Forza Horizon 3 Drift Zones 3 Stars Guide

Forza Horizon 3 Drift Zones 3 Stars Guide

Forza Horizon 3 Drift Zones 3 Stars Guide
Forza Horizon 3 Drift Zones Icons

Getting 3 stars on all Forza Horizon 3 Drift Zones is almost as hard as getting 3 stars in the Danger Signs PR Stunts and the tips and tricks in the guide below are meant to help you achieve those stars.

Unlike most of Forza Horizon 3 Speed Zones and FH3 Speed Traps, which are easier to complete with 3 stars, the Drift Zones Stunts will require quite a few tries, so be patient before attempting them.

There are 17 Forza Horizon 3 Drift Zones PR Stunts in the video game developed by Playground Games for PC and Xbox One.

To access all Drift Zones you have to upgrade each Horizon Festival location to its max level, unlike the Barn Finds, Reward Boards or Beauty Spots which are revealed by world discovery.

All you have to do inside the Drift Zones Stunts is to drift you car. While this sounds easy and you can get one or two stars inside most of these zones, getting 3 stars is another matter entirely. Although you are not required to beat all FH3 Drift Zones with 3 stars in order to complete the game, you might want to do that if you want to unlock the PR Superstar achievement.

The Forza Horizon 3 Speed Zones are marked on the map with an icon depicting a sliding car and when you hover over one of these icons it will highlight the area in which you are allowed to perform the drifts.

On the actual road, such a zone is marked by green flags on both sides of the road. Your drift is calculated as soon as you hit the area between the first two flags, hence it’s a good idea to begin the drift a bit earlier in order to maximize the amount you can get in the zone. Also, it doesn’t matter from which end you begin the drift, so experiment until you find what’s the most comfortable path for you.

To initiate a drift you press the E-brake button while turning left or right on your joystick.

Then immediately you have to counter-steer in the opposite direction to maintain control.

Press the throttle gently to prevent over-steering.

Moreover, don’t approach a Drift Zone at a high speed, because you will overshoot the designated area and you will fail the drift. While it is safe to decelerate or even stop inside a zone (though not recommended), you will also fail the drift if you turn around the car.

To make a car drift with ease you can turn off the Traction Control and the Stability Control settings in the difficulty menu.

An advanced setting would be to turn the shifting to manual. This way you can keep the car in the desired gear all the time. When the RPM drops significantly shift to a lower gear to keep the wheels spinning and prevent them from gaining grip.

When you play solo use the rewind function to save some time and return to the start position fast. However, the Drivatars are the most annoying thing while playing solo, thus you can ask a friend to play in a private online freeroam session where you will not be bothered by AI traffic.

While your skill can be an important factor in the Forza Horizon 3 Drift Zones, the car you decide to use is the essential one and can save you from a lot of frustration while attempting the PR Stunts.

If you are a beginner don’t jump to the fastest and most powerful car. Instead, choose a B-class or lower tier car that has a rear wheel drive (RWD). Tune up its power to make it more potent.

Invest in handling, launch and acceleration, because you don’t need top speed when you drift. Alternatively you can try a AWD car (all wheel drive), but it tends to have more grip which is not a good thing if you intend to drift.

If you don’t know how to fine tune your car for drifting search for a custom upgrade/tune file that has been developed by other players. Usually, hardcore players know their way around a car and will amaze you with the results.

We got 3 stars on all 17 Forza Horizon 3 Drift Zones using a 1974 Toyota Celica GT, which was tuned using a AWD Drift Tune. You can check the upgrade file that we downloaded in the video below.

While it can seem underwhelming at C-class we can assure you it was fine tuned to have an insane amount of power. You can also use the video if you want to see other cars suitable for drifting, along with the suggested tuning options.

The terrain is another factor that you should take into account. The car behaves differently on asphalt and gravel. When the rain starts it affects all the car physics and you will lose control more easily. The night makes the matter even worse due to low visibility.

To get around the issue use the next trick. Fast travel to an already discovered Beauty Spot and the weather and time of day will change instantly. We suggest using the one at the crossroad in the Outback since it will make the weather sunny. Then return to the Drift Zone.

Take these tips into consideration when attempting to get 3 Stars on all Forza Horizon 3 Drift Zones:

  • Check the global leaderboards to see what cars (and their performance index) have been used by other players.
  • Properly tune your chosen car.
  • Use the rewind button if you hit any obstacles.
  • Be gentle with the controls, especially the throttle.
  • Practice a lot and be patient.

Watch our video below to see how we achieved 3 stars on all 17 Forza Horizon 3 Drift Zones. For additional PR Stunts check our Forza Horizon 3 YouTube playlist.

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