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Age of Empires Online (AoEO) Game Guide: Egyptian Civilization

Living along the Nile, the Egyptian civilization is well known for its advanced agriculture, medicine and art. In Age of Empires Online (AoEO), the Egyptians are also redoubtable opponents on the battlefields, being able to train various and powerful combat units.

The following game guide presents the full list of units that can be created by players who decide to choose the Egyptian civilization in Age of Empires Online.

The AoEO game guide also includes additional information regarding the equipment of each unit, and how it can be used in battles.

Players should know, that the Egyptian civilization is also free-to-play, just like the Greeks; but the technology available to Egyptians is different, as well as some quests.

Age of Empires Online became available on August 16, 2011, and is a massively multiplayer online RTS, rated E10+. AoEO was developed by Gas Powered Games exclusively for PC, being published by Microsoft Game Studios.

Infantry Units

Spearman – The Egyptian spearman is similar to the Greek unit, meaning that it is effective against cavalry but weak against other ranged and melee units.

Axeman – An Axeman in AoEO is a basic melee unit. It can be used effectively if the opponent’s army contains other melee units. An Axeman can’t last long if it is attacked from distance or by mounted units.

Cavalry Units

Camel Rider – A Camel Rider is a unit valuable in an attack against other cavalry units, but weak if the opponents controls an army of infantry units.

War Elephant – The massive Egyptian War Elephant, is vulnerable to other cavalry attacks, but it is a useful unit if the player confronts archers and siege weapons. Its secondary attack inflicts AoE damage.

Ranged Units

Slinger – To increase the Slinger’s effectiveness in combat, players should use him against other ranged units, because this unit is equipped with light armor. The Slinger can’t win a battle against infantry units.

Chariot Archer – The Chariot Archer is a ranged units equipped with a bow. The unit’s speed and long range is effective when fighting against infantry and other mounted units.

Elephant Archer – The Elephant Archer is the ranged equivalent of the War Elephant. Its heavy armor can withstand any amount of damage, which comes from an infantry unit.

Ships and Siege Units

Fishing Boat – The ship used by Egyptian to gather food.

Merchant Transport – The Egyptian boat used for transportation.

Trireme – A battle vessel also used by Greeks. It is effective against Fishing Boats and other ships, but it can be set ablaze by a Fire Ship.

Catapult Trireme – The Egyptian version of the Ballista Trireme available to the Greek civilization. Just like the Ballista Trireme, it inflicts AoE damage.

Fire Ship – This vessel is used to set on fire other boats, which makes it useful in any naval battle.

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