God Mode Cheats and Trainers

God Mode Cheats and Trainers

God Mode is a third-person co-op shooter that can be cheated by those who play the PC version of the video game, but to activate all cheat codes listed below, players need the free God Mode trainer available on DLH.net.

The trainer activates two different God Mode cheats, which allow players to beat all levels featured in the videogame and earn the corresponding achievements/trophies; however, since the trainer uses encrypted files to bypass the game’s protection, players should know that some antivirus programs may block it.

Furthermore, the trainer was created to cheat in God Mode for PC, and it will not work for those who wish to cheat the PlayStation 3 version of the game, or while playing God Mode on Xbox 360.

Published by Atlus Co., Ltd, and developed by Saber Interactive in association with Old School Games, God Mode became available in April 2013, for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, being a downloadable title that can be purchased via Steam, Xbla and PSN.

The story in God Mode revolves around a descendent of an unnamed God who was killed by Hades. T he player assumes the role of the said descendant who wakes up in the Purgatory and must escape in order to have a chance at redemption.

But the Purgatory features a large number of mazes filled with dark creatures that fight against all who try to leave. Using the Saber3D engine v.S4, God Mode is an arena-based video game.

Players control their characters from a third-person perspective and must fight together to defeat waves of enemies sent by Hades, in order to unlock the exit points which grant access to new levels.

Players can also level up by defeating their enemies and earn gold that can be spent to purchase new weapons, upgrades and equipment.

In a match, after each wave, the number of enemies increases as well as their strength. Additionally, during most matches players will notice that a random debuff will alter the current arena.

For example, asteroids may fall from the sky, or the amount of ammo might be limited, making the final goals even harder to reach. God Mode can be played in the single-player mode or in co-op, but it doesn’t feature a competitive mode. Up to 4 players can access the same arena, online or offline.

How to cheat in God Mode on PC

To cheat God Mode on PC and activate the unlimited ammo cheat and the infinite health and armor cheat code, players can opt to use the God Mode trainer published on DLH.net.

The God Mode trainer; however, must be installed and it must run in the background while playing the game; therefore, players should install it first, following several steps:

Download the free God Mode mega-trainer from DLH.net and extract all files included in GodModeTrainer-CETack.rar

Copy the files or move them in the directory where the game was installed

Run the trainer and activate it along with the desired cheat code

Start the game, and after it loads, press one or both keys listed below to trigger the desired God Mode cheat code.

List of God Mode Cheats for PC

F2-Instantly regenerate the character’s health and armor

F3-Set unlimited ammo On/Off and disable the time required to reload a weapon

God Mode Cheats and Trainers
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