Wolfenstein: The New Order Eisenwald Prison Map #1

Wolfenstein: The New Order Chapter 4 Collectibles Locations

Eisenwald Prison is the name of Wolfenstein: The New Order Chapter 4 and is available after you board the Berlin night train in the previous chapter.

Now that Blazkowicz and Anya are in Berlin they need to find a way inside the Eisenwald Prison, because they believe the remaining members of the resistance are held in there.

The Wolfenstein: The New Order collectibles in Chapter 4 can be found in two different zones and even if you manage to stealth kill all the commanders you can still miss some of them.

The following guide reveals the locations of all collectibles in order.

Chapter 4 Mission Details

“We’re in Berlin now. Anya tells me she knows a way inside Eisenwald Prison.

There are people locked inside I need to see. Resistance members still fighting the Nazis. My kind of people. I have to get them out of there.”

Enigma Codes: 6

Letter: 1

Gold: 4

Maps: 2

Wolfenstein: The New Order Chapter 4 Collectibles Guide

Letter (Erdman’s Letter)

When the mission starts you are in your hotel room and you have to jump on the roof from the balcony and then on another balcony.

From this balcony you can get inside the hotel room and grab the Letter collectible that is on the coffee table.

Gold #1 (Gold Plate)

Once you drop down from the roof inside the workshop you have to acquire the Laser Cutter. As you head outside the workshop you can see some sort of storage units made from wire fences.

Use the Laser Cutter to cut the fence of the last one (near the stairs) in order to gain access to the first Gold collectible.

Gold #2 (Gold Frame)

Now head upstairs, recharge the Laser Cutter if necessary, and cut two more fences to open the path. There are more storage units in the area, and the Gold piece is in the last one on the right, next to the window.

Cut the fence to get it.

Map #1

After you jump on the roof of the next building get inside and kill the enemies that you encounter in the room with a lot of desks.

On the other side of the room is a blackboard between two flags. The Map can be found pinned on the blackboard.

Enigma Code #1 (Piece 8:7)

On top of the cabinets that are next to the blackboard is a folder. Grab the folder and head across the room to put it in another cabinet (next to a blackboard that has the decryption method for the Enigma Code written on it).

After you insert the folder in the cabinet a secret room is revealed. Get inside to collect the Enigma Code from the briefcase.

Enigma Code #2 (Piece 8:8)

In the last room of the police station you have to go outside using a window. The commander can be found in the same room if you played stealthy.

The second Enigma Code in Chapter 4 is on the desk.

Enigma Code #3 (Piece 2:1)

The third Enigma Code can be acquired once you reach the Eisenwald Prison, but it’s very easy to miss since it’s not revealed on the map even if you stealth kill the commanders.

After you traverse the courtyard you have to get inside the prison using a pipe. At this point you are chased by a Panzerhund and you need to slide under some pipes and use the Laser Cutter to cut the chain that is holding the grate.

When you drop down you can see two wire fences.

Cut the one on your left and after you drop down you can find the Enigma Code collectible.

Map #2

As you get out from the bathroom head inside the room on the right side, where you can find the key you’ll need later (do not break stealth yet).

The Map of the prison is on the table in the middle of the room.

Enigma Code #4 (Piece 8:9)

Head outside, get past the dog, and turn left twice. The commander should be sleeping next to some monitors.

Kill him and grab the Enigma Code from the suitcase that’s under the monitors.

Gold #3 (Gold Nugget)

After you unlock the door with the key you reach an industrial like area (the coal loader room). On the ground level is a robot that loads coal in one of the furnaces.

The Gold piece is hidden in the coal pile. On the catwalk above the collectible is the upgrade for the Laser Cutter.

Enigma Code #5 (Piece 2:2)

Later in the mission, after you rescue the resistance members, you need to backtrack and clear the prison courtyard so that your ally can open a door.

After he lifts the door head straight to the area in the middle that is separated by prison bars (pay attention to the enemies). The Enigma Code collectible is on one of the desks in this area.

Gold #4 (Gold Helmet)

Head upstairs and get rid of the enemies that ambush you in the narrow corridor.

When you’re done get in the room on the right side and grab the fourth Gold piece from the locker between the bunks.

Enigma Code #6 (Piece 2:3)

Follow the corridor and use the stairs on your left to go up. The final Enigma Code in Eisenwald Prison is inside a briefcase on the desk that’s closest to you.

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