Dishonored Collectibles Locations Guide

Dishonored Mission 4 Collectibles Guide

After we return with Emily Kaldwin and Samuel to The Hound Pits Pub (Mission 3), we have the chance to start Dishonored Mission 4, a mission also known as The Royal Physician.

Just like in the previous missions featured in Dishonored, which are also included in our collectibles guide, while playing Dishonored The Royal Physician we can find a series of hidden items, or collectibles.

The following Dishonored hidden items guide refers strictly to Dishonored The Royal Physician, and to the collectables we can find during this mission.

The collectibles’ guide reveals the locations of all Dishonored Sokolov Paintings, Runes, Bone Charms and Outsider Shrines that can be found while completing the mission’s objectives.

In order to find all of them in a single playthrough, we have to respect the same order as the one presented below.

After we talk to Pendelton and the Admiral, in The Hound Pits Pub, we are asked to go to Kaldwin’s Bridge and locate Sokolov. Samuel will take us there; therefore, without wasting any more time, we find him and travel to Kaldwin’s Bridge.

Southside Bridgeway Area

“You’ve been asked to abduct Anton Sokolov, the Royal Physician and Head of the Academy of Natural Philosophy. Your new allies want to obtain from Sokolov the name of the Lord Regent’s mistress, a mysterious ally and one of his most powerful noble supporters. Sokolov lives in a large apartment somewhere atop Kaldwin’s Bridge.”

Rune 1 Location

The first Dishonored hidden item is a rune that can be collected in Southside Bridgeway Area. As we move towards our first waypoint (Drawbridge Spotlights) using the cart in the first warehouse, or the alley towards Pratchett Warehouse, we can observe a balcony, and inside the apartment a door which is blocked on our side.

To get the Dishonored Rune behind the blocked door, we go back to the street, and look for an alley between two buildings. At the end of the alley, we will be above the water, on a platform; and in front of us is a chain. We climb the chain and reach the room behind the block door, where we can find the hidden rune.

After we retrieve it, we return to the street, and follow the path under Pratchett Warehouse, to get the second item which is a Dishonored Bone Charm.

Bone Charm 1 Location

As we move under Pratchett Warehouse, we follow several stairs down, killing two soldiers, and then we use the console near the last soldier to lower a bridge. We cross it, and then in front of us we can see another balcony that leads to an apartment.

To reach the balcony, we use Blink to jump on the pipes on the left side, and then we get inside the room, where a weeper can be found. We take care of him and look for the Bone Charm on a small table next to the window. Now, we return to the gate, and continue to Drawbridge Way.

Drawbridge Way Area

Rune 1 Location

The next collectible in Dishonored Mission 4, is a rune, which can be retrieved in Pratchett’s House, however to get it we have to open Pratchett’s Safe.

First we enter the house using the balcony on the second floor, and then we loot everything we find inside the house. One of the items we should look for is Pratchett’s Reminder which contains the combination to his safe.

According to the reminder, the truth is in the paintings, so, we go to the ground floor, and look for a painting showing some people on a street, because Pratchett’s Reminder tells us that the “way to the truth starts in the crowded streets”.

The painting shows us a building on which we can clearly see a number: 4. This means that the first digit to Pratchett’s Safe combination starts with 4.

Now, we go to the second floor and look for a painting showing a whaling ship, because the next line in the reminder tells us to “continue until we see an anchored whaling ship”. On the ship we can see the next number required to open Pratchett’s Safe: 7.

Next, we return to the first floor, and locate a painting showing a slaughterhouse, and we will find the last number in the safe’s combination: 3

This means that to open Pratchett’s Safe, we have to use the following combination: 473.

After we get the Dishonored Rune inside Pratchett’s Safe, we go to the roof of his house to find the second Rune in Drawbridge Way.

Rune 2 Location

The second collectible in Dishonored Drawbridge Way Area, is also a rune.

Once we reach Pratchett’s House, and recover the previous rune, we go to the roof and using Blink, we jump on the balcony nearby. Inside we will find a rune and the Outsider Shrine.

After we retrieve the rune, we watch the small cutscene, and then head towards the next waypoint, which leads to Midrow Substation.

Midrow Substation Area

Rune 1 Location

The first Dishonored Rune in Midrow Substation can be located as soon as we enter this zone, coming from Drawbridge Way. In front of us, on a table, we can clearly see the collectible, while The Heart is activated.

Bone Charm 1 Location

The next collectible in Dishonored Midrow Substation is located in the hangar on the left side of the street that leads us to North End. It is a Bone Charm that can be collected by using Blink to enter the warehouse through the balcony on the first floor.

The Charm is on the ground floor, behind some pipes, in a corner. To get it we can Bend Time or Blink in order to avoid the rats that lurk around. Once we acquire it, we explore all levels of the Warehouse and then exit to North End.

North End Area

Bone Charm 1 Location

When we enter North End, the first thing we should do is to walk down the alley, keeping an eye on the left side, where we should see a window.

We jump, using Blink, and on the same floor we look for a balcony on the other side of the building. We continue to ascend suing Blink, and when we reach the next level, we enter the room and look for the first collectible in North End. It is a Bone Charm located on a small cabinet. We take it and enter Sokolov’s House.

Sokolov’s House

Sokolov Painting 1 Location

The next collectible we should focus on is one of Sokolov’s Paintings.

The painting is located in the large room on the first floor, between several slabs of marble, and it is called The Obtuse Arguments of Lady Boyle.

Sokolov Rune 1 Location

The final Dishonored Mission 4 Rune can be retrieved in the area where Sokolov is located. Using Bend Time, we pickpocket him, to get the key to the cabinet in his bedroom, then we render him unconscious (without killing him) and then we get the fifth Rune in Dishonored Mission 4, which is located on his workbench.

Now, we carry Sokolov back to Samuel and return to The Hound Pits Pub, where he will be interrogated. After we rest for a while we visit Sokolov and try to bribe him.

We purchase a bribe from Piero, and we find that our next target is Lady Boyle.

Moments later, along with Samuel we leave The Hound Pits Pub and travel to the Boyle Estate, where the action in Dishonored Mission 5 takes place.

Dishonored Collectibles Locations Guide
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