Dragon Age 2 Cheats and Trainers

Dragon Age 2 Cheats and Trainers

Many players try to find a way to cheat in video games, especially if the video games are played on high difficulty levels; and Dragon Age 2 is one of them.

The video game was released on March 8, 2011, in U.S. and March 11, 2011, in Europe.

Developed by BioWare and published by Electronic Arts, Dragon Age 2 can be played on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.

In Dragon Age II the story takes place in the city of Kirkwall. In Dragon Age: Origins – Awakening the region of Free Marches (where Kirkwall is situated), is mentioned, yet not shown.

Three different classes of characters are available in Dragon Age 2. Players can control a Warrior, a Mage or a Rogue and they can develop their heroes as they wish.

While on PS3 and Xbox 360, Dragon Age 2 can be cheated using a glitch (see video below); in the PC version, there is different method.

This method is reveled below, but it can’t be used to cheat in Dragon Age Origins: Awakening, the DLC of the first DAO game.

How to cheat the PC version of Dragon Age 2

Players can download a trainer for Dragon Age 2 from various websites, including DLH.net. The trainer allows each player to get unlimited money, experience points, skill points and even ability points, while playing Dragon Age 2.

Players should utilize this trainer at their own risk, and they should always save the game before using any trainers, no matter what video games they play.

Additionally, players should know that some Dragon Age 2 trainers may be reported as viruses by a number of antivirus programs.

The Dragon Age 2 trainer provided by DLH can be used in the game, by pressing the following keys to get the corresponding effects.

Dragon Age 2 PC Cheats List

INSERT – Activates the trainer

NUMPAD1 – Get unlimited health for the Dragon Age 2 hero

NUMPAD2 – Get unlimited health for the Dragon Age 2 team

NUMPAD3 – Get unlimited energy and mana for the Dragon Age 2 hero

NUMPAD4 – Get unlimited energy and mana for the Dragon Age 2 team

NUMPAD5 – Get experience points for the Dragon Age 2 hero

NUMPAD6 – Get unlimited skill points for the Dragon Age 2 hero

NUMPAD7– Get unlimited ability points for the Dragon Age 2 hero

NUMPAD8 – Increases the maximum critical damage

NUMPAD9 – Increases the maximum magic resistance

NUMPAD0 – Increases the critical chance

NUMPAD. – Increases to maximum the hero’s strength

NUMPAD/ – Reduces the skill points to normal

NUMPAD* – Reduces the ability points to normal

NUMPAD+ – Super Hero

NUMPAD- – Instantly recharges the hero’s special powers

F12 – Additional space in the inventory

F11 – Money cheat (after pressing the key, the player must open and close the inventory two times)

Home – All cheats disabled.

Dragon Age 2 Cheats and Trainers
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