Witcher 2 Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition Walkthrough

Witcher 2 Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition Walkthrough: With Flickering Heart Side Quest

With Flickering Heart is a side quest featured in the second act of  the Witcher 2 Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition, and can be accessed only if you sided with Iorveth in the first act of the game.

With Flickering Heart can be activated by talking to an elf named Ele’yas who spawns shortly after you begin the second act, near the inn’s entrance.

After you activate this quest, it is advisable to complete it as soon as you can, because if you advance too much through the game’s main story, you will fail co to complete it.

Quest Description

“And now let me tell you how I solved a crime in Vergen, with a bit of help from Geralt who started the whole thing by talking to the elf Ele’yas. Ele’yas thought he would need a witcher, but had no idea that a poet would prove to be key to the case!

Young men, both elves and humans, were being murdered in Vergen. The elf said their bodies were being found near a burned village located at the mouth of the gully leading to Vergen, and subsequently being interred in catacombs, beyond the town.

Geralt took it all in and began to wonder if he should go to the crime scene or to the burial site.”

When to start

Before Where is Triss Merigold?


Begin your quest by visiting the marketplace at noon. Look for a woman named Felicia Cori, and purchase the Surgical Kit from her. Felicia stands near the gate that allows you to enter the marketplace, and she is wearing a red bonnet.

Note: Felicia Cori also sells a book named Harpies – Daughters of the Gale. You should purchase and read this book if you didn’t complete The Harpies Contract.

After you get the Surgical Kit, head south-west and exit Vergen through Mahakam Gate. Continue through the mountain pass and you will reach the burned village. In the central of this area, Geralt will smell sulfur, and your quest updates.

Return to the city and check the north-western area of the city, also known as the Outskirts of Vergen.

Eventually, you will enter a tunnel which leads you to a lake, where several bandits will attack you. Kill them then go around the lake, towards your marked objective, but stay alert because more bandits as well as waves of harpies will attack you.

When you enter the catacombs, you will have to defeat several wraiths on your way to the marked ibjective. Your Igni Sign can help you defeat them faster, while your Quen Sign protects you from taking damage.

As you advance, inspect the corpses and eventually, you will reach a dead end. Your path is blocked by a wall made of bricks. Using the Aard Sign, destroy the wall that blocks your way and continue to explore the catacombs.

When you reach the waypoint, you don’t have to examine all corpses, because you will disturb the wraiths. Focus on the one with a candle burning near its head, and make sure you check the victim’s arms, because you will find a splinter. For this action, you need the Surgical Kit, you acquired earlier.  You should also turn the corpse around to find a book, which appears to be Dandelion’s work.

Return to Vergen and find him at the inn.  Show him the tome of poetry and ask him to help you lure the succubus. Now, go to the burned village, but make sure you do this at midnight. Dandelion will wait for you there and a cutscene will start.

After the cutscene you will play as Dandelion, and you have to create a song.

To complete this puzzle make sure that the verses are:

If our bodies… 

My heart would inquire…

Or treat it as a morsel…

After you talk to the succubus, a trapdoor will open and you will have to get inside the lair. While talking to the succubus try not to start a fight. Instead, try to find out who killed those people, and the Succubus will tell you that Ele’yas tried to trick you, since he is the murderer. It is time to face the elf, at the inn in Vergen.

After you confront Ele’yas, you have two options.

Option 1: You can tell Iorveth that Ele’yas killed his competitors, because he was charmed by the succubus. Make sure you show Iorveth the scrap of metal you found on the corpse. In this case Ele’yas will leave the city and you will have to catch him in the burned village, and then kill him.

Option 2: Go back to the burned village and kill the succubus for charming Ele’yas.

In both cases, you will complete the quest and receive your reward (Thyssen’s Armor), after you speak to the succubus for the last time.

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