Witcher 2 Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition Walkthrough

Witcher 2 Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition Walkthrough: Enter the Dragon Quest

Enter the Dragon is the final Witcher 2 main-quest and it follows the events that occur in A Summit of Mages.

Enter the Dragon is focused on Geralt’s fight against Saskia who is controlled by Philippa, but this time Saskia assumes her dragon form.

Winning this boss battle allows you to access the game’s epilogue and the ending credits, which means that it is vital to defeat Saskia.

Enter the Dragon is automatically triggered after the cutscene presented in the previous quest.

Quest Description

“Geralt ran for Sile de Tansarville as far as his legs would carry him. He could hear the sorceress’ voice in his head, and the more she said, the more he wanted to silence her. Yet Sile held one more trump card –the dragon.”

When to start

Enter the Dragon starts automatically, when you reach the amphitheater in Loc Muinne


As you have probably noticed, when the dragon returns to the amphitheater, you are separated by your team. Start by following the stairs in front of you, then go up on the hill, and turn left around the tower.

Climb the ledge and follow the stairs inside the tower. From time to time, the dragon will break the tower’s walls and attack you.

Wait for the flames to disperse and continue to follow the stairs until you reach the top.

Talk to Sile and she will offer additional information regarding Letho. At some point she will try to teleport, but the device is not working.

When she asks you to save her remove the crystal in front of you, and she will tell you where to look for Yennefer. Additionally, you will unlock the Sensitive Guy achievement/trophy for saving her.

If you don’t remove the crystal Sile dies. The Assassins of Kings quest updates again.

Now, it is time to take care of the dragon. The final boss fight features two phases.

The first phase begins when the dragon breaks the wall and starts to attack you with the claws. First, cast the Quen Sign, then retreat to avoid the sweeping attacks.

Your goal is to deal enough damage to start the second phase, as well as to make the dragon to use the fire-breath on you, as it will be vulnerable.  At this point you have to roll forward and land as many attacks as you can, using the silver sword; however don’t place yourself into the fire. Attack it from one side.

When the dragon begins to attack you with the claws, retreat and repeat the previous step. The fight continues on the roof which can be accessed by climbing the broken walls, during the second phase.

This time the dragon can move around, but the strategy you used earlier remains unchanged. The only difference is that from time to time the dragon flies away and it will attack you using the tail.

When this happens try to stay mobile and move around, to avoid the incoming attacks.

This boss fight ends with a decision you have to make. If you saved Philippa, by completing the Spellbreaker quest, you own the dagger required to lift the curse on Saskia, and you can save her.

If you don’t have the dagger, you must decide the dragon’s fate: Kill it or walk away. Kill the dragon and you will kill Saskia as well. The final part of The Assassins of Kings quest begins now.

Witcher 2 Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition Walkthrough
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