomon Grundy, Killer Frost, Wonder Woman and Black Adam.

Green Arrow’s chapter featured in the video game developed by NetherRealm Studios is followed by Cyborg’s missions. Green Arrow as a fictional character debuted in 1941, in More Fun Comics #73, being designed by George Papp, and created by Morton Weisinger.

He is also known as The Battling Bowman or Auu Lanu Lau’ava. Born in Star City, Oliver Queen (Green Arrow) or Ollie, was a celebrity and a billionaire, as well as the owner of Queen Industries.

In Injustice: Gods Among Us, Green Arrow is a member of Batman’s Insurgency and he plays an important role in the story, as Green Lantern’s best friend and as a superhero.

At the beginning of Chapter 5, after Batman takes The Joker to the prison, and Superman along with The Flash and Cyborg decide to pull back the superheroes caught in the parallel universe, Deathstroke is introduced by a dialogue he has with Lex Luthor.

Green Lantern accompanied by Green Arrow and Wonder Woman are sent by Batman to take out the sentry guns, in order to reach the Batcave. Batman explains how The Joker tricked Superman using Scarecrow’s fear gas, and how the Man of Steel destroyed Metropolis killing Lois Lane.

The Caped Crusader from the parallel universe also points out that the alternative version of Green Arrow died trying to stop Superman; a fact which is also revealed by Green Arrow’s alternate ending.

After Green Arrow takes out the turrets, the team (Green Arrow, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern) enters the mansion where they are ambushed by Killer Frost and Solomon Grundy.

Grundy attacks Green Arrow while Wonder Woman fights against Killer Frost. The fight ends quickly with both members of the Regime being defeated by the Insurgents. During the next cutscene, Batman and Aquaman join the group and the five superheroes move towards the Batcave.

In the meantime, Superman asks Lex Luthor for a scanner to identify the duplicates that travelled to the dimension controlled by his Regime. Even if Lex Luthor agrees to help him, as depicted in the previous chapters, he is a member of the Insurgents.

When Batman and his team enter the Batcave, he explains that the reason for which he pulled them to his dimension was their DNA, required to open a vault holding the weapon that can take down Superman.

Since their counterparts were killed, or they embraced Superman’s Regime, Batman needs Aquaman, Green Arrow, Green Lantern and Wonder Woman to open the vault and get the weapon stored inside it.

Immediately after the group retrieves the weapon, their escape is interrupted by Black Adam and Wonder Woman, the latter being Green Arrow’s next opponent.

Once she is defeated, the Insurgents immobilize Black Adam, but the powerful superhero electrocutes all of them; therefore, Green Arrow must fight him alone.

The final cutscene in Chapter 5 shows that during the final fight, Batman’s weapon was partially destroyed and the team must seek help.

Green Arrow is a Gadget User in Injustice: Gods Among Us, and a fast fighter who relies on his bow and arrows.

While other playable characters have superhuman powers, which inflict large amounts of damage, Green Arrow’s best weapons are his fire arrows.

He is a “keep away” character, who needs space and should avoid a direct contact with his opponent. If caught in close combat, Green Arrow can stun his target then step away to a safe distance.

Costumes and Skins

Green Arrow can wear different costumes in Injustice: Gods Among Us.

The Insurgency Green Arrow Costume can be purchased from the Archives, but the Arrow Costume is available only to the first 5.000 players who have voted in Battle Arena.

Fast Facts

Name: Oliver Jonas “Ollie” Queen

Alias: The Emerald Archer, Green Arrow, The Battling Bowman, Former Mayor Queen, Auu Lanu Lau’ava

First Appearance: 1941 – More Fun Comics #73

Place of Origin: Star City

Partnerships:  Speedy, Green Lantern, Black Canary

Team Affiliations: Justice League, Queen Industries, The Outsiders Seven, Soldiers of Victory

Nemeses: Merlyn, Count Vertigo, DeathStroke, Brick

Super Move: Arsenal Assault – “Green Arrow fires an explosive arrow into the ground at midrange in an attempt to catch the opponent before following up with a series of acrobatic arrow shots.” 


Description: “A modern day Robin Hood, former billionaire Oliver Queen acts on his progressive beliefs and ideals. As Green Arrow, his arsenal of trick arrows reflects his personality.”

Abilities: “Expert archer, Uses a variety of trick arrows, Highly trained martial artist, Superb athlete”.”

Injustice Gods Among Us Characters Guide
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