Bound By Flame Walkthrough

Bound By Flame Problems Of Stewardship Walkthrough

Bound By Flame Problems Of Stewardship is a video game side quest triggered the moment you reach Valvenor, the first settlement in Vertiel.

At the end of the first main quest, named At The Service Of the Red Scribes, you will unlock Chapter 1 and the second main quest, known as A Village Of Refugees.

As you fight your way through the swamps, your objective will be to reach Valvenor, located east from the temple’s exit point.

Once you secure the entranceway and gain access to the village, you will be asked to see the Captain and the Steward in the village hall.

Enter the large building to start a new cutscene, and then check your log to notice that Problems of Stewardship side-quest became available.

The quest should be addressed immediately because it can be completed in the village, and it will allow you to unlock new side-quests from various characters.

Bound By Flame Walkthrough – Problems Of Stewardship Quest

Problems Of Stewardship is an accessible side-quest, during which you won’t have to fight any enemies, unless you want to.

The first objective of the quest is to talk to the Steward in the Village Hall. You will find him standing behind a counter in the large building.

First, approach the counter and check the barrel on the right side to get some useful components. Now, approach the Steward and ask him about the village.

Tip: Go through all questions, because the Steward will give you useful information about the most important characters in Valvenor.

As you listen to the Steward’s stories you will find out that the village healer is named Mirana, and the guard chief is named Mason.

Tip: You won’t be able to talk to Mirana and Mason unless you talk to the Steward first.

Once you cover all questions you have for the Steward, check your quest log and notice that two additional objectives have been added. Your next goals are to find Mirana and Mason.

Exit the Village Hall and return to the Center of Village. Head east and behind a gate you will find both Mason and Mirana. Mason is the character resting on a crate near two barrels.

Try to talk to him, and if he refuses, try again, and tell him that the Steward sent you. After he finds out that you were sent by Valvenor’s steward, Mason will agree to tell you more about the problems he has with the guards.

Go through all the questions in the menu and you will unlock three new side-quests: The Disappeared Guards, The Guard’s Equipment and The Greenhorn’s Training.

Tip: If you wish, you can accept Mason’s offer and agree to train the guards (The Greenhorn’s Training), or you can refuse and turn back later.

After you unlock all quests, leave Mason and go south to find Mirana standing on the porch of a hut. She is the healer in Valvenor, and just like Mason she might refuse to talk to you.

If this happens, try to approach her again and ask her about the problems she encounters. Again, you should go through all questions, to be able to unlock more side-quests: The Dispensary Resources, The Lost Assistant and Humanitarian Services.

Tip: If you complete The Dispensary Resources and The Lost Assistant, you will also finish Humanitarian Services, since the first two side-quests are the objectives required for the third.

The moment you end your discussion with Mirana, Problems Of Stewardship quest ends, and you will receive a new weapon (Guard Breaker).

Tip: At this point you should focus on all side-quests you have unlocked from Mason and Mirana, before attempting to travel north following the “beast”.

Bound By Flame Walkthrough
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