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Dead Rising 2 Off the Record Game Guide: List of Weapons, Combos and Recipes

Our Dead Rising 2 Off the Record video game guide, reveals some weapons and weapon combos you can create in the action-adventure sandbox game released on October 11, 2011.

The guide was created with the purpose of helping those who have purchased Dead Rising 2: Off the Record and they wish to know what items they can combine to obtain the “unusual” weapons used by Frank West in his war against zombies.

Players and fans of the game will notice that the guide also includes some weapons from Dead Rising 2 as well as the unique weapon combos included in Dead Rising 2 Off the Record, since the last title is in fact a reinterpretation of the original game, released on September 28, 2010.

Just like the previous game, Dead Rising 2 Off the Record was rated M for Mature.

The video game was published by Capcom and was developed by Capcom in association with Blue Castle.

Dead Rising 2: Off the Record features a similar gameplay as the one experienced in Dead Rising 2, but it also introduces new weapons, missions, enemies and of course a new main character named Frank West.

West is also the protagonist in the first Dead Rising video game, which was released in 2006, but now, he returns to Fortune City to kill even more zombies.

Melee Combo Weapons

Flaming Gloves
Recipe: Combine a pair of boxing gloves with some motor oil

Recipe: Combine a pitchfork with a drill motor

Recipe: Combine a vacuum cleaner with a saw blade

Recipe: Combine a sledge hammer with a fire axe

Recipe: Combine an ant queen with some nectar

Weed Tendonizer
Recipe: Combine a grass trimmer with a chef knife

Recipe: Combine a lawnmower with a 2″ x 4″

Recipe: Combine a cement saw with a saw blade

Spiked Bat
Recipe: Combine a baseball bat with a box of nails

Super Slicer
Recipe: Combine a servbot mask and a lawn mower

Recipe: Combine a pair of MMA gloves with a box of nails

Recipe: Combine a parasol with a leaf blower

Recipe: Combine a chainsaw with a paddle

Knife Gloves
Recipe: Combine a bowie knife with some boxing gloves

Infernal Arms
Recipe: Combine a training sword with some motor oil

Improvised Explosive Device (I.E.D.)
Recipe: Combine a box of nails with a propane tank

Holy Arms
Recipe: Combine a training sword with a box of nails

Recipe: Combine a power drill with a spear

Electric Rake
Recipe: Add a battery to a leaf rake

Ranged Combo Weapons and Firearms

Power Guitar
Recipe: Combine an electric guitar with an amplifier

Rocket Launcher
Recipe: Combine several rocket fireworks with a lead pipe

Saw Launcher
Recipe: Combine a saw blade with a tennis ball launcher

Snowball Cannon
Recipe: Combine a fire extinguisher with a water gun

Spear Launcher
Recipe: Combine a leaf blower with a spear

Super B.F.G.
Recipe: Combine a blast frequency gun with an amplifier

Super Massager
Recipe: Combine a tennis ball launcher with some motor oil

Molten Cannon
Recipe: Combine a massager with a leaf blower.

Laser Eyes
Recipe: Combine several gems with an alien head

Gem Blower
Recipe: Combine a leaf blower with some gems

Recipe: Combine a bow, and some arrows with dynamite

Recipe: Combine an electric chair with an Assault Rifle, Merc A.R. or LMG (Light Machine Gun)

Recipe: Combine a pitchfork with a shotgun

Fire Spitter
Recipe: Combine a toy spitball gun with a tiki torch

Recipe: Add a gasoline canister to a water gun

Throwing Combo Weapons

Sticky Bomb
Recipe: Combine a lawn dart with some dynamite

Recipe: Combine some whiskey with a newspaper

Plate Launcher
Recipe: Combine several plates with a cement saw

Hail Mary
Recipe: Combine a football with a grenade

Freezer Bomb
Recipe: Combine a fire extinguisher with some dynamite

Blazing Aces
Recipe: Combine a tennis racquet with a tiki torch

Recipe: Combine a boomerang with a chef knife

Recipe: Add some dynamite to a hunk of meat

Other Combo Weapons

Alien Head


Space Bench

Ray Gun

Remote Mine

Stick Pony

Toy Rocket Ship

Giant Spaceship Toy

Roaring Thunder
Recipe: Combine a goblin mask with a battery

Tesla Ball
Recipe: Combine a bingo ball cage with a battery

Pole Weapon
Recipe: Combine a push broom and a machete

Recipe: Combine a stick pony with several rocket fireworks

Recipe: Combine a toy helicopter with a machete

Handy Chipper
Recipe: Combine a lawnmower and a wheelchair

Recipe: Combine a computer case with a flashlight

Grass Trimmer
Recipe: Combine a chef knife with a weed tendonizer

Freedom Bear
Recipe: Combine a robot bear with an LMG (Light Machine Gun)

Air Horn
Recipe: Combine a pylon with a spray paint

Beer Hat
Recipe: Combine a construction hat with some beer

Bouncing Beauty
Recipe: Add some rocket fireworks to a propane tank

Burning Skull
Recipe: Add some motor oil to a bull skull

Drill Bucket
Recipe: Combine a bucket with a power drill

Electric Chair
Recipe: Add a battery to a wheelchair

Electric Crusher
Recipe: Add a battery to a sledge hammer

Escape Pod
Recipe: Combine it with a fire extinguisher to get a Cryo Pod

Fountain Lizard
Recipe: Combine a lizard mask with a fountain firework

Dead Rising 2: Off the Record Cheats and Trainers
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