The Amazing Spider-Man Collectibles Guide

Amazing Spider-Man Chapter 11 Pick-Up Guide

Chapter 11, called If This Be My Destiny, is the shortest chapter in The Amazing Spider-Man, the video game, and it  includes only one collectible.

It is an audio evidence that must be found in order to get the corresponding achievement/trophy in the game

The Amazing Spider-Man Chapter 11, starts as soon as we exit the robotic facility. The action in this chapter takes place in Connor’s Makeshift Lab where we will find Gwen.

The Amazing Spider-Man Chapter 11 collectable is also located in the Lab and the game guide below explains where to look for it.

After we find the collectible, Peter, Connors and Gwen have a small discussion, followed by a new cutscene.

After the cutscene, the final chapter in the game begins, the chapter called Where Crawls the Lizard?

If we fail to find the collectable in Chapter 11, we can replay it, after we complete the main story. The same rule applies for all chapters and side-missions in The Amazing Spider-Man.

Chapter 11 Description

„In the Lizard’s old lab, Connors tries to re-create the antidote before Smythe unleashes his robot army upon the city.”

Chapter 11 Pick-Ups Guide

Number of Indoor Collectables/Pick-Ups:  1

Magazines:  0

Oscorp Manuals: 0

Tech Pieces: 0

Photos: 0

Audio Evidence:  1

Audio Evidence #1

The only collectible in Chapter 11 is an audio evidence.

When we enter Connor’s Makeshift Lab, if we take a look to the right, on the ground we can observe it sparkling.

We collect it on our way to meet Connors and Gwen.

The Amazing Spider-Man Collectibles Guide
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