Zack Zero Cheats and Trainers

Zack Zero Cheats and Trainers

Developed and published by Crocodile Entertainment, Zack Zero is an action-platformer video game that can be cheated using a free trainer that was developed exclusively for the cracked PC version of the game.

The following cheating guide explains how to cheat in Zack Zero and how to find a working trainer for the videogame that became available on January 17, 2012 for PlayStation 3 and April 29, 2013 for PC.

Zack Zero is a downloadable game that can be purchased from Steam, or it can be downloaded via PSN. The main character in the game is Zack Zero, and the story revolves around his attempt to find and rescue his beloved Marlene, who was kidnapped by the evil alien known as Zurlog.

Zurlog’s plan is to trade Marlene for an alien material (kelestinia) which allows him to travel in time, and the only one who stands between him and the material is Zack Zero. According to the game’s official website, Zack Zero retains the gameplay elements of classic platformers.

Players must complete different levels filled with puzzles, powerful enemies and bosses; levels that allow them to travel to various territories from Zurlog’s home planet.

Zack Zero features more than 30 different characters, as well as five bosses and a leveling system used by the main character to unlock new skills and upgrades.

The maximum level a player can reach is 20. Zack’s abilities and upgrades are connected to his suit and are divided in three categories. Zack can freeze time to avoid deadly traps; he can set his enemies on fire, or he can simply smash them with his hands that can be turned into stones.

The video game also includes hidden treasures, an online ranking system and 15 PlayStation trophies that can be unlocked by players.

Zack Zero received mixed scores from critics and reviewers. On Playstation Universe the video game gathered 8 points out of 10, but on IGN and GameSpot, the title received only 4 points.

In his review for IGN, Ryan Clements gave 2.5 points for the presentation, 2 for the lasting appeal and 5.5 for graphics and sound.

Zack Zero PC Trainer

The free Zack Zero trainer that was published by on May 24, 2013, gives access to 3 cheats.

Players can activate the Zack Zero cheats to get unlimited health, unlimited energy, or infinite experience points; however, according to the trainer’s developer, the program was tested on Zack Zero v1.5, cracked by Reloaded, which means that the trainer may not work on all versions of the game.

Furthermore,  the Zack Zero PC trainer contains encrypted files that might be reported as harmful by a number of antivirus programs; and the program must be downloaded and activated before it can be used.

Players, who decide to try it, must follow several steps:

Download the free Zack Zero PC trainer from and unpack all files included in zzv15+3tr.rar.

Copy or move the files to the game’s default directory.

Start the trainer, and the game.

When the game loads, assuming that the trainer is compatible with your version of the game, press the keys below to activate all Zack Zero cheat codes.

Zack Zero PC Cheats

Numpad 0 – Infinite Health/God Mode

Numpad 1 – Infinite Energy

Numpad 2 – Adds +10.000 points to the player’s current amount

Zack Zero Cheats and Trainers
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