Wolfenstein: The New Order U-Boat Map #2

Wolfenstein: The New Order Chapter 11 Collectibles Locations

Wolfenstein: The New Order Chapter 11 starts after Blazkowicz wakes in a U-Boat inside a torpedo that he stole from the Nazi stash in Berlin Catacombs.

In order to take control of the nuclear sub he must kill every Nazi soldier that is on board. After that he must use the submarine to reach the secret Da’at Yichud vault that is on the bottom of the ocean. Chapter 11 takes place inside the U-Boat and in the secret vault.

Both locations feature Wolfenstein: The New Order collectibles, so use the information in the following guide to find them in your first playthrough.

If you have trouble in pinpointing the exact location of a collectible use the included maps at the end of the guide.

Chapter 11 Mission Details

“Daddy used to lock me inside the closet when I done bad. I remember losing track of time. After a while, I started losing sense of my body.

I’m reminded of this, stowed away inside a cramped torpedo. Where are we? Somewhere out in the Atlantic ocean. Doesn’t matter. My mission is simple.

Kill every damn Nazi inside the U-Boat, take over the controls and then plumb the depths of the ocean until we find this Da’at Yichud vault. And whatever is waiting for us inside.”

Enigma Codes: 5

Gold: 6

Maps: 1

Wolfenstein: The New Order Chapter 11 Collectibles Guide


When the mission starts you wake up inside a torpedo and as soon as you get out you automatically receive the Shrapnel upgrade for the Shotgun.

Clear the room and head up the stairs. Open the door and as you turn right look for the blue Map on the wall.

Enigma Code #1 (Piece 6:1)

Follow the corridor and open another door. On the right side there are some enemies. Kill them and then turn around to see two doors.

Depending on who you chose to save in Chapter 1 you need to either short circuit one door or lock pick the other one (if you lock pick the door you also need to cut a metal cover). The first Enigma Code is on the bed.

Gold #1 (Gold Letter Opener)

You can find the Gold piece in the same room as above, on the desk. Before leaving you may want to cut the metal cover to reach a storage room where you can acquire the Targeting Scope upgrade for the LKW.

Enigma Code #2 (Piece 6:2)

Head outside of the room and go where you killed the soldiers. Enter the first room on the right side and search for the Enigma Code piece on the bunk in the far right corner.

Enigma Code #3 (Piece 6:3)

In the same corridor, go in the second room on the left to find another Enigma Code collectible on a box.

Gold #2 (Gold Tray)

Now enter the last room on the right and grab the Gold piece that’s sitting on the box.

Enigma Code #4 (Piece 6:4)

At some point you need to cut a metal cover to drop down in a room with many computers. Clear the room first and then use the stairs that are on the other side of the room (or any of the stairs as long as you use the catwalks to traverse the room).

There is a red chair under the periscope and next to it you can find the Enigma Code on a console.

Enigma Code #5 (Piece 6:5)

From the previous collectible head downstairs and get in the radio room. As you enter check for a room on the left side.

The last Enigma Code in Chapter 11 is inside the room between two chairs.

Gold #3 (Gold Skull)

When you reach the bottom of the ocean and you are in the room with the platform, wait for Set to raise the bridge and then cross it to reach the platform.

Make a sharp left from the middle of the platform and jump across the water to find the Gold collectible next to the rocky wall.

Gold #4 (Gold Robot Toy)

After you raise the elevation platform and you are inside the Da’at Yichud secret vault search for the fourth Gold piece on one of the shelves (behind you if you’re facing Set when the platform stops).

Gold #5 (Gold Crown)

The fifth Gold collectible is in the same room on top of some kind of gear (behind you from the previous collectible).

Gold #6 (Gold Chamber Pot)

The final Gold is on shelf near the location of the previous collectible.

In the vault room there is also a puzzle. If you solve the puzzle you can get the Portable Reactor upgrade for the Laserkraftwerk.

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