Wolfenstein: The New Order Camp Belica Map #2

Wolfenstein: The New Order Chapter 8 Collectibles Locations

Camp Belica represents the eighth chapter in Wolfenstein: The New Order that is available as soon as you discover the truth of the Da’at Yichud’s super concrete used by Nazis.

Set Roth, the man whose name appears in the Da’at Yichud’s documents, may be the only one left alive that knows something about the mysterious technology.

However, he is locked inside a forced labor camp in Belica, hence it’s up to Blazkowicz to go undercover and rescue him.

There are many collectibles in Chapter 8 and some of them even involve some side quests.

All the details of the Wolfenstein: The New Order collectibles are revealed in the following guide.

Use the included maps to pinpoint the exact locations.

Chapter 8 Mission Details

“Belica. One of the Nazis’ forced labor camps. Storage space for unwanted citizens. Those not fitting the twisted ideals of the Nazis. Need to stay focused and keep a low profile. J

ust find Set Roth, get him out of this place and back to Berlin.”

Enigma Codes: 8

Letter: 1

Gold: 4

Maps: 1

Wolfenstein: The New Order Chapter 8 Collectibles Guide

Enigma Code #1 (Piece 7:3)

After you find Set Roth traverse the courtyard and enter the security building through the doors used to dump dead bodies (speak to the woman on your right before entering).

Head straight to the other end of the room to find the first Enigma Code on a metal crate.


After the doctor captures you, you wake up near some furnaces. You can find the Map hanged on the wall on the left side of the furnaces that are behind you, up the ramp that leads back to the room where you grabbed the previous collectible.

Enigma Code #2 (Piece 7:4)

Follow the path upstairs, and after you cross the catwalk and you reach the corridor, head through the door on you right that has the first aid sign on it.

Look down to your right as you enter to spot the Enigma Code collectible.

Enigma Code #3 (Piece 7:5)

As you turn right down the corridor you should see a room in front of you.

Get inside and kill the commander that washes his hands and then collect the Enigma Code from the shelf that’s between the windows.

Enigma Code #4 (Piece 7:6)

When you reach the room with the switch for the security system check the middle filing cabinet to find the fourth Enigma Code in Camp Belica.

Gold #1 (Gold Dagger)

As soon as you get outside of the building head left and speak with the woman.

Assuming you killed the commander called “The Knife” she will hand you the first Gold piece.

Letter (Christa’s Letter)

Go back in the room where you met Set Roth and speak to the woman that’s on the firs bunk on the left. She tells you to find medicine, so head back to the security building and into the room with the first aid sign where you collected the second Enigma Code.

The medicine is on the metal table on the left. Return the medicine to the woman and she will give you the Letter collectible.

Enigma Code #5 (Piece 7:7)

After you go on the other side of the camp you reach a large building with some scaffoldings on one side. Use them to reach the top floor and enter the left hand side room.

Watch for the soldier and the dog and collect the Enigma Code from the cabinet that’s in the corner near the window.

Gold #2 (Gold Pistol)

Head inside the room that’s opposite to the room you’re in and check the drawer of the desk to find a safe combination. The safe is behind the painting that’s across the room, so interact with it and open the safe to reveal the Gold collectible.

Enigma Code #6 (Piece 7:8)

Go downstairs and to the opposite corner of the floor (the same wall with the next set of stairs). There is an opened locker in the corner and inside you can find the sixth Enigma Code in Chapter 8.

Gold #3 (Gold Bust)

Now head to the ground floor and look in front of you as you go down the stairs.

The Gold collectible is on the small table between two armchairs.

Enigma Code #7 (Piece 7:9)

Turn around after you pick up the previous collectible and you should see the seventh Enigma Code next to some books.

Enigma Code #8 (Piece 3:1)

Head down to the garage and after you kill the two soldiers look for the opened locker behind the concrete pillar (do not get the battery yet or you’ll miss the collectible).

The last Enigma Code in Chapter 8 is in the locker.

Gold #4 (Gold Mask)

After the sequence with the robot you need to finish the level by getting in the car.

Before doing that head inside the small office in the garage to find the final Gold collectible in the drawer of the desk.

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