Dungeon Defenders Cheats and Trainers

Dungeon Defenders Cheats and Trainers

The Dungeon Defenders cheats allow players to beat all levels of the video game developed by Trendy Entertainment, as long as players use trainers that facilitate the access to several options, which increase the amount of XP, mana and the damage dealt by heroes to their enemies.

To activate all Dungeon Defenders cheat codes revealed by the following videogame guide, players need the free trainer from DLH.net.

While most websites provide various Dungeon Defenders trainers, most of them don’t work, or they require specific versions of the video game; however the Dungeon Defenders free trainer presented below, is compatible with all versions and does not require any updates or DLCs.

The Dungeon Defenders mega-trainer; however, works exclusively on PC, meaning that it can’t be used by those who wish to cheat the game on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, or mobile devices.

Dungeon Defenders is a tower-defense action role playing game published by Reverb Communications for multiple platforms. It was released on December 15, 2010 for iOS, December 23, 2010 for Android, and one year later, in October 2011 for PlayStation 3, PC and Xbox 360.

Dungeon Defenders combines the gameplay elements of a tower-defense game with those of a RPG. Players must complete a series of levels, in which they must defend the Eternia Crystals from being destroyed by waves of enemies.

To successfully complete a dungeon, the player’s character must install traps and other defensive systems in order to repel the invaders.

Each level features a fixed number of waves and two stage: the combat stage and the building stage. During the building stage, the player must repair, upgrade and install new defenses, and when the combat stage begins, the player must focus on defeating the enemies that enter the arena.

Dungeon Defenders includes four character classes in the base version, but additional characters can be acquired through the game’s DLCs.

A character can level up, can be equipped with new weapons and can gain access to new defenses. Furthermore, players can purchase companions for their heroes, to aid them in battles.

The video game also supports a multiplayer mode for up to four players that must work together to complete various dungeons and challenges.

A sequel was already announced by developers. Dungeon Defenders II will feature a similar gameplay, but it will increase the number of characters to 24, it will be free to play, and the multiplayer mode will also provide a VS mode.

Dungeon Defenders PC Trainer

While the free Dungeon Defenders trainer from DLH.net has no restrictions, players should avoid cheating while playing the videogame online, since cheating is forbidden.

Offline, however, players can use the trainer, which must run during the game. Unlike other trainers, once downloaded and installed, the Dungeon Defenders trainer for PC doesn’t require any actions, meaning that it will automatically activate all options listed below.

These options act like cheat codes, but to access them, players have to install the Dungeon Defenders PC trainer:

Download the trainer from DLH.net.

Unpack all files included in Dungeon_Defenders_+8_Trainer.rar.

Copy or move the files you have extracted into the game’s default directory.

Start the trainer, then the game.

The following Dungeon Defenders cheat codes will be automatically activated when the game is loaded.

Dungeon Defenders PC Cheats

All towers and defenses cost 0 mana.

The bonus XP from the tavern fills an entire level.

Increases the quality of items inside chests.

Decreases the cost of upgrades.

Increases the HP for defenses by 100.000.000.

Increases the character’s damage.

Sets the Start Wave to 1, thus increasing the quality of looted items.

Dungeon Defenders Cheats and Trainers
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