Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag Cape Bonavista Collectibles Locations

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Cape Bonavista Collectibles Locations

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Cape Bonavista Collectibles can be found as soon as Edward enters the first region of the video game.

Cape Bonavista is a small area featuring three viewpoints. Unlike other Assassin’s Creed video game, in AC4: Black Flag you don’t have to purchase maps in order to see the collectibles.

All items are added to your map when you synchronize a viewpoint. While some collectibles such as the treasure chests are easy to get, for others you will have to solve a series of puzzles or perform specific actions.

A good idea is to get all collectables in Cape Bonavista before leaving the area accompanied by Stede Bonnet.

The following guide includes the complete map of Cape Bonavista, showing all collectibles in the region, as well as a video guide showing how to collect the items, and a text guide featuring tips and hints that will help you locate them faster.

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Cape Bonavista Collectibles Guide

Total number of collectibles: 23

Animus Fragments: 4

Secrets: 2

Song Sheets: 1

Chests: 16

Other activities: Mayan Stelae (1)

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Cape Bonavista Animus Fragments Locations

Animus Fragment 1

The first Animus Fragment is close to the beach, and you should collect it before leaving the island.

The collectible is floating in the air and you have to reach a drop-point to get it. Ascend the mountain near the beach and look for a ledge that allows you to complete a Leap of Faith. While performing the leap you will also get the Animus Fragment.

Animus Fragment 2 T

he second Animus Fragment is similar to the first, meaning that you can pick it only if you execute a Leap of Faith.

The fragment is located at the end of a wooden ledge, to the north from the previous Animus Fragment. Climb the mountain above the waterfall nearby and look for a fallen tree with purple flowers on it. Head towards the end of the ledge, and jump into the lake below. During your fall you will collect the second fragment.

Animus Fragment 3

For the third Animus Fragment in Cape Bonavista, you will have to get to the central section of the island. The fragment is floating close to a smaller tree.

If you attempt to climb the tree you will notice that you won’t be able to go up; therefore, while facing the tree turn right and notice that there is a larger tree, on which you can climb. One of the tree branches allows you to get on top of the smaller tree and get the fragment.

Animus Fragment 4

The final Animus Fragment in Cape Bonavista is on the western side of the area. When you reach its location, you will notice that the collectible is floating in the air, above a palm tree. Close to it is a deserted camp.

The camp should be your starting point for this collectible, because on the right side, while facing the fragment is a tree which you can climb. The tree has purple flowers on it. Climb the said tree then jump towards the smaller one and then on the next one.

Now, try to jump on top of the palm tree and you will get the final fragment in the area.

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Cape Bonavista Secrets Locations

Secret 1: Letter

The first Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag secret in Cape Bonavista is a letter that unlocks a database entry. T

he letter is inside a bottle that can be found on the western side of the island. Travel to the location marked on the map and look for the collectible on the beach. When you find it, open it to unlock  “The Observatorie” database entry.

Secret 2: Cadaver

The second AC4 secret is a treasure map which appears when you unveil the eastern part of the island. The map is on a cadaver located on the beach, very close to the water. Find the cadaver and you will get the treasure map.

To find the treasure; however, you need to follow the hints provided by the map. From your location, near the cadaver turn around and walk north, but don’t climb the mountain. Look for a large cave and notice the small lake inside it.

Get to the other side of the said lake and you will enter a smaller cave that leads you to a dead end.

While standing inside the smaller cave, look on the ground for a pile of dirt that glows. Now, get close to it and dig to reveal a buried chest containing 1500 R. The exact location is marked by a green cross on our map.

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Cape Bonavista Song Sheet Location

In Cape Bonavista you can also retrieve a Song Sheet containing the lyrics of the pirate song named “So Early In The Morning”.

The exact location of the collectible is marked on your map, and you will find the sheet on top of a tree. When you get close to it, the page will be carried away by the wind, and to collect it you have to catch it.

An important aspect regarding all Song Sheets in AC4 is that they follow specific routes and they spawn in fixed locations. If you fail to catch one, you will have to wait for it to respawn. The time required for a Song Sheet to respawn is around 2 minutes.

For the first Song Sheet you have to catch, make sure that you jump as often as you can from one point to another. Don’t try to avoid the obstacles in front of you, because you will fail to get the sheet.

Make sure you slide under the blue piece of cloth and try to get the flying page before it reaches the wooden crane at the end of the race.

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Cape Bonavista Chests Locations

The final set of collectibles you can find in Cape Bonavista includes 16 chests containing money and other valuable items that can be sold.

Unlike other collectibles, the AC4 Chests can be retrieved without having to perform special actions; however, when you start collecting them, you have to be aware that some chests are in hidden areas, such as caves. Make sure that you inspect all areas above and below a marked location. All treasure chests in Cape Bonavista are on the ground and they appear on your map after you synchronize all three viewpoints.

Once you collect all items, sail to Havana.

Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag Cape Bonavista Collectibles Locations

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