Wolfenstein: The New Order Under Attack Map #1

Wolfenstein: The New Order Chapter 15 Collectibles Locations

Wolfenstein: The New Order Chapter 15, named Under Attack, begins after you defeat the giant London Monitor robot during your second visit to the London Nautica research facility.

As the name of the chapter implies, the Kreisau resistance’s headquarters are under attack.

Blazkowicz’s “old friend”, Frau Engel, discover where the resistance members hide and attacked them while Blazkowicz was in London. Now it’s up to him to save what’s left of their home.

There are only two collectibles in Chapter 15, but you may overlook them in the heat of the battle.

Check the Wolfenstein: The New Order guide below to learn about their location.

 Chapter 15 Mission Details

“So, you came back. Took Anya and the others with you. Well, I’m still standing. As long as I do, there’s no place in this fucked up world you can hide.

Gotta get inside first, save anyone who’s still in there.”

Letter: 1

Gold: 1

Wolfenstein: The New Order Chapter 15 Collectibles Guide

Gold (Gold Shoehorn)

Deal with the enemies that are outside and then get in when Max opens the hatch for you. When you get inside you have the chance to stealth kill a commander, but only if you’re quick enough or the other soldiers will spot you.

Head upstairs and go to Klaus’ room, which is the first room on the right. The Gold collectible is on the table to your left.

Letter (Max’s Letter)

Now head inside the adjacent room, Max’s room.

The Letter collectible is next to the bed, on the floor.

It is also the last Letter in the game, and if you acquired the other 9 you will unlock the achievement / trophy named The lives of others.

Wolfenstein: The New Order Under Attack Map #1
Under Attack Map #1
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