10 Video Games That Revolutionized the Gaming World

10 Video Games That Revolutionized the Gaming World

Video games have existed for a few decades, and ever since their inception, a visible paradigm shift has been noticed. Some of the games that have been created have become so popular that sequels have been made. Since video games are rated based on their graphics, their story lines and sometimes even the sounds used as well as the consoles on which the games exists, sequels are usually made to improve on either the graphics or the story line. In some instances, the video games have become so huge that they have been turned into video slots online.

Here are some of the examples that have caused a stir in the gaming scene for the past three to four decades.

  1. Pong

Pong was a standalone arcade game created in 1972 by Atari. It would, however, become so popular that super long lines would be seen as people waited to play the game. Its popularity prompted the creation of the Atari 2600 which was a console that had many titles. This move was to make it possible for multiple gamers to play at the same time. Something that PS4 should bring back to offline play for more titles.

  1.  Donkey Kong


Donkey Kong was created by Nintendo in 1981. It was through this game that Mario was introduced to the world. Although, the character was not known as Mario when it was first released, he was renamed later to make him more memorable. Donkey Kong was the first run-and-jump game that became so popular it inspired others that have similar objectives. Donkey Kong brought about both the Mario franchise as well as the generation of gamers that live for this concept of gaming.

  1. Super Mario 64

After his cameo in Donkey Kong, Super Mario would go on to start in three other games by Nintendo Entertainment System. These would increase the popularity of Super Mario a lot. Super Mario, however, reached revolutionary status after the release of Super Mario 64. The Super Mario 64 was anticipated by millions of games and the fact that the it was released on a 3D platform created even more excitement. Super Mario 64 has inspired generations of gamers. Most developers have been heard quoting Super Mario 64 as their inspiration to develop games.

  1. Final Fantasy VII

The previous Final Fantasies were released by Nintendo Entertainment Systems but the final Fantasy VII was the one that would go on to become the most popular of the franchise. FF7 was released by Sony through their PSX and its release was anticipated by millions of gamers. With a rather slim library, the move by Sony to purchase FF7 was what set the precedence for the growth of Sony into the gaming developer we know right now. FF7 is believed to have moved the sales of the Playstation more than any other game with sales quoted to be at about 9 million.

  1.  The Sims

Humans love to watch other people, how they behave, how they work towards achieving their goals in life. All humans have life aspirations and have different ways they feel they can achieve their desires. The Sims is a family in whose destiny is at your mercies. You decide what you want of them using your avatar. The Sims that was made in 2000 for the Microsoft windows operating system digs into the emotions of humans as you experiment with the character of the Sims, the design of their house as well as the human behavior.

  1.  Mortal Kombat

This was the first videogame that contained violence. It incorporates Kung-fu moves with a lot of bloodshed. The game was available at every arcade and for a quarter. Parents were mortified. Mortal Kombat brought about some serious consequences that are still being felt up until today. While more and more games that involve violence and a lot of bloodshed have been developed, ratings were also put in place. The ratings are meant to dissuade younger players from playing games with adult content, or violence and foul language.

  1. Grand Theft Auto

GTA video game was also quite controversial after its creation. It involves a criminal being chased down by police officers. The criminal drives at crazy speeds and steps on people along his path as he tries to escape. While many gamers did not take the events of the Grand Theft Auto seriously, some parents and lawmakers were up in arms protesting because they felt the game was teaching the wrong values. GTA III also caused a stir among players because of its fantastic 3D display that replaced the top-down 2D perspective that GTA I and II operated on. The game would also set precedence for heroes with a dark side which is a concept that has been imitated so much.

  1.  Minecraft

There are no normal structures on Minecraft – which is in a league of its own. The player is given the liberty to create any 3D structure they fill would be best suited to serve them. Minecraft that was developed in 2009 set the foundation for other titles that will allow players to do anything they would like when they play.

  1. Resident Evil

This game brought horror to the gaming scene. Set up in a building where you are trapped with limited ammunition and zombies running towards one, this game brings out the emotions of having to survive such a setup. Many zombies inspired games have been created after this one.

  1.  The Legend of Zelda

This is one of the most renowned and beloved videogames in history. The storyline is what sets precedent for this game. The design and gameplay of it have also been at the forefront in the creation of other games with action-adventures for third parties.

Update:  Report: Nintendo bringing ‘Legend of Zelda‘ to smartphones
USA TODAYMay 15, 2017

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