Dragon Age Origins: Awakening DLC Cheats and Trainers

Dragon Age Origins: Awakening DLC Cheats and Trainers

Released on March 16, 2010 Dragon Age Origins: Awakening or DAO: Awakening is an expansion pack for Dragon Age Origins, the role playing video game developed by BioWare Edmonton and Edge of Reality, for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.

The guide below reveals a cheating method that can be used by those players who purchased Dragon Age Origins: Awakening and they play the video game on PC.

This method requires a special trainer that can be downloaded for free from DLH.net, and allows players to activate several options in the game, such as unlimited life and power for the team members.

The trainer won’t work for those who wish to cheat in Dragon Age 2.

Additionally, players can opt to remove the cooldowns or the time required to cast spells.

The trainer can also be used to level up faster in Dragon Age Origins: Awakening, or to increase the amount of gold needed to purchase various items in the game.

How to cheat in Dragon Age Origins: Awakening on PC

The mega trainer offered by DLH.net is compatible with Dragon Age Origins: Awakening version 1.3, and features 12 options that act like cheat codes (cheats).

Players, who want to use this trainer as well as the cheats presented in the list below, will have to download the trainer first and run it, following these steps:

Download the Dragon Age Origins: Awakening trainer from DLH.net

Extract all files included in the Dragon_Age_Origins_V1.3_Awakening_Plus_11_Trainer_By_KelSat.rar archive

Copy the files in the game’s directory

Launch the trainer

Run the game

Dragon Age Origins: Awakening for PC Cheat Codes (Cheats)

When the game starts, players must press the following keys to activate the corresponding Dragon Age Origins: Awakening cheats:

NUMPAD0 – Unlimited life for the entire team

NUMPAD1 – Unlimited power for the entire team

NUMPAD2 – Set cooldowns Off

NUMPAD3 – Set spelltime Off

NUMPAD4 – Two thousand experience points

NUMPAD5 – Two thousand experience points/kill

NUMPAD6 – Ten attribute points for each member of the team

NUMPAD7 – Ten spell points for each member of the team

NUMPAD8 – Ten skill points for each member of the team

NUMPAD9 – One spec point for each member of the team

PAGEUP – One Level Up for each member of the team

INSERT – One thousand gold

Dragon Age Origins: Awakening DLC Cheats and Trainers
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