Ghost Recon: Wildlands P.N. De Agua Verde Collectables Map

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Ghost Recon Wildlands PN De Agua Verde

Ghost Recon Wildlands PN De Agua Verde Collectables Map
Ghost Recon Wildlands P.N. De Agua Verde Collectibles Locations Map

Controlled by Carzita, Ghost Recon Wildlands PN De Agua Verde, or simply Agua Verde, is a larger district featured in the video game developed by Ubisoft.

On your map, you can find P.N. De Agua Verde, located north of Itacua and Ocoro, east of San Mateo, and south of Tabacal.

Unlike other regions featured in Ghost Recon Wildlands, PN De Agua Verde consists mainly of water and small islands, thus the fastest way to move around is by using boats or helicopters.

Even though there are only small regions of land, PN De Agua Verde features a large number of collectibles you have to find.

For this region, we have created the map above which reveals all Ghost Recon Wildlands PN De Agua Verde collectibles locations.

If you encounter difficulties, when you are looking for them, use our text or video guide below.

Keep in mind that in P.N. De Agua Verde you need to find the following collectables: 3 Weapon Cases, 4 Accessory Cases, 7 Skill Points, 2 Bonus Medals and 11 Kingslayer Files.

Ghost Recon Wildlands PN De Agua Verde Accessory Cases Locations

Accessory Case 1 – The first Ghost Recon Wildlands PN De Agua Verde accessory case on our map can be found on a small island east of Agua Verde Alpha. Use a boat or a chopper to get there, then look for it on a table behind a shack. Inside is a Folded Buttstock for the submachine gun.

Accessory Case 2 – Another accessory case can be found inside the outpost we have marked above. Just check the building named armeria (armory) and you will find the sniper rifle Short Barrel in a case, on a blue shelf.

Accessory Case 3 – Visit Paraiso Agua Verde and you should find the accessory case containing the Extended (30) assault rifle magazine, on a drawer in a dining room.

Accessory Case 4 – For the final Ghost Recon Wildlands accessory case in P.N. De Agua Verde, you have to clear the Agua Verde Base, then search for another armory, close to the main road. Inside the case on the shelf, is the Short Barrel for the assault rifle.

Ghost Recon Wildlands PN De Agua Verde Bonus Medals Locations

Bonus Medal 1 – To get the first Ghost Recon Wildlands PN De Agua Verde bonus medal you have to reach Carzita’s house, on the isolated island in the middle of the district. Look for it on the porch, sitting on a counter, and collect it to unlock the no pain perk.

Bonus Medal 2 – The second bonus medal in PN De Agua Verde is inside the Secret Cocaine Hideout. To get it, you have to use a boat and find the underground tunnel entrance. It’s facing the water, and fairly easy to locate. Once inside, look for the medal on the docks, on the left side of the cave. This medal unlocks the trained rebels perk.

Ghost Recon Wildlands P.N. De Agua Verde Kingslayer Files Locations

Kingslayer Files 1 & 2 – The first two Ghost Recon Wildlands PN De Agua Verde kingslayer files included in our guide are located close to each other, on the island named Siren Island. The first one is near a campfire and it unlocks The Legend of the Siren picture evidence; while the second one is several steps away, near a green boat and it unlocks the Ricky Sandoval Narcocorrido recording.

Kingslayer File 3 – The third file on our map is on Carzita’s island. Look for it inside the building where soldiers eat, on a cooking table. It contains the Bolivia Buchon Blog picture evidence.

Kingslayer File 4 – Visit the Riverine Checkpoint island to find the fourth file inside another house where soldiers have their meals. The collectible unlocks the Muffled Protests recording.

Kingslayer File 5 – Check the Playa Sirena location marked above and look for the fifth file in P.N. De Agua Verde, on the porch of the yellow house close to the water. The file unlocks the Glitter & Gold recording.

Kingslayer File 6 – South from the previous collectable, on the water, is La Nube Blanca barge. It is a boat you have to approach and clear, in order to retrieve Carzita’s Photogram Post picture evidence, on the upper balcony.

Kingslayer File 7 – In the northern part of Arroyo Baya, go to the first floor of the gray house with the Bolivian Flags at the entrance, to find An Offer You Can’t Refuse recording, sitting near a sink, in a small office.

Kingslayer File 8 – The eighth Ghost Recon Wildlands kingslayer file on our P.N. De Agua Verde map, is inside a machinegun nest in the eastern outpost. It is very easy to find and it unlocks the Money and Fame picture evidence.

Kingslayer File 9 – Travel to Kantuta Mansion location in northern Agua Verde, to find another file, on a sofa, in the living room of the large red house. This specific file contains the Golden Book evidence.

Kingslayer File 10 – South-west from the previous collectible, but on Playa Tajibo, look for a white house. It is closest to the water, and on the mattress inside you will find The Latin American connection recording.

Kingslayer File 11 – For the final Ghost Recon Wildlands kingslayer file collectible, go to the northern side of Alicia Town, and search inside the large house similar to a hacienda. It features a fence made of stone, and on a bed inside the house is the Cost of Doing Business picture evidence.

Ghost Recon Wildlands PN De Agua Verde Skill Points Locations

Skill Point 1 – The first Ghost Recon Wildlands PN De Agua Verde skill point we have included on our map, is the one you can find at Riverine Checkpoint. Look for this collectible on a stone block near the missile launcher.

Skill Point 2 – Outside Patuja Mansion is another skill point. You can spot it inside the front courtyard, on a round bar where drinks are being served.

Skill Point 3 – Inside Kantuta Mansion, search the large house and look for another skill point collectable, on a small table in the dining room, close to some burning candles.

Skill Point 4 – Once you get the third skill point, travel to Tajibo Mansion nearby and look for another dining room. Next to the long table is a small drawer and the skill point is on it.

Skill Point 5 – The fifth skill point is close to the hotel in Paraiso Agua Verde. Go around the building looking for a fountain and next to it is a minibar facing the water.

Skill Point 6 – Inside one of the tallest buildings at Agua Verde Base you will find the sixth skill point. Go to the top floor and pick it up from the wooden desk.

Skill Point 7 – At Paraiso Casino, look for the final Ghost Recon Wildlands PN De Agua Verde skill point inside the office where you have to record the meeting during one of the main missions. The collectible is on a bookshelf.

Ghost Recon Wildlands PN De Agua Verde Weapon Cases Locations

Weapon Case 1 – The first Ghost Recon Wildlands PN De Agua Verde weapon case is on La Nube Blanca boat mentioned above. Travel to its location on the map above, and you will find it in the front of the boat, next to some cardboard boxes. The case contains the PP19 submachine gun (SMG).

Weapon Case 2 – Visit the easternmost outpost and you will find the second weapon case inside a red container. If you open it you will unlock the SASG-12 shotgun.

Weapon Case 2 – Check the western side of Alicia Town and look for a large white house. Go around it, and while in the courtyard you should spot the final Ghost Recon Wildlands weapon case in P.N. De Agua Verde, sitting behind a green generator. This case unlocks the SR3M assault rifle.

Alternatively, you can watch our video guide below and see how to get all collectibles, or if you need help with other Ghost Recon Wildlands missions, you can visit our YouTube playlist.

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