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Brink Game Guide: How to play as an Operative

The Brink game guide below reveals several skills ,abilities, tips and strategies that can be used by gamers who intend to play Brink as Operatives.

Some of these skills have special requirements, and they must be purchased before using them in the game. To find how many Operatives are in his team, the player must access the Command Post.

Unlike other classes available in Brink, the Operative is a special unit capable to act like a saboteur.

While the Medic’s tasks are to heal his team and to revive any downed teammate, the Operative’s main goal is to hack and to sabotage his opponents.

To successfully complete his tasks, the Operative is equipped with various devices which allow him to get behind the enemy lines.

In Brink, no matter what faction the player chooses at the beginning of the game ( Resistance or Security); he will be able to assume the role of an Operative.

Before picking this class, Brink players should know that an Operative receives more experience points for completing his objectives, than killing his opponents.

How to play as an Operative

The Operative – Equipment

To infiltrate behind enemy lines in Brink, an Operative will have to use the Disguise Kit which allows him to change his appearance.

While this may look like an easy task, players should know that first, they have to find an incapacitated enemy and interact with him. During this process if an opponent spots the Operative, the entire procedure ends.

Additionally, the disguise is removed if the Operative uses his weapon, interacts with an objective, or if he is hit by an enemy Homing Beacon.

In other words, the Disguise Kit should be used to trick the enemies not to gain an advantage during the fight.

Another piece of equipment available to this class is the Portable Hacking Device which may be used only near hacking terminals. This process also takes time and can be reversed by Engineers.

The closer an Operative gets to the hacking terminal; the faster the process will go; however the procedure may be interrupted for a short time and resumed later.

The Operative – Abilities and Skills List

The EMP Grenade is used by Brink Operatives who desire to disable for a short time the enemy turrets or even the timers on other equipments.

The Cortex Bomb is the ultimate weapon used by an Operative who is defeated in a fight.

Practically, through the Cortex Bomb, an Operative sets a charge which detonates when he is downed, killing all nearby opponents.

The Control Turret allows an Operative to control a friendly turret through a first person perspective. To do that, the Operative has to get near the turret, place the device and step away. This ability allows him to spot and hit his enemies from a safe distance.

The Hack Turret skill may be used to control enemy turrets and convert them in friendly turrets. To increase the chance of the hacking process, the Operative should approach his target from behind.

Caltrops are smoke grenades that can be used when the Operative is looking for a fast way to escape. Additionally, a Caltrop grenade releases spikes that will damage nearby enemies.

The Sticky Bomb is a grenade that sticks on enemies.

The interesting thing about this grenade is that the enemy, who has a Sticky Bomb on him, will have to call a teammate to take it off, but the Sticky Bomb can be destroyed if it’s on the ground.

The Comms Hack skill allows an Operative to extract useful information from a downed enemy.

If the procedure is successful, the Operative and his team will be able to see on their radars, for a limited time, the exact position of each opponent.

The Firewall Command Post ability is used by Operatives to boost their Health or Supply Command Posts.

After the process is complete, it will take longer to capture these Command Posts.

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