Chromie And Medivh Join The HoTS Nexus

Chromie And Medivh Join The HoTS Nexus

Following the footsteps of Sony which leaked the new Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and Microsoft’s Battlefield 1 leak, Blizzard uploaded a footage showing two new heroes that will join the Nexus.

The said footage was uploaded before schedule and immediately removed. But it wasn’t fast enough even for Blizzard. What does it show?

See for yourself here.

Yes, the next two characters that will appear in HoTS are Chromie and Medivh.

Chronormu is a bronze dragon from World of Warcraft. She resides in Ruins of Andorhal, Western Plaguelands, Wyrmrest Temple, or Dragonblight. While dealing with humans, she takes the form of a female gnome, known as Chromie (first image below).

Medivh (second image) also known as Magus Medivh or Magna Medivh was the Last Guardian of Tirisfal, who received unlimited powers to fight the Burning Legion in WoW. Corrupted by Sargeras, he was used by the demon lord to conquer Azeroth.

But the leaked footage shows more than that. It also reveals some of the new skins and mounts that will arrive in Heroes of the Storm. Here is a list with them.

Master Chromie

Fel Queen Chromie

Master Medivh

Knight Owl Medivh

Eagle Eye Tyrande

Widow Maker Nova

Elemental Wolf

Epic Elemental Wolf

Hell Billie

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