Witcher 2 Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition Walkthrough

Witcher 2 Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition Walkthrough: Where is Triss Merigold Quest

Where is Triss Merigold? is a Witcher 2 quest, you have to complete in order to finish the game’s first act.

Where is Triss Merigold? begins after your first encounter with Letho. The events occur while playing The Assassins of Kings quest.

During The Assassins of Kings you follow Iorveth’s plan and you meet Letho, the kingslayer. The decisions you make at some point, have a direct effect on the main quest called Where is Triss Merigold?

Before your fight against Letho, a cutscene triggered. Iorveth asked you to give him his sword when Vernon’s men attacked. Later, you fought Letho who defeated you, but he mentioned that he is looking for Triss to teleport him to Aerdin.

Quest Description

“Triss was in danger. The kingslayer wanted to grab her and force her to open a portal to Aerdin. Geralt rushed full pelt to Flotsam – every second was precious. A single heartbeat could decide the sorceress’ life or death.”


No matter how you have played the previous part, the first objective is clear. You must reach Flotsam (accompanied by Roche if you betrayed Iorveth). The cutscene that starts when you approach the city is affected by your previous decisions regarding Iorveth:

If you helped Iorveth and gave him his sword, there is a massacre in Flotsam. A guard will stop you and you will have two options. Tell him that you will work for Loredo, and you will enter the city; or use the Axii Sign to make him open the gate.

Enter the inn and you will hear Dandelion arguing with two men about some elven women. Fight them and help Dandelion, or intimidate them if you wish, then talk to Dandelion who will tell you that Triss went to see Sile. Your next stop is in Sile’s room, at the inn (second floor).

If you helped Roche to capture Iorveth, Loredo will throw a feast in your honor. Have a drink with him, then go to the inn and talk to Dandelion. He will tell you that Triss went to Sile’s room to see the megascope. Go to the second floor, and enter the room.

As you can notice, in both cases you will have to visit Sile’s rented room. When you get there, you will find a blood trail, and along with Dandelion you must look for clues. On the right wall, near the painting is a small hole. Examine it and you will find a peephole. Go to the next room and talk to Derae.

Derae will explain what she saw. Triss wanted to find out who was the person on the other side of the magescope, and she came in contact with Dethmold the wizard from Kaedwen.

You can talk to Dethmold to find additional information about his king, and then you will return to Derae. Ask her what happened to Triss and you will start a new side-quest called Margot’s Disappearance.

Note: You should complete Margot’s Disappearance immediately, and then focus on the current quest. Notice that The Assassins of Kings quest updated after your conversation with Derae.

After you finish the side-quest, exit the inn and drink a Cat Potion. Follow the orange blood trail all the way through the forest and you will find Cedric near the waterfall. Cedric will explain what happened in Sile’s room.

Cedric and Triss where attacked by a witcher who injured the elf and took Triss to Verge.  Cedric dies in front of you, while Zoltan and Dandelion appear. Talk to both of them to activate two main quests: At a Crossroads: Vernon Roche and At a Crossroads: Scoia’tael.

Note: At this point you should complete all side-quests (except for the  Mystic River), and save your game. Exit the game, and create a backup of your save file, because the decision you have to make in order to continue, is crucial. If you side with Roche, you will continue the game having him as your ally, but if you side with Iorveth, everything changes and you will see a different ending.

It is important to know that you can pick only one of them, and all quests from now on will be different. If you create a backup, after you finish the game with one character, you will be able play it again with the other one, without having to complete the quests you finished up to this point.

After you create a backup of your save file, it is time to pick your next ally: Roche or Iorveth.

Act 2 –- Following Iorveth’s Path

After The War Council quest, Where is Triss Merigold? continues with the following update:

“Further reading will tell you that Geralt accomplished a lot in Aedirn. He fought wars, killed monsters, obstructed kings and caused unhealthy arousal in sorceresses. You have to keep in mind however, that his priority was finding Triss. Sorceresses as all other women do, keep in packs. Thus, in his search, Geralt headed for Philippa Eilhart’s house. Unhealthy arousal, however, was out of the question in that case.”

You can continue this quest while playing Baltimore’s Nightmare side-quest. In this case you will find a troll, when you search for Baltimore’s treasure. After a friendly chat with the creature, you will find out that he saw a woman falling from the sky and he retrieved her bandana, but the item was stolen by the his wife

. Your next goal is to retrieve the bandana by bringing the she-troll to her husband.

You will also come across the said female troll if you play the Royal Blood story quest, or if you simply explore the areas around Vergen.

From your current position (near the troll) go left and continue through the mountains but stay close to the left side of the pass. Eventually, you will reach two crossroads. Make sure you pick the right path every time, following the waypoint on your minimap.

Soon you will hear the sounds of a fight, and you will see some mercenaries attacking the she-troll. During the discussion you will have to decide if you help them kill the creature, or save the troll.

Tip: Try to save the she-troll if you can because you will gain a small advantage later.

If you decide to kill her, don’t forget to loot her corpse and retrieve the bandana. In case you show mercy, attack the mercenaries and focus your attacks on their leader (Adam Pangratt). Soon, they will give up, and you should ask them to surrender to Saskia.

Now, the she-troll will return to her mate and you will get the bandana.

Note: Your next goal is to show the item acquired to Philippa, but don’t return to Vergen if you didn’t complete With Flickering Heart side-quest, because if you do, you will fail to finish it. Focus on that quest first and talk to Philippa after you finish it.

