BioShock Infinite Finkton Proper Voxophone #1 Location

BioShock Infinite Finkton Proper Voxophones, Telescopes and Kinetoscopes

Finkton Proper is the seventeenth chapter in BioShock Infinite and it begins when DeWitt and Elizabeth enter the station that leads to the plaza.

After DeWitt escapes the Handyman in Worker Induction Center, he must find a way to get the weapons required by Fitzroy. And for that, he has to get in touch with a gunsmith.

The following collectibles’ guide shows players where to find the BioShock Infinite collectibles in Chapter 17 through a series of tips and screenshots.

Kinetoscope #1

As soon as you enter the building, turn left to see two people standing near a vending machine. Check nearby for the first BioShock Infinite Finkton Proper Kinetoscope (left side as you’re looking at the people).

“The Path of the Vox Populi…”

BioShock Infinite Finkton Proper Kinetoscope #1 Location
Finkton Proper Kinetoscope #1

Voxophone #1

Now, turn around and follow the path around the corner to reach the large hall/station.

There’s an office in the center (your left as you reach the hall), and if you get inside you can collect the first BioShock Infinite Voxophone in Finkton Proper, located on top of the desk.

“A PRODUCT LIKE ANY OTHER; Jeremiah Fink; March the 27th, 1893”

BioShock Infinite Finkton Proper Voxophone #1 Location
Finkton Proper Voxophone #1

Voxophone #2

The elevator is off limits, so you need to find another way to reach the gunsmith. Therefore, use any of the staircases that lead to the locked doors and enter the lower section of the station.

Deal with all enemies and then get inside the room with the service elevator. If you pay attention, you can see that there are some lockers inside the room. One of the lockers has the door slightly opened.

Check inside for the second BioShock Infinite Finkton Proper Voxophone. Note that Elizabeth opens that particular locker to get Slate’s diary if you press the elevator button.

“SEED OF A LIFE; Capt. Cornelius Slate; June the 17th, 1912”

After you collect everything, board the elevator and use the phone to talk to Fink.

At the end of the ride, his guy waits for you with weapons and supplies. As soon as you head outside you trigger the chapter named The Plaza of Zeal.

BioShock Infinite Finkton Proper Voxophone #2 Location
Finkton Proper Voxophone #2
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