Ghost Recon: Wildlands San Mateo Collectables Map

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Ghost Recon Wildlands San Mateo

Ghost Recon Wildlands San Mateo Collectables Map
Ghost Recon Wildlands San Mateo Collectibles Locations Map

We continue our series of guides with all Ghost Recon Wildlands San Mateo collectibles locations, for those who are looking to get 100% completion in the video game developed by Ubisoft for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

San Mateo is a smaller region from Bolivia; therefore, while exploring it you will have to discover a smaller number of collectibles.

This region is located north of Itacua, west of P.N. De Agua Verde, east of Barvechos and Remanzo, and south of Media Luna.

Controlled by El Pozolero, San Mateo must be fully explored before moving forward through the game’s story, so we suggest you to visit all locations on our map above and collect all important items we have revealed.

Similar to our Tabacal guide, as you can see above, there are only 10 Kingslayer Files, one of them being unlocked automatically after you complete a story mission.

For the remaining collectables in San Mateo, follow our complete guide below or the map above.

Ghost Recon Wildlands San Mateo Accessory Cases Locations

Accessory Case 1 – We start with the accessory case in the southern part of San Mateo. Look for it in the outpost’s armory (armeria) building, on a shelf, and inside you will find a Long Barrel for the sniper rifle.

Accessory Case 2 – Another Ghost Recon Wildlands San Mateo accessory case can be found inside the armory at the Boot Camp. Look for the building and check the shelf near the green lockers. Inside the case is the Laser 3Dot assault rifle rail.

Accessory Case 3 – In the upper right corner of your San Mateo map, visit the checkpoint and the small office near the barrier. The case contains the PKS-07 sniper rifle scope.

Accessory Case 4 – The final Ghost Recon Wildlands accessory case in San Mateo is in the upper left corner of the map above (La Casa Abandonada). Simply kick the door of the abandoned house (notice the red painting on it), and get the case sitting on a drawer in the corner of the room. The case unlocks the Folded Buttstock for the assault rifle.

Ghost Recon Wildlands San Mateo Bonus Medal Location

Bonus Medal 1 – The Ghost Recon Wildlands Bonus Medal in San Mateo is located inside Prison Rosario. To get it, you have to tread carefully and reach the wooden watchtower (machinegun nest), close to the comms center. You should see it on a cliff. Kill the enemies on top, then head up and you will see the medal on a table. It unlocks the stable aim perk.

Ghost Recon Wildlands San Mateo Kingslayer Files Locations

Kingslayer File 1 – In the southern Outpost (see our San Mateo map) you can also find the first kingslayer file. It is inside the comms station, but to get it you have to complete a side-mission. Once finished, go to the second floor and you will find it on the ground, under a desk. The file unlocks La Cancion del Pozolero recording.

Kingslayer File 2 – The second Ghost Recon Wildlands San Mateo kingslayer file is harder to get because it is located in Prison Rosario which is very well defended. Make sure you reach the sniper tower overseeing the prison and you will find it on a table next to a radio. Once collected you will unlock El Pozolero Narcocorrido recording.

Kingslayer Files 3 & 4 – The next two kingslayer files in San Mateo are very close to each other, and both of them are in the western side of the district. More precisely you will find them after you clear the Makeshift Runway in order to steal a plane. First clear the area, then check the blue barn for the Desaparecido picture, behind some cardboard boxes. Now, cross the yard, and go behind the small building in front of you, to find a green dumpster and next to it the Dumb & Deadly recording.

Kingslayer Files 5 – When you look for El Pozolero in San Mateo Base, you can grab another kingslayer file sitting inside his workshop. It is on a table next to a chainsaw and it unlocks the Dead End recording.

Kingslayer Files 6 – North from the previous collectible is a smaller outpost. The collectible is on top of the watchtower near the helipad. Look for it on the ground and you will unlock the Everyone Can Cook picture evidence.

Kingslayer Files 7 – The seventh kingslayer file in San Mateo is very easy to find. Travel to the location we have marked on our map (Abandoned House) and look for it in front of a small altar inside the isolated building. The file contains the Pishtacos legend picture evidence.

Kingslayer Files 8 – For the next file in San Mateo, you have to visit another Boot Camp (also marked above). The collectible is inside a tall building, on the balcony, and on some crates. The document unlocks a picture evidence on El Pozolero’s Notebook.

Kingslayer Files 9 – The ninth Ghost Recon Wildlands kingslayer file in San Mateo can be found by visiting La Carcel Del Pueblo. It is on the upper level of the prison, and it’s sitting on a crate around a corner. This file unlocks the Judgement Day recording.

Kingslayer Files 10 – The final file on our map is at the Train Station. Just enter the building next to the train tracks and you will see it on the floor. Get it to unlock the Mass Disappearances picture evidence.

Ghost Recon Wildlands San Mateo Skill Points Locations

Skill Point 1 – When you visit the eastern Santa Blanca Outpost, check the roof of the garage for the first Ghost Recon Wildlands San Mateo skill point, sitting on several wooden crates.

Skill Point 2 – In the southern part of the area, is another Outpost. Clear it, then check the armory (armeria) to find the second skill point on our San Mateo map. It is on a workbench.

Skill Point 3 – The third Ghost Recon Wildlands San Mateo skill point marked on our map is near the comms station you have to clear during a side-mission. Look for it outside, in the corner of the building.

Skill Point 4 – After you clear the western Makeshift Runway, collect the skill point inside the blue warehouse. It’s on a red workbench.

Skill Point 5 – Another skill point can be found in the western side of San Mateo Base. It is placed between some carboard boxes, in the building at the bottom of the sniper tower.

Skill Point 6 – For the last skill point in this area, visit Valle Verde, and check the large building with the wooden roof. It is on a shelf, on your right side as you enter through the main door.

Ghost Recon Wildlands San Mateo Weapon Cases Locations

Weapon Case 1 – The first Ghost Recon Wildlands weapon case in this area requires your presence inside San Mateo Base. Look for it in the armory (armeria), on a shelf, and pick it up to unlock the PSG submachine gun.

Weapon Case 2 – The second weapon case and collectible included in our guide is in Le Carcel Del Pueblo. You should find it inside another armory, in the northern side of the prison. This case unlocks the G28 sniper rifle.

These are all the Ghost Recon Wildlands collectibles in San Mateo. If you can’t follow our text guide or our map, feel free to watch the video guide below; and if you have questions, post them in the comments section.

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