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Amazing Spider-Man St. Gabriel’s Bank Pick-ups Locations

In Amazing Spider-Man, the video game, St. Gabriel’s Bank is a side mission unlocked after Chapter 7.

As most side-missions, St. Gabriel’s Bank can be played while exploring Manhattan, and it includes a series of 11 pick-ups, or collectibles.

The Amazing Spider-Man St. Gabriel’s Bank indoor pick-ups are eight magazines and three photos.

The following Amazing Spider-Man collectibles’ guide refers to this specific side-mission and explains where to find all collectibles, inside St. Gabriel’s Bank.

In St. Gabriel’s Bank, Spiderman must infiltrate and eliminate the thugs that took over the building. At the end of the side-mission, Spidey also has to defeat a boss.

To collect all Amazing Spider-Man pick-ups in St. Gabriel’s Bank, we must respect the same order as the one presented in the following game guide.

St. Gabriel’s Bank Description

“St. Gabriel’s Bank is under siege with an untold number of gunmen inside.”

St. Gabriel’s Bank Pick-ups Guide

Number of Indoor Collectables/Pick-Ups:  11

Magazines:  8

Oscorp Manuals: 0

Tech Pieces: 0

Photos: 3

Audio Evidence:  0

Magazine #1

When we enter St. Gabriel’s Bank, after the introductory cutscene, we observe that we have to take out multiple enemies.

As soon as we gain control over Spidey, we maintain our position, and turn right.

On a balcony, we can see an armed goon and the first magazine. We remember to get it after the area was cleared.

Magazine #2

The next collectible can be located inside the room that becomes accessible when the goons break a window.

We look for it above the small office on the left side, and we get it on our way out.

Magazine #3

We can find the third magazine, after the cops enter the bank, by breaking the window on the roof.

To collect it, we make sure we reach the ceiling and we will find it there.

Photo #1

The first photo is inside the director’s office.When we reach the room, we make sure we check his desk and take a pic of the Oscorp Logo under the coffee cup.

It is the proof of the Oscorp’s bank involvement (A). Next, we use the ventilation tunnel to advance.

Magazine #4

When we exit the tunnel, we take out more goons, and eventually, we will reach the vault.

After the cutscene showing Felicia and the Director, we check the left side of the vault, and we can see, on the ground, another magazine.

We pick it up, and continue through the train wreck.

Magazine #5

After we exit the train, we make sure we check the left side of the train station.

The magazine is located near the wall, under a red sign on which we can read: Simon Couture.

We take it after we kill the thugs, and we remain in the area to take a photo for Chang.

Photo #2

In the train station, where we have found the last magazine, we check the orange chairs.

On them is a briefcase and we can see the Oscorp’s Logo.

The picture we take is the proof of the bank’s Oscorp involvement (B).

Magazine #6

The sixth magazine is located in the large chamber we enter after we cross another tunnel.

The room features two levels and the collectible can be found on one of the iron ledges above the second level.

After we get it, we Silent-Takedown all goons, and exit the area, through the door on the ground floor.

Magazine #7

When we leave the hall where we have found the previous collectable, we will enter a passage, and to the left we can see several ATMs.

Behind them, on the ground, is another magazine.

Photo #3

In the hall where we fight Felicia, after we defeat her, we will be asked to carry her out.

We make sure that we don’t leave without taking a photo of the blue van, behind the fence.

On it we can see the yellow logo of Oscorp. The photo is the proof of the Oscorp’s bank involvement (C)

Magazine #8

On our way out, while carrying Felicia, we have to get back to the starting area.

After we exit the vault, we cross the room, and when we reach the antechamber we turn right.

On the ground, we can see a magazine, next to some black chairs. Above the chairs is the Department of Security logo.

The Amazing Spider-Man Collectibles Guide
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