Ghost Recon: Wildlands La Cruz Collectables Map

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Ghost Recon Wildlands La Cruz

Ghost Recon Wildlands La Cruz Collectables Map
Ghost Recon Wildlands La Cruz Collectibles Locations Map

La Cruz is a smaller area located in the lower right corner of the Bolivian map as it appears in Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands; and as all other districts, it features multiple collectibles.

Throughout the following Ghost Recon Wildlands La Cruz collectibles guide, we reveal the locations of all key items you must acquire when you reach La Cruz.

On your main map, you will find this region north of Malca, Flor De Oro, and Libertad. West of La Cruz, you can see Pucara, and to the north you can observe Itacua, Ocoro and Caimanes.

While there is only one main mission to be completed in La Cruz, there is a large number of collectables you have to find in order to reach 100% completion in the game and to unlock several achievements and trophies.

Simply put, in Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands La Cruz district you need to collect 3 Accessory Cases, 1 Bonus Medal, 11 Kingslayer Files (even if the in-game counter shows 10), 8 Skill Points, and 3 Weapons Cases.

Our La Cruz collectibles map above, as well as the text and video guides below, will help you locate and retrieve all said items.

If you look for additional help, make sure you check our Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon complete walkthrough and guides on YouTube.

Ghost Recon Wildlands La Cruz Accessory Cases Locations

Accessory Case 1 – The first Ghost Recon Wildlands accessory case on our La Cruz map is inside the western Combat Outpost. Take out all Unidad troops inside, then look for the armory building near the watchtower. The case is on a shelf and it unlocks the Extended (30) assault rifle magazine.

Accessory Case 2 – In the northern part of the area known as La Cruz is another Outpost (also marked on our map). The armory (armeria) can be found in the lower section of the Outpost, near a wall made of red bricks. Head inside and collect the Foregrip V3 Underbarrel, on a shelf next to the door.

Accessory Case 3 – Finally, the third accessory case in La Cruz, is located inside the rebel hideout named El Pequeno Lago. Take out all Unidad forces in the area, then kick the red door of the house near the lake, and pick up the accessory case inside the bedroom. The case is on an armchair and it unlocks the Large (50) assault rifle magazine.

Ghost Recon Wildlands La Cruz Bonus Medal Location

Bonus Medal 1 – Being a smaller area, La Cruz includes only one Bonus Medal, which was also marked on our map above, inside the southern Outpost. Look for it in the armory (armeria), on a shelf, and collect it to unlock the detection perk.

Ghost Recon Wildlands La Cruz Kingslayer Files Locations

Kingslayer File 1 – We move now to the Kingslayer Files you have to find in La Cruz. On our map, we start with the one in Santa Elena. It’s quite easy to find, since it is located under the exterior stairs of a gray house. Pick it up to unlock the Che Guevara legend.

Kingslayer File 2 – Find the Makeshift Runway west of Santa Elena, and check the covered area near the plane you have to steal during one of the game’s side missions. The file is near some crates and it unlocks the Doctors With Open Hearts picture evidence.

Kingslayer File 3 – In the southern part of F.O.B Vibora you can find another kingslayer file. Look for it on top of a watchtower, on a table, and collect it to get the Bible Page – El Muro picture evidence.

Kingslayer File 4 – Travel to Hoyito village in northern La Cruz, and check the ruins of the houses nearby. The kingslayer file that unlocks the Love at First Burn recording is on the ground, near a bush.

Kingslayer File 5 – East of Hoyito is an outpost you have to explore to get the kingslayer file near the road, inside a small checkpoint. This collectible unlocks The Great Fires picture evidence.

Kingslayer Files 6 & 7 – The next two Ghost Recon Wildlands kingslayer files in La Cruz are very close to each other as you can see on our map. Look for them inside the outpost we have marked, and check a red building with a brown container near one of its walls. The Reasonable Doubts recording is on a pile of wooden planks, and the Kill the Father recording is on a small table on the same floor.

Kingslayer File 8 – The eighth file on our map is south from the Burned Forest, in a larger village. Travel to the location we have marked and look for it on a table inside a solitary house. This collectable unlocks La Cruz Wildfires recording.

Kingslayer File 9 – North-west of Isque, cross the main road and look for a praying shrine (marked above). Pick up the collectible placed next to it to unlock the Jesus Malverde picture evidence.

Kingslayer Files 10 & 11 – The last two La Cruz kingslayer files are also close to each other, in the southern part of the region. First clear the Outpost marked on our map, then find the helipad. The Bolivia Buchon Blog is on a red workbench, and the Ex-Voto picture evidence is inside a case placed next to some crates.

Ghost Recon Wildlands La Cruz Skill Points Locations

Skill Point 1 – The first skill point we have acquired in La Cruz, as you can see on our map, is the one from San Rodrigo Monastery. You can find it on the roof, just above the entrance; however, to collect it you need to fly a helicopter and land next to it.

Skill Point 2 – The second La Cruz skill point is the one from the Buchon House. Clear the area, and while facing the pool, turn right and enter the house. Turn right again, and check the bedroom to see the collectable on a cabinet next to the bed.

Skill Point 3 – Travel to the southernmost point marked on our map to get another Ghost Recon Wildlands skill point in La Cruz. Look for it on a desk, near the interior stairs.

Skill Point 4 – Following our La Cruz map, travel to the Rebel Campsite and get the skill point sitting on a tree trunk in the covered area outside.

Skill Point 5 – For the fifth Skill Point, follow our map and clear the Santa Blanca outpost we have marked, then check the building in the middle of the area. The collectible is on a shelf inside.

Skill Point 6 – Visit Cemetery El Bosque Quemado and you will find another skill point sitting on a tombstone on the other side, as you enter.

Skill Point 7 – At Carrasco Farm (easternmost point on our map), you can collect another skill point sitting on a cabinet inside a blue and red house.

Skill Point 8 – The eight skill point on our map is on top of a watchtower near the river, and it is very accessible.

Ghost Recon Wildlands La Cruz Weapon Cases Locations

Weapon Case 1 – The first Ghost Recon Wildlands weapon case in La Cruz, is west of Santa Elena. Clear the Makeshift Runway first, then look for it next to an ammo crate. Inside you will find the M1891 Sniper Rifle.

Weapon Case 2 – Inside the second La Cruz weapon case marked on the map above you will find the SPAS-12 shotgun. The case is located at F.O.B. Vibora, inside the armory building (armeria).

Weapon Case 3 – The third weapon case and final collectible in La Cruz area, is in the town north of Isque. Simply travel to the point marked on our complete La Cruz map and look for it inside another armory. The case unlocks the P90 submachine gun.

Check the video below if you need additional help while searching for all Ghost Recon Wildlands collectibles in La Cruz.

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