When you talk to Philippa, give her the bandana and tell her everything you know. Continue the discussion and a cutscene starts showing a civilian telling you that the citizens of Vergen intend to kill Stennis.

Note: You will have to postpone this quest for now, and continue later, after you save/kill Stennis (Royal Blood continues now).

If you save Stennis, after the guards take him to the dungeon, return to Philippa and she will tell you that you have to travel through the mist in order to continue your search for Triss.

Make the necessary preparations, and then exit Vergen through Mahakam Gate. Cross the burned village and when you reach the first crossroad (you will see a small fire), turn right. Enter the green mist and Philippa will appear as she promised.

The next goal is to cross the battlefield, accompanied by Philippa. This part is similar to the one you have played at the beginning of the second chapter. All you have to do is to stay near the golden owl and take out the wraiths that spawn inside Philippa’s magical barrier.

When you reach the other side, Philippa departs and you must continue alone.

Push forward towards the exclamation mark on your map and you will come across a corpse carrying a small statue. A cutscene starts and you will be welcomed by Vernon Roche. Tell him that you are looking for Triss Merigold, and try to maintain a polite discussion, as you need Roche’s help.

After the dialogue you can opt to take one of the paths indicated by Vernon. The easiest way is to follow the left path, through the tunnels. Eventually you will reach the camp and near a fire you will see Madame Carole.

Talk to her, and pay the fee she asks, to tell you how you can get inside the camp. She will eventually inform you that the entrance is in the tent. Get inside and look for a trap door which takes you to an underground passage.

Follow the longest route, for additional items, and when you reach the exclamation mark, don’t get out. Continue through the tunnels. Make sure you explore every dead end because you will find multiple items that will help you from this moment on.

When you exit through the northern passage you will reach the beach, and you should turn left. Eventually, a guard stops you and you have to enter the camp unarmed.

During the next cutscene you will talk to Shilard Fitz-Oesterlen and update the Returning Memories side-quest as well as The Assassins of Kings.

No matter how you play your cards with Shilard Fitz-Oesterlen, he will sentence you to death. Fortunately, Ves and Roche appear in time and you will have to fight Shilard’s sorcerer, Vanhemar.

Combat Tip: Against Vanhemar, use the Aard Sign to stun him.

After you win the battle, Roche agrees to help you reach Henselt; but make sure you don’t leave without exploring the camp. Gather all items, and then follow Roche. When you enter Henselt’s camp, stay close to Roche and when he tells you, hide behind the crates to your right, until he distracts the guards.

Note: If the guards see you in the camp, you will die without a fight, so stay sharp.

When Roche leaves the camp, continue to remain hidden and behind the yellow tents you see to the right. Move towards your objective and in front of you will appear the only yellow tent with red stripes on it.

It is Henselt’s tent, but it is guarded. Go behind this specific tent and use the Aard Sign to distract the guards protecting the king. Now, run back and approach the tent.

Enter to trigger the next cutscene and talk to Henselt. No matter how you answer the following questions, make sure you take the royal blood. Henselt’s guards will accompany you outside, and the Royal Blood quest ends.

Next, all you have to do is to return to Philippa and cross the battlefield to reach Vergen. When you enter the city, talk to her and get ready to complete A Matter of Life and Death.

Note: Where is Triss Merigold? continues and concludes in the third act.

Act 3 – Following Iorveth’s Path

As soon as you start the said chapter, you receive a new update for this quest:

“Geralt reached the ancient elven city of Loc Muinne. Ages earlier the sorcerer Geoffrey Monck had brought a group of human children gifted with spontaneous magical abilities here for training. Taught by elven Wise, the Sources became legendary sorcerers who aided the human pioneers.

When humans had finally settled the continent they repaid their debts of gratitude by destroying Loc Muinne and slaughtering its inhabitants. The scenic city ruins now ironically played host to a summit of sorcerers.

The Nilfgaardian delegation was also taking part, and the Black Ones had brought the kidnapped Triss Merigold with them. Pondering the fickleness of history, Geralt searched for any trace of the sorceress. Shilard Fitz-Oesterlen was the key to her freedom.”

After you finish For a Higher Cause! during the third chapter, you have the chance to save Philippa or to continue your search for Triss Merigold. The latter option allows you to capture Shilard Fitz-Oesterlen who will be your guide through the sewers.

Follow his instructions and exit the sewers through the marked gate. The ambassador will lead you right to the Nilfgaardian camp, activating a new cutscene. When the cutscene ends, kill all guards, then look around for a ladder which allows you to go around the blocked gate.

Fight your way through the Nilfgaardian camp and eventually you will have to defeat Renauld aep Matsen and more guards. First take out the mage, then the archers and the soldiers. After you clear the area, focus on Matsen.

Combat Tip: Push Matsen against a wall and land quick attacks combined with fire-based attacks (Igni Sign)

After you defeat him, search the camp for some stairs that will take you to the cell where Triss is imprisoned.

Talk to her about the Lodge then head towards the town center.

You have all the keys needed to unlock the doors; therefore you won’t have any problems in reaching the marked spot on your map. When you exit the Nilfgaardian Camp, you will complete the quest and unlock a new one, called A Summit of Mages.

Make sure you complete all side-quests in your journal before attending the summit.

Witcher 2 Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition Walkthrough
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